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Selling At Auction Is A Straightforward Process

The guide below takes you through the whole process, from getting your item valued by one of our specialists to how you collect payment after a successful sale.

Get A Valuation

Selling at Auction

Whether you are selling a single item, a private collection, or entire house contents, Great Western Auctions aim to make the entire auction process as transparent and straightforward as possible.

Our sales calendar includes a wide range of categories within our Antiques and Collectables Auctions, quarterly Fine Art and Antiques Auctions and regular dedicated Specialist Auctions.

Our auctions are broadcast online on multiple bidding platforms and reach a global audience of avid collectors and connoisseurs.

Requesting an auction estimate is free and our specialists are happy to provide a valuation and advise on the right sale to place your items in for the best results.

From booking an initial valuation to receiving payment for your items, our experienced and knowledgeable team will be on hand to guide you through the process of selling at Great Western Auctions and answer any queries you may have.

Valuation - Contact the Specialists

Our specialists are available to discuss current market values online, by email or telephone, or in person. If you would like to discuss a particular item with one of our specialists, please view our staff page email the relevant valuer. You can request a free valuation on items for sale in one of the following ways: by email, with an in-house valuation, a house visit, or by filling out our online valuation form. For more information, please visit our valuations page.

 Consigning your property

Upon entering items to auction, you will receive a customer receipt. This receipt will include your details (including bank account details for payment), your client reference number, sale date, a brief list of items consigned, and any additional information discussed with the specialist.

You will be asked to review and sign the receipt. You will be given a copy of this for your records. It is important to keep this, as the receipt acts as a contract between the client and Great Western Auctions. Some client information and our fees are printed on the client copy of the receipt. For more information view our full terms and conditions.


For bulkier items and larger consignments such as estate clearances, we can arrange transport and removal costs for you with a third-party carrier. Carriage rate is £65 per hour, including travel time to and from the pickup address, packing, unpacking, loading and unloading. All charges will be discussed with the client prior to any action being taken. The carriage fee will be deducted from the client's total proceeds.


A reserve price is a price below which an item will not be sold by the auctioneer. Where appropriate, the specialist and client will agree to a reserve price, which will not and cannot exceed the low estimate placed on the item. The reserve price can be discretionary, which would give the auctioneer a 10% margin from the reserve price at which the item can be sold. 

For example: If an item had a £100 discretionary reserve, the auctioneer would be able to sell it at £90.

Commission rates & Charges


Our standard sellers' commission is 17.5% of the hammer price. Each lot is subject to minimum commission charge of £10.

Online Listing

Each lot sold will be subject to an internet charge of £5 per lot for Antiques and Collectables Sales, and £10 per lot for Quarterly Fine Art and Antiques Sales.

All lots in all sales are catalogued, photographed and illustrated on our website, and online bidding platforms and This allows for your lot to have maximum exposure in an international market.

Catalogue Photography

An illustrated printed colour catalogue is produced for our Quarterly Fine Art and Antiques Sale, and is sent to consignors, trade buyers and specialist collectors. A charge will be made for lots illustrated in the catalogue. These charges start at £12 per lot.

Withdrawn Lots

A withdrawal fee of 15% of the lower estimate or reserve will be charged (plus VAT)with a minimum charge of £10 per lot, should you change your mind about selling the items, plus any agreed costs that have been incurred.

CITES Licences

The sale of certain materials and species of animals are subject to CITES regulations and must be sold with a CITES licence. A specialist will inform you if you need a CITES licence to sell your items, and if a licence is required, Great Western Auctions can apply for it on your behalf.  A fee will be charged for this application.
CITES regulations are given on the UK CITES website.

Additional Charges

There may be additional charges for advertising, restoration, shipping, packing, storage and custom duties appropriate. These will only be charged if you have agreed to them beforehand.

Loss and Damage Warranty

All sold lots are subject to a loss and damage warranty at 1.5% of the hammer price.


VAT at the prevailing rates will be levied on all fees.


Before The Auction

Prior to any auction that your items are due to be sold in, you will receive a Pre-Sale statement by email or post. This will outline the lots, their descriptions and estimates, along with a reserve (if applicable). You will receive this a few days before each auction.

If you have any enquiries, please contact the office immediately.

After The Auction

After the auction, you will receive a Post Sale statement which will state the lots and the hammer prices of each item. Results are also available on our website shortly after the auction finishes.

Unsold Lots

Your Post Sales statement will also list any unsold lots. Let us know if you wish to collect the item. Otherwise, it will be re-offered in the next available sale at a lower estimate and without reserve.

Payments and Invoice

Payment is made by bank transfer no later than 28 working days from the date of the sale. You will receive a settlement invoice detailing a full sales breakdown of sold lots, charges to be deducted and the amount to be credited to your account.