JEWELLERY SALE 25th September 2020

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1500.   A 9ct gold Longines ladies watch, a yellow metal toothpick by Mordan & Co, weight combined including mechanisms 32gms, a gold plated fob watch by Elgin and a gem set stick pin 180-280
1501.   A 22ct lovers knot headed stickpin, pin not 22ct combined weight 1.5gms, a 15ct diamond set stick pin weight 1.6gms and a collection of earrings and a heart clasp in 9ct and yellow metal weight of 9ct items 4.4gms 70-100
1502.   An 18ct gold cameo pendant brooch dimensions 2.3cm x 1.8cm, weight 2.6gms, two 9ct and silver gem set rings, a yellow metal amethyst pin and other items 60-100
1503.   A 14k white gold ladies vintage watch by Birks, dimensions of the case 2.4cm x 1.5cm, weight including strap and mechanism 15.3gms 120-200
1504.   An 18ct gold chain, length 50cm, an 18ct white gold wedding ring (af) combined weight 5.2gms, two 9ct lockets, chains and a citrine fob seal etc combined weight 24.4gms 220-300
1505.   A 9ct ladies Lanco watch head with a gold plated strap, a large garnet carbuncle approx 2.8cm x 1.7cm x 0.8cm, a Scottish river pearl approx 5.8mm x 4.7mm and other items
Sold under licence from the Scottish Natural Heritage, pearls gathered legally from the wild prior to the date 27th March 1991 40-80
1506.   A bright yellow metal vintage ring set with an old cut diamond of approx 0.17cts, pearls and turquoise, finger size L, weight 0.90gms 60-100
1507.   A yellow metal and enamel 'Forget me not' locket (af), a gold plated purple gem set brooch etc 40-80
1508.   An 18ct gold and platinum diamond solitaire ring, of estimated approx 0.15cts, finger size S1/2, weight 2.4gms 60-100
1509.   An 18k gold fob watch, weight including mechanism and inner metal dust cover etc 25.7gms, a further example in 9ct (af) weight 24.6gms and a gold plated guard chain 150-250
1510.   A French 18ct gold leaf brooch, stamped with the French hallmark of the eagles head, length 5.8cm, weight 3.7gms 60-100
1511.   A 9ct gold fancy fob chain length 76cm, weight approx 19.5gms, together with a gold plated Favre Leuba fob watch 200-300
1512.   A 18ct gold ladies Longines watch head with a 9ct gold strap, combined weight 21.1gms 120-200
1513.   An 18ct white gold diamond cluster ring of estimated approx 0.48cts in total, by Beaverbrooks, with original boxes, finger size J1/2, weight 4.2gms 300-400
1514.   A 9ct link ring size O1/2, two 9ct wedding rings sizes R and P1/2 and a further gold plated ring, weight of the three gold rings 5.1gms 40-80
1515.   A 9ct gold bloodstone signet ring size N1/2 approx, and a 9ct blue glass ring, size J1/2, weight combined 10.6gms 70-100
1516.   A 9ct signet ring, size S1/2, a sapphire and diamond retro cluster size R, a blue and clear gem ring, dated Birmingham 1896, size O and a wedding ring size N, combined weight 14gms 120-200
1517.   A 9ct large oval ring with a leaf design, size O, weight 5.8gms 50-100
1518.   A 9ct garnet and pearl ring size K1/2, a sapphire and clear gem ring size Q and a 9ct diamond accent ring size Q1/2, combined weight 6.2gms 50-100
1519.   A 9ct cameo ring size N, a rose gold buckle ring size O and a wedding ring size L1/2, combined weight 5.6gms 50-100
1520.   A 9ct gold gents carnelian signet ring, size U1/2, weight 8.1gms 60-100
1521.   Three 9ct gold signet rings, sizes V1/2, U1/2 and N1/2 combined weight 12.8gms 100-200
1522.   A 9ct gold Masonic swivel ring size Q1/2, weight 6.7gms 60-100
1523.   A 9ct gold enamelled Masonic ring size O1/2, weight approx 6.8gms 60-100
1524.   A 9ct retro amethyst and opal cluster ring size O1/2 and a smoky quartz ring size K1/2, weight together 7.9gms 60-100
1525.   A 1914 half sovereign in a 9ct ring mount, size S1/2 weight 10.3gms 130-230
1526.   A pair of bright yellow metal red and clear gem set earrings, stamped 916 to the butterflies, dimensions 1.7cm x 1cm, weight 4.2gms 80-120
1527.   A 9ct gold Masonic Knights Templar swivel ring, size S1/2, weight 6.5gms 60-100
1528.   A pair of 18ct white gold diamond ear studs, set with estimated approx 0.80cts in total of brilliant cut diamonds, weight 1.3gms 500-600
1529.   An 18ct gold twin stone diamond ring of estimated approx combined 0.25cts with diamond accents to the shoulders, size P, weight 2.7gms, together with a 9ct wedding ring size L weight 3.3gms 100-200
1530.   An 18ct gold diamond set gents gypsy ring set with a 0.30ct brilliant cut diamond, size U, weight 5.1gms 200-300
1531.   A 9ct gold ladies Rotary watch with integral strap, length 17cm, weight 23.2gms 140-240
1532.   A bright yellow metal brooch set with a turquoise matrix, length 6.5cm, a yellow metal Victorian brooch with matching earrings set with diamonds and a pair of yellow metal cufflinks weight approx 17.1gms 150-250
1533.   A 9ct retro bracelet, length 19cm, a 9ct pearl set brooch and a further example, combined weight 10.3gms 80-120
1534.   A 9ct gold diamond set gents signet ring, size approx R, weight 11.5gms, diamond estimated approx 0.26cts, with its own Anchor certificate 170-270
1535.   A 9ct gold charm bracelet with eleven attached 9ct charms weight 59.7gms 490-590
1536.   A 15ct gold curb link bracelet with heart shaped clasp, an 1896 half sovereign in 9ct pendant mount, weight approx 7gms, 18ct golf 'T' weight approx 12.5gms, charms in total seven x 9ct, two 14k, 1 x Arabic, two 18ct, (not including 1/2 sovereign) total weight combined approx 53.6gms 630-730
1537.   A double string of Mikimoto pearls with a silver Mikimoto stamped clasp, shortest length 43cm, complete weight 27.7gms 100-200
1538.   A collection of hallmarked 9ct scrap 14.8gms 110-200
1539.   A 9ct gold ladies 9ct watch, weight including mechanism 13.5gms together with a 9ct ladies watch head with a gold plated strap 100-200
1540.   A 9ct gold retro brooch and earrings, weight 12.4gms 100-200
1541.   A 9ct gold three colour gold snake chain necklace weight 8.2gms 70-100
1542.   An 18ct gold cameo pendant brooch, dimensions 3.8cm x 2.6cm, weight 4.2gms 50-100
1543.   An 18ct gold leaf design brooch length 4.3cm, with valuation certificate for 1050, weight 10.3gms 120-200
1544.   A 15ct gold aquamarine set brooch length 6.5cm, weight 5.4gms, together with a 9ct amethyst set brooch length 4.5cm, weight 3.7gms 100-200
1545.   A 9ct retro brooch, length 4.1cm, chain length 56cm and other items of gold and yellow metal weight 11.3gms, and a silver amber pendant 80-120
1546.   A 9ct gold diamond solitaire of estimated approx 0.15cts, finger size L, weight 1.2gms 50-100
1547.   An 18ct gold signet ring, size N1/2, weight 3.3gms 50-100
1548.   An 9ct gold three stone illusion set diamond ring, size P, together with a 9ct three clear gem set ring size Q, combined weight 3.9gms 40-80
1549.   A 9ct gold Celtic knot work amethyst ring size O1/2, a 9ct linked heart ring size P and a further 9ct heart ring size P1/2, combined weight 7.2gms 60-100
1550.   A 9ct vintage diamond accent ring size N, and a blue and clear gem set 9ct ring, size J1/2, combined weight 3.6gms 40-80
1551.   A 9ct turquoise set ring, size M1/2, a yellow metal double flower clear gem set ring size R and a yellow metal ring set with a red glass gem size P1/2, combined weight 5.9gms 60-100
1552.   A 10k gold ring set with a green gemstone size M1/2, a 9ct smoky quartz style ring size N1/2 and a 9ct opal and garnet ring size H, weight together 7gms 60-100
1553.   An 18ct gold garnet and diamond ring size L, weight 2.9gms 70-100
1554.   Three vintage 18ct gold diamond accent rings, sizes as photo K1/2, M and P, combined weight 5.4gms 100-200
1555.   A 9ct clear and green gem set ring size J1/2 and a 9ct gold diamond cluster ring size K, weight combined 3.8gms 50-100
1556.   An 18ct white gold diamond flower cluster ring, size J, weight 4.3gms 150-250
1557.   A 9ct gold diamond ring set with estimated 0.25cts of brilliant cut diamonds, size M, together with a 9ct diamond accent band ring size N, weight 4gms 100-200
1558.   A 9ct gold five clear gem set ring size N1/2, weight 3.1gms 40-80
1559.   An 18ct gold diamond cross ring, size G1/2, weight 2.2gms 150-250
1560.   A pair of 9ct large creole earrings, diameter 3.6cm and a pair of yellow metal coffee bean earrings and pendant, weight combined 4.3gms 40-80
1561.   A bright yellow metal ring set with a yellow topaz surrounded with a ring of eight cut diamonds, finger size approx M, has stabilizer balls to the inner shank, weight 7.3gms 400-600
1562.   A 12ct gold fob watch with decorative enamelled face diameter approx 3.6cm, weight including mechanism etc 34.6gms, together with a gold plated Waltham fob watch from retailer Hopkins & Hopkins Dublin 120-200
1563.   A white metal diamond set heart shaped pendant, dimensions 2.4cm x 1.8cm, set with estimated approx 0.40cts of brilliant cuts, with a white metal chain stamped 14k with a 9ct white gold clasp length of chain 42cm, weight 6.3gms 180-280
1564.   A 9ct gold gents signet ring set with a diamond, finger size R1/2, weight 5.7gms 50-100
1565.   An 18ct gold opal and diamond ring, size M1/2, weight 2.9gms 80-120
1566.   A 9ct locket dimensions 2.9cm x 1.5cm, a 9ct pearl pendant and chain 50cm, a yellow metal gem set ring size P1/2, weight of gold items 4.8gms and two costume jewellery items 60-100
1567.   A pair of 9ct gold emerald and diamond drop earrings, length 2.7cm, weight 1.6gms 50-100
1568.   A 9ct court wedding ring size W1/2, a 9ct wedding ring T1/2, bracelet length 18cm, a 9ct belcher chain length 35cm, weight combined 7.6gms 60-100
1569.   A 9ct gold decorative bracelet set with amethyst, length 17.5cm, weight 24.9gms 200-300
1570.   A 9ct gold turquoise glass set brooch , diameter 3.3gms, weight 4.9gms 50-100
1571.   A 9ct gold Ola Gorie brooch, diameter 3cm, weight 5.2gms 50-100
1572.   A 9ct gold cross and chain, length of cross 3.4cm, length of chain 45cm, a 9ct Welsh loving spoon pendant and chain, a 9ct blue topaz pendant and chain and a pair of earrings weight combined 5.6gms 50-100
1573.   A 9ct singing medal and chain length 39cm, weight 21.3gms 180-280
1574.   A Victorian engraved yellow metal cross dimensions 5.6cm x 3.7cm, together with a vintage facet cut belcher chain with soldered on 9ct tag, length 50cm, weight 19.1gms 170-200
1575.   A 9ct engraved bangle inner dimensions 5.8cm x 5.5cm, weight 7.7gms 60-100
1576.   Two pairs of 9ct gold cufflinks and two tie studs combined weight not including gold plated stud backs 10gms 80-120
1577.   A 9ct diamond set 'Special Mum' pendant and chain together with a rope chain length 56cm, and two bracelets one 9ct the other yellow metal combined weight 6.7gms 50-100
1578.   A 9ct box chain with horn of plenty pendant length 39cm, a fancy 9ct gold box chain length 45cm, and a 9ct Maltese cross and chain, combined weight 10.1gms 80-120
1579.   A 9ct amethyst pendant and chain length 45cm, a 9ct cross and chain 48cm, a rope chain and other items weight combined 6.9gms 60-100
1580.   A 9ct 'C' pendant and chain length 50cm, a 9ct 'T' bar necklace with further 'C' pendant, combined weight 8gms 60-100
1581.   A 9ct gold citrine fob seal dimensions of the citrine 2cm x 1.5cm, with a yellow metal continental chain length 51cm, weight combined 20.9gms 140-240
1582.   A 9ct rope chain with dice and horn of plenty pendant, length 62cm, together with two matching bracelets weight combined 9.9gms 80-120
1583.   An 18ct gold red gem and pearl ring Hallmarked Birmingham 1902, size Q weight 2.9gms 60-100
1584.   A white metal illusion set diamond ring size L, together with a 9ct cz set ring, size L1/2, weight combined 3gms 50-100
1585.   A 9ct three clear gem set ring, size O1/2, together with a 9ct ruby and pearl ring dated Chester 1902, size P1/2, weight combined 3.6gms 80-120
1586.   A continental Arts & Crafts style ring set with a turquoise matrix, size M1/2, together with a 9ct gold turquoise and pearl set pin weight combined 6.8gms 50-100
1587.   A 9ct gold wedding band size S, a 9ct blue glass ring size M1/2 and a yellow metal pearl set horseshoe pin, weight together 6.1gms 50-100
1588.   A 9ct blue gem and pearl Edwardian pendant brooch, dimensions 5.5cm x 2.8cm, weight 3.1gms 80-120
1589.   A 9ct gold gem set heart pendant length 3.5cm with belcher chain length 52cm, combined weight 14gms 120-200
1590.   A 9ct rose gold tapered fob chain bracelet, length 19.5cms. Together with fifteen 9ct gold charms and associated jump rings, weight combined 49.2gms 400-600
1591.   A 15ct gold pearl and diamond brooch, length 4cm, a yellow metal mounted large heart shaped horn clasp 5.2cm and a citrine set partial brooch, weight combined 16.3gms 70-100
1592.   A 9ct gold diamond set star pendant, length including bail 2.2cm, length of chain 46cm, weight 2.3gms and a 14k gold diamond set herringbone ring S1/2, weight 3.4gms 80-120
1593.   A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, a 9ct buckle, and a yellow metal faux fob seal, weight combined 11.2gms 80-120
1594.   A 9ct wedding ring size O, a 9ct lucky heather pendant and chain, weight combined 5.7gms and a 14k snake chain necklace (af) 2.1gms 60-100
1595.   A 9ct gold charm bracelet with thirteen attached charms, one of them silver the rest 9ct gold, weight combined 27.4gms 220-320
1596.   A 9ct gold ladies Tissot Stylist wristwatch, with integral strap, complete length 15.5cm, weight including mechanism 19gms 120-200
1597.   A 9ct gold retro wide wedding band finger size J, weight 4.1gms 40-80
1598.   A 9ct gold bangle and a 9ct retro cameo ring size K, weight combined 10.5gms 80-120
1599.   A 9ct gold herringbone chain length 38cm, with a 9ct gold coin mount containing an enamelled silver Victorian coin, total weight 9.6gms 50-100
1600.   An 1897 gold half sovereign in yellow metal brooch mount, total weight 5.4gms 90-120
1601.   A 9ct charm bracelet with twelve attached charms one in 14k, one silver and the rest in 9ct gold, combined weight 22.4gms 170-270
1602.   A 9ct gold curb link bracelet, length 20.5cm, weight 10.9gms 80-120
1603.   A yellow metal stick pin set with an opal and a diamond. Length 7cm, weight 1.6gms 50-100
1604.   A 9ct gold glazed yacht pendant, a yellow metal compass and a 9ct belcher chain length 70cm, weight 24gms 200-300
1605.   A 9ct gold ladies vintage wristwatch, weight including mechanism 15.7gms, two 9ct watch heads, weight with straps and mechanisms 42.3 and a 9ct red gem and diamond brooch weight 3gms 100-200
1606.   A 10k gold gents college ring size T, weight 19.4gms 180-280
1607.   A String of good quality pearls with a 14k clasp in a Mikimoto box length 64cm 100-200
1608.   An 18ct white gold ruby and diamond cluster ring, finger size P1/2, weight 5.7gms 160-260
1609.   A 14k gold Chinese green hardstone rondel brooch, length 5.8cm, rondel diameter 1.5cm, weight 2.9gms 60-100
1610.   A 9ct wiggle pattern bracelet set with amethysts, length 18cm, weight 9.2gms 80-120
1611.   A three colour gold necklace stamped 750, set with red gems, length 41cm, weight 11.7gms 190-290
1612.   A 9ct gold garnet set bangle, inner dimensions 5.9cm x 5.2cm, weight 6.7gms 60-100
1613.   A vintage glass zigzag bead necklace, an Indian style necklace and earring set and other items 40-80
1614.   A retro owl pendant, a mother of pearl brooch by Exquisite and other items 40-80
1615.   A retro gold coloured pendant, two Maltese steel bangles and other items 40-80
1616.   A porcupine quill necklace, two penguin brooches and two owl pendants etc 40-80
1617.   A large bird brooch and a collection of vintage costume jewellery 40-80
1618.   A large retro hand of Fatima pendant, a Shirley pendant watch, mother of pearl items etc 40-80
1619.   An agate drop necklace, items by Exquisite, a large swan brooch and other items 40-80
1620.   Vintage beads to include turquoise, brooches and other items 40-80
1621.   A brooch by Sphinx, a Joan Rivers brooch and a collection of vintage costume jewellery 40-80
1622.   A large collection of vintage costume jewellery in a retro vanity case 40-80
1623.   A Gents Services watch, a ladies vintage Ingersoll, three rotary watches, a tank regiment badge and other items 40-80
1624.   Statement necklaces, ceramic jewels by Anne Morrison, items by Swarovski, Avon etc 40-80
1625.   A silver ingot pendant, silver lockets, a bangle, Swarovski bracelet and other items 40-80
1626.   A large silver pocket watch, two gold plated pocket watches and a silver plated example with white metal fob chain 120-200
1627.   Silver Mackintosh style jewellery and two Past times brooches 50-100
1628.   A silver Art Nouveau brooch by William J. Holmes, together with a boxed Ola Gorie pendant, items by John Hart, and Hamish Dawson Bowman 50-100
1629.   A string of cherry amber coloured beads, a collection of loose beads and a silver turquoise pendant, weight of the cherry necklace and loose beads 76.9gms 100-200
1630.   A silver charm bracelet, a silver sixpence bracelet and a citrine set thistle ring 60-100
1631.   A silver Ward Brothers thistle brooch, three other Scottish themed brooches and a pair of silver and enamel Malcolm Gray earrings 40-80
1632.   A continental, white metal woven basket of flowers brooch set with pearls and turquoise and a costume ring 40-80
1633.   An early white metal luckenbooth dimensions 6cm x 4.6cm 40-80
1634.   A Swedish silver retro pendant in the style of Johani Vuorisalmi 50-100
1635.   A collection of silver owl themed pendants, and two Scottish agate inlaid brooches and other items 50-100
1636.   A collection of animal and bird themed jewellery to include, owls, hedgehogs and a dormouse 50-100
1637.   Statement silver gem set rings bracelets and other items of silver and white metal 50-100
1638.   A POP Swatch watch and a collection of vintage buckles and costume jewellery 50-100
1639.   A boxed gem set necklace by Atwood, items by Miracle a silver locket and other items 40-80
1640.   A silver and glass Pat Cheney owl brooch 80-120
1641.   A silver Links of London coloured thread and heart shaped baton bracelet and a double string of cultured pearls with nice lustre and a silver gem set clasp 40-80
1642.   A pair of Russian silver and Niello belt clips marked St Petersburg 1880, together with decorative buckles, a silver and enamel Norwegian brooch by Finn Jensen and other items 50-100
1643.   A necklace in the style of Jakob Bengel, a white metal filigree compact, and other items of silver and costume jewellery 50-100
1644.   A collection of handmade silver jewellery to include a hand enamelled kingfisher pendant, and a costume puffin brooch 50-100
1645.   A silver handmade blue topaz and pink tourmaline pendant brooch by Joanna Thomson, with original receipt for 340. 80-120
1646.   A collection of vintage costume jewellery to include a yellow metal brooch, a Ceard Meadowsweet pendant, Swarovski and other items 40-80
1647.   A 9ct gold garnet and diamond pendant and chain, weight 1.3gms, and a collection of silver jewellery to include a fancy chain and bracelet set 40-80
1648.   A silver owl pendant stamped with the makers mark GGS 50-100
1649.   A silver Maeshowe dragon brooch by Ola Gorie, in original box 50-100
1650.   A silver fob chain with double sided agate fob seal 50-100
1651.   A collection of vintage buckles to include a white metal snake, and Deco examples 40-80
1652.   Mother of pearl, enamel and silver buckles and other examples 40-80
1653.   An Edwardian buckle embossed with flowers and set with purple gems and cut steel, another in filigree set with turquoise and blue gems and other items 40-80
1654.   A collection of vintage buckles to include Victorian cut steel examples, enamel, Art Deco examples and a collection of decorative keys 40-80
1655.   A large Art Nouveau style buckle, mother of pearl and gem set examples 40-80
1656.   A large cut work buckle together with Art Deco enamel examples and other items 40-80
1657.   A pair of large smoky quartz studs in original fitted box, Scottish agate inlaid jewellery silver cufflinks and other items of silver and costume jewellery 50-100
1658.   An early Ortak smoky quartz brooch, a Swedish silver retro pendant set with a green agate and other items 40-80
1659.   A pewter Jorgen Jensen pendant, a Japanese Toshikane pendant, A Swan pen with 14k gold nib and other items 40-80
1660.   Three pairs of Harrod's retro cufflinks and other items 40-80
1661.   A delicate glass bird and flower necklace, together with a pair of glass penguin earrings and a collection of silver and costume jewellery 50-100
1662.   A decorative EPNS belt, together with a collection of buckles and vintage costume jewellery 50-100
1663.   Two lion buckles, a carved mother of pearl buckle, two watches and a collection of costume jewellery 50-100
1664.   A gold plated Masonic medal, a vintage Bourjois perfume bottle and other items 40-80
1665.   A retro pendant, a large ceramic face pendant, a Scottish agate bracelet (af) and other items 40-80
1666.   A D'Orlan cat brooch, a Sarah Coventry bird necklace, a large Pegasus brooch and other items 40-80
1667.   A Tudor watch diameter 3cm, case numbers 12325 3678, a Girard Perregaux SeaHawk, diameter 3.4cmm and a Tissot Fascination, and a further collection of watches 100-200
1668.   A pair of silver Hermes cufflinks, a pair of Hamilton & Inches silver cufflinks, further examples by Loewe, and Turnbull & Asser 40-80
1669.   A pair of silver Georg Jensen 'Wishbone' cufflinks number 214 designed by Maria Berntsen, with further cufflinks by Loewe, Tous and a pair set with dark wood and diamonds 80-120
1670.   A silver Art Deco compact by Mappin & Webb hallmarked 1935 Birmingham, a string of cultured pearls with a 9ct diamond set clasp, a silver ingot pendant and other items 70-100
1671.   A silver cased pocket watch dated Chester 1914, two Smiths pocket watches, an example by Ruhla and other items 120-200
1672.   WITHDRAWN: A 9ct cz set pendant with similar earrings and a pair of three colour gold earrings weight combined 3.4gms, a Deco clip and other items 40-80
1673.   A 9ct gold chain, and a drop from an Edwardian pendant combined weight 1.5gms, a costume bird brooch and other items 20-40
1674.   A string of green hardstone beads, Swarovski pendant, animal brooches and other items 40-80
1675.   A silver dichroic glass pendant, a silver mounted mother of pearl cameo and gemstone beads etc 50-100