Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to the new Great Western Auctions website. We are delighted to bring you an improved version of our previous site. While many of the same features from our previous site are still available, we have made changes that will render the site more user friendly, and hopefully informative for our clients. One of the features we’re excited about is the Online Valuation Form, where you can easily send photos to our specialists for valuation, via our website. You will also notice that we’ve created a more visually appealing site, filled with images of some of the lovely items we’ve been fortunate to sell on behalf of our clients. Please visit our Departments pages for highlights specific to each department.

We appreciate your patience, as the site is still a work in progress. We welcome any feedback or suggestions.

Great Western Auctions would like to extend our thanks to Sharon, Craig and the rest of the team at Infinite Eye, for their creative vision and hard work during this process.