Spring Fine Sale Summary

Posted On: 25 Apr 2023 by Ruairi Barfoot

A review of our successful Spring Fine Art & Antiques Auction.


Our Spring Fine sale produced many top results across all departments, signalling a strong global appetite for top quality pieces. To view highlights, click here.

Our Furniture department started the two-day sale off strong, producing a flurry of top results for various quality creations.

Statement interior pieces from the East such as a Chinese lacquered screen, sold for £1,094*, while an Anglo-Indian rosewood table achieved £966*. Another exotic piece, a leopard pelt rug achieved £2,060*, while the top lot of the department, a superb 19th century mahogany bookcase sold for £4,250*.



              Sold: £2,060                                                                                                Sold: £1,094                                                                                    Sold: £4,250*


A private and extensive collection of Carlton Ware saw stellar results in the European, Ceramics and Glass department, signalling a renewed interest in the highly decorative pottery manufacturer.

Rare patterns in perfect condition proved to be the most sought after. Vases in the Palm Blossom and Hollyhocks pattern vase, saw spirited bidding, both selling for £966*.

Encapsulating the style of the turn of the 20th century, Art Nouveau pottery such as a striking Dragon vase by Riessner, Stellmacher & Kessel soared to £1,416*, while a Ruskin pottery ginger jar in a rare mottled green sang de boeuf caught collector’s eyes, finally selling for £1,674*.

Claiming the top result of the department was a stunning, possibly unique Doulton Lambeth vase. Of imposing stature and decorated with a mermaid swimming amongst delicately formed waves and flying fish, the piece raced to £2,833*.



                  Sold: £966                                                                             Sold: £2,833                                                                  Sold: £1,674



Fine Chinese ceramics were ever-popular in our Asian & Ethnic Arts department.

A 20th century model of Buddha, typical of the production of Jingdezhen achieved £1,223*, while Canton wares sold for £1,159* and £1,416* respectively.

The market for silk continued to show strong growth: a large and finely embroidered dragon panel, with an inscription dating the piece to the 16th year of the reign of the Daoguang Emperor sparked international bidding, selling for £2,447*. 

The top result came in the form of an intricate Japanese Cloisonne vase, purportedly by one of the masters of the craft, Namikawa Yasuyuki. One of only two Cloisonne artists ever to be bestowed the title of Imperial Household Artist, the vase raced to £7,084*.



              Sold:  £7,084                                                                                       Sold:  £2,447                                                                             Sold:  £1,223






Filled with high quality pieces from various eras, works in our Collectables department performed excellently. A striking Georgian sampler depicting a country house by an Elizabeth Latta, sold for £5,409*, while a Leitz Leica Rangefinder achieved £10,304*. 

Lot 2640 was of particular significance. One of the prized goals of coin collectors, the design of the 1797 draped bust half dollar featuring a small eagle (shared with only the previous year) represents the rarest silver type within American numismatics. With only 3,000 minted due to inferior equipment and procedures, the fine specimen achieved £15,456*. 



                           Sold: £5,409                                                                               Sold: £10,304                                                                                     Sold: £15,456   


Intricate forms and famous makers were keenly contested for in our Silver & Objects of Vertu department.

A part-suite of cutlery from Cartier achieved £708*, while a pair of highly ornate silver salts by Garrard achieved £1,545*. Historic sporting-themed silver caused fierce bidding: a twin handled trophy cup awarded to a winner of one of the 1843 Thames Regatta races, which had survived in pristine condition, along with its original rosettes and official race documents, achieved £3,606*.



                         Sold: £1,545                                                                                         Sold: £3,606                                                                                   Sold: £708



Day two began with style: The 1949 Triumph Roadster 2000 convertible. Kept in pristine condition by its esteemed owner, musician and broadcaster Jimmy MacGregor MBE, the car raced off to £23,184*.


                   Sold: £23,184


Substantial diamonds commanded top prices in our Jewellery department.

From French ear studs to intricate brooches, diamonds combined with sapphires performed well, while a glittering opal necklace achieved £2,833*.  A striking pair of Diamond drop earrings totalling over 6cts achieved one of the top results of the department, selling for £4,508*.



                 Sold: £4,508                                                                               Sold: £1,674                                                             Sold: £2,833



Modern and contemporary works from well-known Scottish artists attracted fierce international bidding in our Paintings department.

A sleugh of works by William McCance - one of the few Scottish artists influenced by Cubism – featured in the sale: a top quality example of his oeuvre, ‘Boathouse on a Canal’, sold for £5,409*. 

Dramatic seascapes from Frances McDonald and John Lowrie Morrison were some of the most fought-over works, though John Bellany’s ‘Boats in a Harbour’ proved to be the top performer of the department. Award to one of Bellany’s lifesavers for helping the artist after he collapsed from a heart attack, the poignant scene sailed to £8,372*.



                     Sold: £5,409                                                                                     Sold: £1,674                                                                                  Sold: £8,372



Full results from our Spring Fine Sale can be viewed here.