Antiques & Collectables Internet Sale on 15th December 2018

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1.      A 9ct gold ladies vintage watch weight including mechanism 22.3gms £120-200
2.      A pair of 14k gold cufflinks with intaglio carved centurion heads weight 16.8gms £170-200
3.      An 18ct gold diamond sapphire and blue topaz pendant and chain weight 4.5gms £100-200
4.      An 18ct gold sapphire and rose cut diamond ring, finger size P, weight 3.3gms £70-100
5.      A yellow metal red gem and pearl bracelet made by Edward Durban & Co, weight 6.7gms £60-100
6.      A 14k gold mounted Chinese green hardstone bangle, weight approx 44gms £70-100
7.      A Stainless steel Russian Vostok wristwatch £50-100
8.      A 9ct gold chain with faith hope and charity charm, 9ct gem set ring and a gold plated cross £50-100
9.      A 9ct gold pear shaped pink sapphire and diamond ring finger size O £80-120
10.     A yellow metal diamond solitaire of estimated approx 0.60cts, finger size K, weight 0.9gms £180-220
11.     A Finnish Lapponia bubble pendant and chain, circa 1974, a German silver decorative chain by K&L (Kordes & Lichtenfels) and a long silver figaro chain £70-100
12.     A 9ct gold pink gem and pearl locket back brooch weight 5.2gms £40-80
13.     A 9ct gold ladies Bueche Girod watch weight including mechanism 34.9gms £250-350
14.     A 9ct gold gents watch with black leather strap £50-100
15.     A 9ct gold Certina ladies watch weight including mechanism 11.7gms £60-100
16.     A gold plated ladies Raymond Weil watch head with a 9ct gold strap £70-100
17.     A 9ct gold garnet three stone ring finger size P, weight 3.4gms £40-80
18.     A 9ct gold cameo brooch of a maiden, weight approx 11.9gms £40-80
19.     An 18ct white gold solitaire diamond ring of estimated approx 0.36cts, finger size L, weight 3gms £250-350
20.     A 9ct gold fancy link necklace weight approx 32.6gms £250-350
21.     A pair of gem set earrings stamped 22k, weight 16.9gms £340-400
22.     A pair of Turkish coins set in yellow metal cufflink mounts weight 11.4gms £150-200
23.     A 9ct gold ladies Accurist watch and strap, weight including mechanism 9.7gms £45-80
24.     A 9ct gold belcher chain, clasp (af) and a 9ct gold box chain weight approx 15.6gms £120-200
25.     A 9ct gold amethyst ring, a pair of amethyst and diamond earrings and a similar pair with aquamarine and diamonds, and other items £70-100
26.     A 9ct gold Accurist ladies watch and strap weight approx with mechanism 13.5gms £70-100
27.     A 9ct gold citrine fob seal and a yellow metal turquoise set pin £50-100
28.     A 9ct gold shell cameo brooch of a maiden, a cameo ring a turquoise pendant with turquoise coloured earrings and a locket £120-200
29.     A 9ct gold cased gents watch together with a 9ct gold cased vintage Tudor ladies watch and a further 9ct ladies Longines watch head with gold plated strap £100-150
30.     A 9ct gold Dux medal and a 9ct gold brooch weight approx 12.3gms £100-200
31.     An 18ct gold wedding ring dated Birmingham 1928, finger size H, weight 3.3gms £50-100
32.     A 9ct gold diamond half eternity ring set with estimated approx 0.20cts of diamonds finger size O, a 9ct amethyst ring finger size P1/2, and a 9ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring finger size p, combined weight approx 5.4gms £80-120
33.     A 9ct gold bloodstone signet ring, finger size S, weight approx 6.6gms £50-100
34.     A yellow and white metal diamond solitaire ring of estimated approx 0.20cts, finger size N, weight 2.1gms £110-200
35.     A 9ct gold green gem and diamond ring, finger size O, weight approx 3.4gms £60-100
36.     A 9ct garnet set ring finger size N, a yellow metal Victorian ring with red foiled back gem, finger size Q1/2, and a 9ct gem set ring (af) finger size O1/2, combined weight 6.1gms £50-100
37.     A platinum and diamond wedding band with an unusual finger print design to the interior also inscribed. Finger size Q1/2, weight approx 6gms £120-200
38.     An 18ct and platinum sapphire and diamond ring, finger size L, weight 3.5gms £220-320
39.     A 22ct gold wedding ring finger size M, together with another finger size O, weight approx 8.3gms £170-200
40.     Three 18ct gold wedding rings, finger sizes V1/2, N1/2 and I (for India) weight combined approx 10.4gms £170-200
41.     A 9ct gold garnet cluster ring, finger size L, weight approx 4.4gms £40-80
42.     An 18ct gold carnelian set ring, finger size R, weight 6.1gms £50-100
43.     Three 18ct gold wedding rings finger sizes O1/2, Q and V, weight approx 6gms £100-200
44.     An 18ct gold signet ring (af) weight approx 3.8gms £60-100
45.     An 18ct gold wedding ring finger size L, weight 4.7gms £80-120
46.     A 9ct gold onyx ring finger size M1/2, and a garnet cluster ring finger size M, combined weight 10.6gms £80-120
47.     An 18ct gold coral and diamond ring finger size P, weight approx 3.8gms £80-120
48.     An 18ct gold signet ring, finger size U, weight approx 6.4gms £100-200
49.     A 9ct gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, finger size M1/2, weight approx 4gms £120-200
50.     A 15ct gold black enamel and pearl mourning ring finger size R1/2, and another yellow metal pearl mourning ring, finger size N1/2, combined weight approx 4.8gms £60-100
51.     An 18ct gold fob watch (inner dust cover metal) diameter 3.5cm, weight with mechanism 31.2gms, together with a 14k gold long box chain weight 21.3gms £430-530
52.     A yellow metal bangle of Etruscan design (af) weight 6.4gms £50-100
53.     A white metal bangle stamped 750, the floral design set with diamonds weight approx 52.2gms (two small diamonds missing) £1000-2000
54.     A 9ct gold and garnet broch made by Barbara Temple to commemorate Glasgow's reign in 1990 as the European City of Culture. Weight approx 7.2gms £70-100
55.     A 9ct gold amethyst and pearl set pendant necklace, a pair of amethyst 9ct gold earrings and a further pair set with garnets, weight approx 5.8gms £60-100
56.     A 9ct gold ruby set pendant and chain, weight approx 5gms £50-100
57.     A gents retro gold plated Omega with a 9ct gold strap weight approx with mechanism 49.3gms £160-200
58.     A 9ct gold vintage watch £40-80
59.     A 9ct gold Lanco watch head with gold plated strap and an 1891 gold full sovereign in 9ct gold pendant mount and chain weight of this item approx 26.9gms £320-420
60.     An 18ct gold bangle (af) weight approx 4.3gms and a single 9ct earring weight approx 0.8gms £80-120
61.     A yellow metal smoky quartz pendant and two yellow metal gem set brooches £80-120
62.     An 18ct gold rope chain bracelet weight approx 8.2gms £130-200
63.     A 9ct gold amethyst and pearl brooch, a pearl and enamel brooch (af) and a 9ct pearl set swallow pin £60-100
64.     A 9ct back and front heart shaped locket and chain, a 9ct rope chain bracelet and a 9ct chain with 'C' pendant weight approx 9.7gms £80-120
65.     A bright yellow metal filigree boat pendant with an 18ct gold herringbone chain weight approx 10.2gms £180-220
66.     A 15ct gold chain with an Art Nouveau mother of pearl pendant and a vintage white metal pearl and marcasite brooch £60-100
67.     A yellow metal pearl set brooch, a 9ct gold cameo pendant and chain and a pair of 9ct earrings £80-120
68.     A 14ct gold small pocket watch diameter 3.8cm, (inner dust cover metal) weight including mechanism approx 44.2gms £100-200
69.     A collection of yellow and white metal stick pins to include a 15ct example set with diamonds and rubies and a 9ct example set with rock crystal £80-120
70.     A 9ct gold mounted cameo brooch, 9ct rose gold wedding ring, heart shaped pendant set with a rose cut diamond and other items £120-200
71.     A 9ct gold bracelet with heart shaped clasp weight approx 7.6gms £60-100
72.     A 9ct gold red gem ring finger size T, weight 5.9gms £50-100
73.     An 18ct gold wedding ring finger size P1/2, and an 18ct gold three stone diamond ring finger size O, weight of both together 5.7gms £100-200
74.     A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with heart shaped clasp, weight approx 19.8gms £160-200
75.     A 1912 half gold sovereign in a 9ct pendant mount with chain weight approx 6.7gms £80-120
76.     A bright yellow metal brooch with the date 1897 set with pearls, and a yellow metal pendant set with pearls and turquoise with a 9ct gold chain, weight of all items 10.9gms £90-120
77.     A jewel beetle pendant in yellow metal, a 9ct gold pearl circle brooch, a New Zealand jade brooch, and a further pendant brooch set with peridot and pearls £80-120
78.     A 21k gold Arabic script pendant, weight approx 8.2gms £160-200
79.     A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, weight approx 4.2gms £40-80
80.     A 9ct gold Bueche Girod ladies watch set with rubies and diamonds Strap (af), weight approx 21.6gms including mechanism £130-200
81.     A 9ct gold gents Garrards automatic watch £200-300
82.     A 9ct gold cameo pendant with matching earrings and a pair of 9ct gold tanzanite earrings £40-80
83.     A 9ct gold diamond cluster ring finger size M £60-100
84.     A gilded white metal enamelled George and the Dragon pendant £40-80
85.     A 9ct diamond half eternity ring of estimated approx 0.80cts combined, finger size O £280-380
86.     A pair of 18ct gold diamond stud earrings set with estimated approx 0.50cts the pair of brilliant and baguette cut diamonds £100-200
87.     A 14ct gold Greek key pattern bangle £120-200
88.     A 14k gold and platinum brooch set with green gems £40-80
89.     A 9ct white gold diamond flower cluster ring finger size P1/2 £60-100
90.     A 9ct gold sapphire and diamond half eternity ring, finger size N1/2 £50-100
91.     An 18ct white gold diamond ring, finger size O £70-100
92.     A white metal three stone diamond ring of estimated approx 0.85cts combined, finger size N1/2 £300-400
93.     An 18ct gold ruby and diamond ring hallmarked Chester 1914, finger size N £100-200
94.     An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring finger size N £50-100
95.     A 15ct gold and red gem brooch, a yellow metal pin in the shape of a cocoa bean, and a further pin with pearl set horseshoe £50-100
96.     A 9ct gold ladies vintage watch and strap, weight including mechanism 22.2gms approx £110-200
97.     A 9ct gold wedding ring, a 9ct gold swallow brooch set with pearls and a further pearl set flower brooch £60-100
98.     A boxed set of vintage 9ct cufflinks, dress studs and a tie pin, combined weight approx 8.4gms £80-120
99.     A 9ct gold diamond set crucifix and chain, estimated approx diamond content .50cts weight 8.7gms £130-200
100.    A 9ct gold luckenbooth brooch, in Mappin & Webb suede box, weight approx 12.1gms £100-200
101.    A vintage gold plated Omega Seamaster De Ville gents watch £150-250
102.    A vintage gents omega Seamaster Automatic watch £200-300
103.    A 9ct gold ladies Omega watch with integral textured strap, weight including mechanism 19.9gms £130-200
104.    A vintage 9ct gold chain and a 9ct locket and chain combined weight approx 9.6gms £80-120
105.    A 9ct gold bangle with a yellow metal pendant set with blue gems £90-120
106.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with heart shaped clasp weight approx 19.3gms £160-200
107.    A 9ct gold aquamarine and pearl Edwardian pendant brooch, together with a peridot and pearl example and two chains £100-200
108.    A large well carved cameo of a maiden in a yellow metal engraved brooch mount £100-200
109.    A 9ct gold ladies vintage watch, a 9ct ladies watch head and a 9ct cased gents watch head £130-200
110.    A 9ct gold pearl and red gem set bangle weight approx 7.6gms £70-100
111.    A 9ct garnet ring, a 9ct heart shaped clasp and other items weight approx 12.2gms £50-100
112.    An 18ct gold mounted shell cameo brooch £80-120
113.    A Scottish agate and Cairngorm white metal brooch and a 9ct red gem and pearl brooch £50-100
114.    A vintage Delfin watch circa 1961 £50-100
115.    Two 9ct gold gem set brooches, a yellow metal pearl set pin and other items
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-80
116.    A small 18ct gold pocket watch diameter 3.8cm, weight including mechanism approx 51.9gms, with gold plated fob chain with attached Georgian coin £250-350
117.    A 9ct gold wide bangle, weight approx 23.2gms £190-220
118.    A 9ct gold bangle with wire work detail, weight approx 9.6gms £80-120
119.    Three 9ct gold ladies vintage watch heads £60-100
120.    A 9ct gold Masonic medallion, 9ct pearl and peridot Edwardian pendant brooch, 9ct brooches etc (af) £130-200
121.    An early Ola Gorie silver Luckenbooth brooch £50-100
122.    A Chinese double sided ceramic bead in the shape of faces, a carnelian heart pendant yellow metal chains a Chinese green hard stone rondel and other items £60-100
123.    9ct horn of plenty pendant, bracelet, signet ring and other items of gold and yellow metal weight approx 13.9gms £120-200
124.    A 9ct gold Edwardian pendant brooch set with peridot and pearls £50-100
125.    A bright yellow metal cross and chain stamped 22c, weight 5.6gms £120-200
126.    A yellow metal locket with a thistle design and a yellow metal pendant set with a blue gem £80-120
127.    A 9ct gold Amethyst and pearl Edwardian pendant and chain weight 5.9gms £60-100
128.    Six 9ct gold and yellow metal gem set rings £90-120
129.    A 9ct back and front gem set locket and 9c chain £100-200
130.    A 9ct curb link bracelet with engraved heart shaped clasp and four associated charms weight approx 27.6gms £120-200
131.    Two 9ct gold ladies vintage Rolex watches one with a 9ct strap £170-200
132.    A 15ct gold chain link brooch, a 9ct amethyst pendant and other items £90-120
133.    A 9ct sunrise design locket with two yellow metal chains £50-100
134.    A yellow metal gate bracelet weight approx 8.3gms £70-100
135.    A 9ct gold decorative link bracelet with heart shape clasp weight approx 14gms £120-200
136.    A collection of 9ct items (af) to include a flexine bracelet, pearl brooch etc £150-200
137.    A 9ct gold fancy link bracelet, and two 9ct gold neck chains weight approx 7.6gms £60-100
138.    A 9ct gold gem set bracelet, weight approx 11gms £100-200
139.    A 9ct gold golfing medal weight approx 9.6gms £80-120
140.    A yellow and white metal diamond set star brooch (three of the larger diamonds have been replaced with paste) £150-180
141.    A 9ct gold Edwardian red gem and pearl pendant necklace, 9ct citrine and pearl pin, another diamond set and two 9ct shirt studs £110-200
142.    A 9ct gold Ola Gorie brooch in the Mackintosh style, weight approx 5.9gms £50-100
143.    A Victorian Etruscan design brooch set with a hexagonal amethyst £80-120
144.    A pair of bright yellow metal hoop earrings together with another pair £120-200
145.    A 9ct gold ladies Omega wristwatch weight including mechanism approx 16.3gms £90-120
146.    A 14k gold rope chain together with a 14k trace chain weight approx 4.8gms £60-100
147.    A 15ct pearl set brooch, a yellow metal example and two others (af) £40-80
148.    A 9ct gold cased ladies vintage watch, an 18ct gold pearl brooch and a sapphire example in yellow metal £60-100
149.    A 9ct Italian made fancy link bracelet weight approx 9.3gms £80-120
150.    A 14k gold fancy chain bracelet weight approx 11.6gms £150-200
151.    A 9ct gold fancy link neck chain, hallmarked to every link, weight approx 37.1gms £300-400
152.    A 9ct rose gold double tapered fob chain, hallmarked to every link, Chester 1920, weight approx 39.2gms £320-420
153.    A 9ct white gold ladies Limit wristwatch, weight including mechanism and extra link 29.9gms £200-300
154.    Four 9ct and yellow metal vintage brooches three gem set with pearls, garnets and amethysts £100-200
155.    Two 9ct gold Celtic crosses both inscribed verso and a 9ct medallion weight approx 25gms £200-300
156.    A suite of 9ct white metal ring, pendant and earrings all set with blue and clear cubic zircona, with a 9ct yellow gold chain £40-80
157.    A 9ct gold cased ladies Tudor Royal watch head on gold plated strap £80-120
158.    A 9ct onyx signet ring finger size T1/2, together with a 9ct wedding ring finger size R £70-100
159.    An 18ct gold opal and diamond ring (one diamond lacking) finger size Q1/2 £60-100
160.    An 18ct gold diamond cluster ring of estimated approx 0.85cts finger size I (I for India) £150-250
161.    A 15ct gold amethyst and pearl Edwardian pendant with a 9ctgold vintage chain £120-200
162.    A 9ct gold garnet set gents signet ring finger size approx Y £80-120
163.    A 14k gold twin clear gem ring and a 9ct three stone clear gem ring £50-100
164.    An 18ct gold seven stone diamond ring of estimated approx 0.55cts, finger size K1/2 £80-120
165.    An 18ct yellow gold emerald and diamond dress ring, finger size P1/2 £80-120
166.    A 15ct gold cased ladies vintage watch with a 9ct strap £250-300
167.    A large white metal luckenbooth brooch 8cm x 6cm £60-100
168.    A Scottish agate bracelet mounted in white metal in a buckled belt shape, with two spare agate links £50-100
169.    A yellow metal curb link bracelet with a 9ct engraved heart shaped clasp, weight 18.9gms £160-200
170.    A 9ct white gold blue and white cubic zirconia pendant and chain with matching earrings £40-80
171.    A pair of 9ct yellow gold diamond stud earrings of estimated approx 0.60cts combined £200-300
172.    Two 9ct gold cased vintage ladies watches £40-80
173.    A pair of 9ct gold princess cut diamond stud earrings of estimated approx 0.40cts £100-200
174.    A 9ct gold citrine set ring, a 9ct onyx signet ring, an 18ct wedding ring and a single cufflink £80-120
175.    A 9ct gold slim pocket watch diameter 5cm, weight approx 68.7gms £100-200
176.    A gold plated Waltham pocket watch with a rose cut diamond star on the case, and a silver Greenwich lever pocket watch £80-120
177.    A 9ct and platinum diamond set cocktail watch, clasp gold plated £100-150
178.    A yellow metal retro pendant set with diamond emerald and ruby, a yellow metal pearl set brooch and a 9ct cased vintage watch £140-200
179.    A 9ct gem set necklace, a 9ct heart shaped hematite pendant and earring set 9ct garnet brooch and other items £100-200
180.    Three pairs of earrings to include diamond, ruby, emerald and garnets £70-100
181.    Four 9ct emerald and gem set rings some with diamond accents £70-100
182.    A collection of gold and yellow metal earrings and a pendant some gem set £50-100
183.    A 9ct gold fancy link guard chain weight approx 30gms £240-340
184.    A 1912 full gold sovereign in 9ct pendant mount with 9ct gold chain, weight 27.4gms approx £250-350
185.    A 14ct gold enamel and pearl set bar brooch and a 14ct gold Art Nouveau brooch of a maiden £70-100
186.    A yellow metal pendant set with a green stone £50-100
187.    A 15ct gold garnet and pearl brooch and a vintage yellow metal chain £90-120
188.    A 9ct gold ribbon style chain bracelet, and a 9ct gold ankle chain and a bracelet weight approx 6.7gms £50-100
189.    A 9ct gold goat charm, a teapot, teddy earrings and a gem set cross pendant £60-100
190.    An 18ct gold small pocket watch diameter 3.8cm, weight approx including mechanism 51.4gms £300-400
191.    A 9ct gold pearl set brooch, and three 9ct gold chains 13.7gms £110-200
192.    A 14ct gold watch strap, weight approx 7.5gms £100-200
193.    A filigree aquamarine and pearl brooch weight approx 3.3gms £50-100
194.    A ribbon type chain stamped 916 for 22ct gold (af) 9.8gms, and a similar one in 9ct gold 10.1gms £280-380
195.    A pair of 9ct gold Burmese ruby and white zircon earrings with Gemporia Certificate new with tags £40-80
196.    A 9ct white gold Tourmaline (Indicolite) and diamond ring new with tags, Finger size P1/2. Together with a 9ct gold pink tanzanite and zircon ring finger size N1/2 with Gemporia Certificate £60-100
197.    A 9ct white gold Burmese ruby cross pendant with Gemporia certificate, new with tags £50-100
198.    A 9ct gold emerald dress ring with Gemporia certificate. Finger size Q1/2 £70-100
199.    A 9ct gold sapphire and diamond ring, finger size P, together with a pair of sapphire earrings, new with tags, both with Gemporia certificates £80-120
200.    A 9ct bi colour tanzanite and diamond ring, finger size N, together with a 9ct bi colour tanzanite and white zircon pendant both with Gemporia certificates and new with tags £100-200
201.    A 9ct gold three colour tourmaline ring finger size O, with Gemporia certificate, together with a 9ct gold morganite and white zircon pendant, with Rocks & Co certificate £60-100
202.    A 9ct gold fancy link bracelet weight approx 6.2gms £50-100
203.    A 9ct gold woven strap bracelet, CLASP NOW BROKEN length 18cm, weight 36.3gms £300-400
204.    A 14k gold blue topaz and diamond ring, finger size N1/2 £80-120
205.    A 9ct gold three stone diamond ring, of estimated approx 0.90cts combined, finger size O1/2 £200-300
206.    A 9ct gold kunzite and diamond ring, finger size S £50-100
207.    A 9ct gold lively Ethiopian opal and diamond ring, finger size O £80-120
208.    A 9ct gold large blue pear shaped topaz and diamond ring, finger size S1/2 £80-120
209.    A pair of 9ct white gold sapphire drop earrings £50-100
210.    A pair of 14k gold diamond and sapphire drop earrings the top with a circlet of oval cut sapphires with a further circlet of pave set diamonds and drop of two pear shaped sapphires, total diamond content approximately 0.45cts and sapphires approximately 6.50cts, total length of earrings 36mm £400-600
211.    A substantial 14k white gold sapphire and diamond necklace the central pendant made up of circlets of brilliant cut diamonds with sapphire and diamond flowers, suspended from twin chains and flower links, also set with sapphires and diamonds, the sapphires have an estimated weight of 33.28cts and the diamonds are estimated approx at 2.37cts weight approx 30.9gms £1500-2000
212.    A 9ct gold emerald and diamond cluster ring, diamonds estimated approximately combined 0.30cts, emeralds measure approximately at one at 3.5mm and two at 2.5mm, finger size P, weight 4.8gms £100-200
213.    A string of amber coloured beads, largest bead 19.7mm x 15.2mm, smallest 9.3mm x 6.5mm, length approx 96cm, weight approx 48.4gms £300-400
214.    A 14k gold diamond solitaire ring, of estimated approx 3cts, dimensions 9.3 x 9.3 x 5.5mm, in a four clawed cross over mount finger size N1/2, weight 5.1gms £4750-5000
215.    A pair of substantial ruby and diamond earrings, made in bright yellow metal and set with estimated approx 2.8cts of diamonds, largest ruby measures approx 9.6mm x 6.9mm x 3.3mm, length 3.5cm, weight of both 9.7gms £1000-2000
216.    A 14k gold diamond cluster ring of pretty pierced design set with estimated approx 0.75cts of diamonds. Finger size O, weight 5.1gms £200-300
217.    A bright yellow metal sapphire and pearl necklace, length 38cm, weight 18.5gms £400-500
218.    A string of amber coloured beads, largest bead approx 27mm x 18mm, tapering to smallest 8.4mm x 6mm, length approx 70cm, with plastic screw clasp, weight 37.8gms £300-400
219.    A stainless steel ladies Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date, with black dial diameter 1.9cm, with baton numerals and a date aperture, outer case diameter 2.5cm, strap approximately 17cm long. With an extra link. Original boxes and booklet included. Weight 49.9gms £1000-2000
220.    A multi strand amber coloured bead statement necklace, length approx 55cm, weight 84.9gms £50-100
221.    A chunky amber coloured bead chip necklace, length approx 67cm, weight approx 82.8gms £50-100
222.    A 14ct three colour gold Russian wedding ring style bangle, stamped 585 to yellow gold bangle, inner diameter approx 7cm, weight 15.6gms £300-400
223.    An 18ct white gold CHOPARD Happy Diamond 'Spirit' Cross pendant, with two free moving diamond set crosses within the glazed panels, glass inscribed Chopard, back of pendant also, with reference number 79/5776/0-20 3032959. dimensions of pendant 5cm x 3.2cm. On triple strand fine 18ct trace chain, with Chopard logo tag, length 40cm. With original box and booklets. Total weight approx 38.2gms £4800-5800
224.    A stainless steel gents Schaffhausen International Watch Co wrist watch circa 1960's, diameter of the dial 3.5cm, weight 40.4gms £400-500
225.    A gold plated Omega Automatic Seamaster, the silvered dial with gold coloured baton numerals, is further stamped With compliments of George Ovanessoff Mercedes Benz with logo, diameter of the dial 3.4cm, weight approx 37.8gms £400-500
226.    An 18ct yellow gold diamond line bracelet of estimated approx 3.9cts, length 18cm, with a pair of 18ct gold matching stud earrings, pendant and 14ct gold chain, weight of all three together 23.6gms £3500-4500
227.    A 9ct white gold cabouchon sapphire and diamond ring, sapphires approx 5mm x 3.7mm x 2.9mm, finger size N1/2, weight 6gms £80-120
228.    A string of amber coloured faceted pebble beads, length 68cm, weight 88.7gms £50-100
229.    An early Ola Gorie longship brooch dated Edinburgh 1966, a rock crystal drop pendant with silver chain, a silver Scottish agate and glass inlaid brooch, and other items £40-80
230.    A silver and green agate retro brooch, stamped to the reverse silver A.C ABDN, dimensions 4.7cm x 3.4cm, weight 12.2gms £30-50
231.    A string of yellow amber coloured beads, largest bead 3cm x 2.3cm, smallest 1.7cm x 1.2cm, length 49cm, weight 93gms £400-500
232.    A silver mounted green chalcedony pendant, a silver turquoise and white topaz pendant, a silver mixed gemstone pendant, a silver emerald and white topaz pendant and a silver ring set with larimar. most still with tags and with Gems TV certificates and or paperwork £40-80
233.    A 9ct cross and chain a 9ct gold wedding ring, 9ct gold onyx signet ring and 9ct gem set ring. Weight approx 6.7gms £50-100
234.    A 9ct rose gold pink diamond cluster ring, finger size O, weight 3gms £80-120
235.    A 9ct yellow gold and diamond dress ring, finger size O, weight 2.9gms £120-200
236.    A 9ct yellow gold teal coloured diamond three stone ring of estimated approx 0.25cts in total. Finger size P, weight 2.2gms £80-120
237.    A 9ct gold Zenith full hunter pocket watch with local interest. Inscribed to the inner dust cover:- 'Presented to Mr James McNab by the employees of the Forth and Clyde Canal and Grangemouth Docks on his retiral after 37 years service 31st December 1924', front of case monogrammed. The white enamel dial with Roman numerals and subsidiary seconds dial, approx diameter of case 5.2cm, dial approx 4.2cm, weight 108.2gms £550-650
238.    A string of multi-coloured pearls with matching earrings, in shades of pink, cream and grey, approx diameter of the pearls 6mm, with 9ct gold clasp, length 41.5cm, earrings are set with a pink and cream pearl each to the 9ct post and butterfly mount. Weight of pearls and earrings 22.5gms £150-250
239.    A silver Rotary ladies watch in the Mackintosh style, together with a silver and garnet necklace and earrings set £40-80
240.    A Scottish agate inlaid plaid brooch, in a buckled garter shape set with specimen agates. Dimensions 5.6cm x 6.3cm, weight 26.7gms £150-250
241.    A pair of pearl and diamond earrings, with white metal continental post and clip fastening pearls are slightly 'button' in shape but are not mabe pearls, diameter 10.9mm, surrounded with a halo of eight cut diamonds and a single brilliant to an estimated approx diamond total of 0.23cts, approx diameter 1.4cm, length 1.8cm, weight 7.3gms £250-350
242.    A diamond snowflake pendant brooch, finely crafted in white metal and set with estimated approx 2.5cts of diamonds. Largest diamond estimated approx 0.14cts, diameter of the pendant 3.2cm, with collapsible pendant bail, safety clasp and pin to the reverse, weight 11.5gms. In original box from Collingwood of Conduit Street, London and valuation for insurance £3750.00 £1500-2000
243.    A large Lea Stein 'Gomina' sleeping cat brooch £50-100
244.    A 15ct gold and white metal rose cut diamond and pearl Belle Epoche style pendant, length of pendant 5.2cm, length of chain 39cm £150-250
245.    A double string of cultured pearls with a diamond set Art Deco white metal clasp, shortest strand 46cm, largest pearl 6.6mm, weight 19.3gms £60-100
246.    A double string of cultured pearls with a white metal clear gem set bow clasp with safety clasp length of shortest strand 50cm, largest pearl 8.4mm, weight 46gms £40-80
247.    An Arabic gold ring set with a turquoise glazed ceramic scarab possibly of the antique in modern setting with Arabic hallmarks, finger size approx L, weight 3.2gms £100-200
248.    A continental silver ring set with a large white opal, finger size O1/2 £80-120
249.    A 15ct gold Masonic medallion for the Singu lodge Burma 1936 - 37. Length 11cm, weight approx with ribbon 26.3gms £250-300
250.    Three pairs of vintage cufflinks. A pair of carved amethyst bead cufflinks centrally set with an onyx with twisted white metal baton fixings, diameter of amethyst beads 14mm and 9mm approx. weight 8.3gms. A pair of malachite rondel cufflinks linked with chain with ball detail, diameter of the malachite approx 13- 14mm, weight 10.3gms. And a pair of Art Deco Style marcasite and onyx cufflinks, head size approx 17mm, linked with an onyx baton of approx 2cm weight 8gms £150-250
251.    A pair of 14k gold chrysoberyl diamond and sapphire cufflinks, the chrysoberyls both have cats eye effect, the diamonds are estimated approx in total 1ct. Dimension of the triangular head 2.3cm x 2cm with post and swivel baton fastenings, weight 12.8gms £450-550
252.    A pair of onyx and diamond cufflinks, of recessed oblong shape set with an oblong onyx plaque centrally set with a square cut diamond set pavilion side up. Dimensions of cufflink head 19mm x 16mm, with hinged swivel baton fastening, weight 18.5gms £300-400
253.    A silver fish brooch by Danish designer FROM with a large blue glass gem, diameter 4.2cm, weight approx 19gms £80-120
254.    A white metal Arts & Crafts brooch set with an amethyst and green gem stones, 4.2cm x 2.6cm, weight 13.5gms £150-250
255.    A chalcedony and yellow metal floral brooch, dimensions 4.5cm x 3.3cm, weight 17.9gms £150-250
256.    A yellow metal Art Nouveau style pendant set with aquamarine, peridot, amethyst and a freshwater pearl. From the aquamarine, pendant 6cm, length of chain 42cm, weight 6.4gms £100-200
257.    An 18ct gold opal triplet and diamond pendant brooch, set with two triangular well matched opal triplets with good red/green/blue colour play, in a retro setting studded with brilliant cut diamonds to an approximate total of 1.21cts, stamped 750 to the reverse on a 18ct rope chain, 52cm. Weight 40.7gms £1500-2500
258.    An 18ct gold diamond set FERRARI key fob, stamped 750 with Italian makers marks to both parts of the key fob, set with both brilliant cut and baguette cut diamonds estimated approx combined 4.6cts. Surrounding the classic Ferrari logo enamelled in colours, inscribed verso 'Ron'. Diameter 3.3cm, length 6cm, weight 34.2gms £3500-4500
259.    An 18ct gold mixed gem and diamond bracelet, set with round and oval cut sapphires, aquamarines and brilliant cut diamond accents, with an estimated approximate diamond total of 0.0.24cts. An extra link is included. Length 17cm, weight 27.9gms £380-480
260.    A pair of substantial 18k gold yellow and white diamond earrings, in 18ct yellow and white gold the long drop of approx 5.5cm, is set with yellow and white diamonds in a mix of brilliant cuts, trilliants, round, oval, pear-shaped and checkerboard marquis, beautifully articulated along the length, an approximate diamond weight for the pair is 5cts. Overall weight 10.4gms £4500-5500
261.    A pair of emerald and diamond Art Deco style earrings, the emeralds are approx 4.5mm x 4mm x 2.8mm. The pierced galleried mount set with baguette and brilliant cut diamonds to an estimated approx total of 1ct. Dimension of earrings 5cm x 1.2cm, weight of both 13.7gms £1500-2500
262.    An 18ct gold BULGARI TUBOGAS gem set bracelet, the square cut amethyst, blue topaz, peridot, pink and blue sapphires are set into a 18ct yellow gold panel linked with a stainless steel Tubogas style bracelet terminating in 18ct gold caps. the bracelet is sprung and its smallest internal diameter is 5.5cm x 4.5cm. Fully stamped Bulgari 750 with Italian makers marks and 'goldundstahl', weight 86.8gms £2500-3500
263.    A 10k gold substantial diamond bracelet, designed as thirty articulated leaf shapes set with both round brilliant cut diamonds and baguette diamonds, to an approximate total of 10cts, the bracelet is 17.5cm x 1.6cm wide, weight approx 43.8gms £1500-2500
264.    A gold plated gents Longines watch, diameter of the dial 3.2cm, the back of the case stamped with the number 20169500 £100-200
301.    A three piece silver tea service, Sheffield 1915, 1226gms £300-400
302.    A silver quaich, Edinburgh 1997, 405gms £100-150
303.    A lot comprising a silver sauce ladle, London 1818 and a pair of silver napkin rings, Birmingham 1974, 159gms £40-60
304.    A silver cigarette box, Birmingham 1925 £35-45
304A.   A lot comprising a silver sugar castor, London 1955 and a silver bowl, Birmingham 1913, 260gms £50-70
305.    A lot comprising two silver sauceboats, both by Asprey, Birmingham 1927, 234gms £50-70
306.    A silver sugar castor, Sheffield 1933, 144gms £35-45
307.    A continental silver candleholder marked 830, 242gms £45-60
308.    A sterling silver wine ewer, 474gms £100-150
309.    A lot comprising a pair of silver salts, London 1795, two silver dishes, a Christofle dish and a white metal Charles De Gaulle dish, 285gms silver (6) £40-60
310.    A lot comprising a cased set of six silver grapefruit spoons, Sheffield 1937, a cased set of six silver coffee spoons with tongs, Sheffield 1946 and a cased pair of silver napkin rings, Chester 1915 £70-100
311.    A lot comprising six pairs of white metal knife rests (12) £40-60
312.    A lot comprising a silver fruit bowl, Sheffield 1935, a sifter ladle and a sterling silver stilton spoon, 506gms, silver £120-180
313.    A pair of oval silver mounted photo frames, Birmingham 1987, 16.5cm x 11.5cm £50-70
314.    A lot comprising four silver coffee spoons, a silver bowl and a silver dish (3), assorted marks, 220gms £50-70
315.    A lot comprising eight silver handled buttonhooks (8) £50-70
316.    A lot comprising a cased set of six silver coffee bean spoons and a cased set of six silver handled knives (assorted marks) £35-45
317.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons, Glasgow 1848 £40-60
318.    A lot comprising a pair of silver salts, London 1889, a single silver salt, London 1894 and four assorted silver condiments (assorted marks) (7), 290gms £70-100
319.    A cased set of twelve silver apostle spoons with tongs, Sheffield 1914 £50-70
320.    A metal mesh purse with silver clasp, Birmingham 1916 £40-60
321.    A lot comprising a silver sauceboat and cream jug, Birmingham 1932 and London 1813, 189gms £50-70
322.    A lot comprising three silver cigarette cases (assorted marks) and a silver card case, Birmingham 1840, 417gms £100-150
323.    A bachelor's three pieces silver tea service, Birmingham 1911, 403gms £100-150
324.    A Chinese silver condiment set modelled as a rickshaw and driver, 225gms £50-70
325.    An Art Nouveau sterling silver hand mirror £50-80
326.    A lot comprising a cased set of six Dutch silver teaspoons, a pair of silver sugar tongs and a teaspoon £40-60
327.    A lot comprising five assorted silver peppers, salts and mustard pots £30-40
328.    A silver christening mug, Sheffield 1928, 163gms £35-45
329.    A lot comprising three modern silver mounted photo frames, 19cm x 15cm, 15.5cm x 15.5cm and 15cm x 10cm £60-80
330.    A silver plate marked 925, 593gms £120-180
331.    A cased set of twelve silver coffee spoons, Birmingham 1937 £60-80
332.    A cased pair of silver salts, London 1901 £30-40
333.    A lot comprising a cased set of six silver coffee bean spoons, a silver topped jar, two silver napkin rings and five silver coffee spoons (loose), assorted marks £40-60
333A.   A lot comprising a pair of silver sauce boats, Sheffield 1909 and a three piece silver condiment set, Birmingham 1973, in inlaid fitted case £100-200
334.    A lot comprising a cased set of six silver teaspoons, Glasgow 1892 and a pair of silver bon bon dishes, Sheffield 1931 £60-80
335.    A cased set of twelve silver coffee spoons with tongs, Sheffield 1909 £50-70
336.    A lot comprising a four piece silver tea service marked 835 and an unmarked white metal tray, 1620gms approx £350-500
337.    A SET OF NINE RUSSIAN SILVER-HANDLED DINNER KNIVES, marked 84 (five with monogram), the blades marked with the Russian eagle and Cyrillic lettering, each 26.5cm long (9) £60-80
338.    A PAIR OF GERMAN SILVER MOUNTED CUT GLASS CLARET JUGS, marked 800 and Gerber Fritz & Co, the bodies with fern and diamond cut with waisted neck below dimpled border, the silver mount with scrolling handle, the hinged lid with ball finial, 26cm high (2) £200-300
339.    A silver christening mug with a humorous inscription, London 1937, 205gms £50-70
340.    A silver handled tortoiseshell letter opener (def) 21.5cm long, Birmingham 1918 £20-30
341.    A lot comprising fifteen assorted silver, gilt metal and white metal propelling pencils including a 14ct gold example (15) £100-150
342.    A white metal vinaigrette modelled as a book £50-70
343.    A lot comprising a silver jug and dish, rubbed marks and Chester 1929 (2), 113gms £30-40
344.    A Chinese white metal model of a dragon, 9cm long £40-60
345.    A bronzed metal figural tamper £40-60
346.    An EPNS chatelaine with various attachments £30-50
347.    *WITHDRAWN* A late 18th Century silver cream or porter jug, London 1785, 10.5cm high, 227gms £60-80
348.    A silver whisky taster with entwined snake handle, London 1967,137gms £40-60
349.    A cased set of six silver and enamel coffee spoons, Birmingham 1937 £50-70
350.    A silver card case by Sampson & Mordan, London 1881, 59gms £70-100
351.    A cased set of twelve silver gilt and enamel coffee spoons, marked 925 £100-150
352.    A gilt metal trinket box modelled as a flying insect £20-30
353.    A lot comprising a pair of coloured glass wine decanters (one missing stopper) with silver plated mounts and two similar decanters (4) £100-200
354.    A lot comprising a cased EP and mother of pearl fruit cutlery set and a quantity of agate handled fruit cutlery (15 pieces) £70-100
355.    A silver plated folding dish cross £40-60
356.    A lot comprising a part EP and mother of pearl fruit cutlery set (16) and part fish cutlery set (16) £30-40
357.    A silver plated meat dish cover £30-40
358.    A silver plated and etched glass claret jug £40-60
359.    A modern three-bottle tantalus with three silver decanter labels - sherry, brandy and whisky, Sheffield 1984 and 1985 (key in office) £80-120
360.    A silver plated hot water pot with matching sugar bowl £20-30
361.    A large silver plated double handled serving tray with three silver backed brushes and a hand mirror £50-70
362.    A cased twenty four piece silver plate and mother of pearl fruit cutlery set £70-100
363.    A four piece Elkington & Co silver plated tea service £30-50
364.    A lot comprising a cased pair of EP and mother of pearl jam spoons, some loose mother of pearl handled cutlery and five sterling silver souvenir spoons £40-60
365.    A part canteen of EP cutlery £40-60
366.    A tray lot of EP - candlesticks, snuffer on tray, treen bowl etc £35-45
367.    A tray lot of loose EP cutlery, dishes, amber cigarette holder and a silver sauceboat, Sheffield 1925 £60-80
368.    A lot comprising an EP mounted claret jug, a wine ewer and a cased pair of EP berry spoons (3) £40-60
369.    A canteen of silver plated cutlery £50-70
370.    A part canteen of EP cutlery £40-60
371.    A lot comprising a cased pair of EP and mother of pearl jam spoons and a cased twelve piece silver handled fruit cutlery set, Sheffield 1915 £40-60
372.    An EP egg epergne £30-40
373.    A cased nine piece EP fruit and nut cutlery set £30-40
374.    A tray lot of EP - claret jug, teapots, cruet stand, biscuit barrel etc £40-60
375.    A tray lot of EP - kettle on stand, tea service etc £30-40
376.    A lot comprising an EP three piece tea service, cocktail shaker, cheeseboard, wine coaster, twin handled serving tray £60-80
377.    A silver plated four piece tea service £30-40
378.    A tray lot of EP - hot water pot, candleholders, cream and sugar, loose cutlery £30-40
379.    A tray lot fo EP - wine ewer, muffin dish, entree dish, dishes etc £35-45
380.    A tray lot of silver and EP, dressing table set, Birmingham 1961, loose cutlery etc £40-60
381.    A cased twenty four piece EP fish cutlery set £15-20
382.    A lot comprising a casserole dish and a jam dish £10-15
383.    A box of cased and loose cutlery £20-30
384.    A box of EP items and cutlery £30-40
385.    An oak cutlery box £10-15
386.    A box of EP items and cased cutlery £10-15
387.    A gold half sovereign, 1907 £60-100
388.    A US Indian head five dollar gold coin, 1908 £160-260
389.    Three gold full sovereigns, 1881, 1894 and 1913 £360-460
390.    A quantity of pre-decimal coins, Irish pennies, a Dutch 2 1/2 Gulden KM 1850, a US one dollar 1923 and a Victorian crown 1889 £40-60
391.    A lot comprising a camera, two spoons, a miniature bible, a quantity of pre-decimal coins, four Victorian crowns, a George III two shillings with other Georgian and Victorian coins £40-60
392.    A quantity of pre-'47 coins, pre-decimal coins, foreign coins and banknotes £30-40
393.    A quantity of pre-47 coins - Victorian crown, half crown, florin, silver threepennies and pre-decimal coins £40-60
394.    A lot comprising a quantity of British and foreign banknotes in four albums, Isle of Man notes, Bank of England five pounds 1945, ten pounds, ten shilling, National Bank of Scotland £1, 1927, 1941, states of Jersey £1 and 10/- notes with a quantity of notes in a plastic file box and a lucite bag (5) £400-600
395.    A quantity of pre-decimal coins, foreign coins and banknotes £10-15
396.    A quantity of pre '47 coins, pre-decimal coins, commemorative crowns etc £10-15
397.    A lot comprising five cased silver proof coins, two Pitcairn Islands £50 coins, Cayman Islands 5 dollar Belize 25 dollar and Jersey £2 coins (all with certificates) £80-120
398.    A quantity of British banknotes, Commercial Bank of Scotland £1, 1939, 1937, Bank of Scotland £1, 1937 Linen Bank £1, 1969 and mote (7) £60-80
399.    A quantity of East African coins and an East African currency board twenty shillings note, 1954 £35-50
400.    A quantity of mixed coins and foreign banknotes £10-15
401.    A cased set of twenty four silver proof coins - Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother and a centenary crown £180-250
402.    A lot comprising four Montreal Olympic silver proof ten dollar coin and two other silver proof coins £50-70
403.    A lot comprising a 1914 Christmas box, two map instruments and two stop watches £30-50
404.    A Royal Scots white metal plaid brooch £40-60
405.    A pocket compass in case £30-40
406.    A bayonet in scabbard £30-40
407.    A WWI group of two to 182345 Gnr. J. H. Ballantyne R.A. and two US one dollar coins 1900 & 1925 £40-60
408.    A WWI group of three to 14310 Pte. W Munn A.S.C. with an RAF Sweetheart brooch, patch etc £40-60
409.    A WWI memorial plaque to James McAuley with its scroll £40-60
410.    A WWI group of three to 15147 Pte. G Farquhar H.L.I. with his memorial plaque £100-200
411.    A lot comprising two WWII groups of four and a miniature set £80-120
412.    A lot comprising a WWII war medal and 1939-45 star, a patch, rifle brigade badge and an LNER plaque £30-40
413.    A lot comprising a silver cigarette case, a police medal, a coronation medal and a quantity of enamel badges £30-40
425.    A modern violin, bow and case £30-50
426.    Subbuteo table rugby in original box and collection of Health & Strength magazines £30-50
427.    A tray lot of various cameras and cine camera £20-30
428.    A domed back mandolin £20-30
429.    An early two-piece back violin with interior label, bow in case £40-60
430.    A collection of various hats including bowler and top hat £40-60
431.    A Cav Sante Cruciane accordion, cased £40-60
432.    A collection of Days Gone and other model cars in two boxes £60-80
433.    A Trinag electric train set in original box, box poor and collection of accessories £120-180
434.    A Royal Standard accordion in case £40-60
435.    An Emmebi metal shotgun case, 83 x 28cm £40-60
437.    Three various 35mm cameras including Canon and Pentax, various lenses £50-80
438.    A modern violin, bow in case £30-50
439.    A collection of six cooper funnels, two cased Sikes hydrometers £60-80
440.    A late 19th/early 20th century fold over games box with chess pieces incomplete £40-60
441.    A collection of various maps £20-30
442.    A Hornby train set £30-50
443.    Two boxes of Corgi and other models cars etc £60-80
444.    A collection of modern stamps £20-30
445.    A red ground Paisley shawl, 350 x 170cm £70-100
446.    A pair of black leather riding boots with boot stretchers £30-50
447.    A brass cased rolling rule and engineers rule £40-60
448.    A collection of Educational Productions Ltd Visual Aids motor cars posters, other posters etc £60-80
449.    A collection of 1:18 model cars £60-80
450.    A wooden Triang Noah Ark, 62cm wide £50-80
451.    A late 19th/early 20th century ivory seal modelled as clasp hands with bouquet carved terminal silvered intaglio with crown and serpent, 8.5cm long £0-100
452.    A Schuco Radio 4012 model car in original box with key £60-80
453.    Three various pairs of opera glasses, two in cases (3) £30-50
454.    A silver cased pocket watch and two yellow-metal cased pocket watches (3) £50-80
455.    An early 20th century photograph album with clasps £20-30
456.    A yellow-metal medallion, pocket compass (2) £30-50
457.    A Japanese carved buckle modelled as a ship and a carved stone buckle (2) £50-80
458.    A ram's horn snuff mull with white-metal mounted lid £70-100
459.    A chrome car mascot modelled as a fox £30-50
460.    A Victorian signed miniature of a young girl signed and dated 1881, watercolour in carved hinged frame £40-60
461.    Dinky Supertoys 903 Foden Flat Truck with tailboard, cab and chassis in violet blue with mid blue wheels and orange loadbed with tailboard £70-100
462.    A French Dinky 32C Tracteur Panhard Avec Semi-Remorque Citerne in original box and another similar, lacking box (2) £120-180
463.    A Curta Type 1, No 69616 calculator inscribed "Made in Liechtenstein by Contina AG Mauren" £200-300
464.    A circular oak cased wall clock by Norie & Wilson, London, 16cm diameter £30-50
465.    A box of miscellaneous including pens, silver jewellery, pocket watch etc £40-80
466.    Two cased Germany drawing sets and slide rule (3) £40-60
467.    A cased gilt-metal pocket barometer with silvered dial £30-50
468.    A cased pair of Cross ball point pens £30-50
469.    Four French Dinky models. comprising: 29F Autocar Chausson; 548 Fiat 1800 Familiale; 24V Buick Roadmaster; and 554 Opel Rekord all in original boxes (4) £180-220
470.    Five various French Dinky models, comprising: 24D Plymouth "Belvedere"; 554 Opel "Rekord"; 24B Berline 403 Peugeot; 518 Renault 4L; and 24U Simca 9 "Aronde" all in original boxes £200-300
471.    A Wilesco Steam Roller Traction Engine in original box £60-80
472.    A collection of Britains lead animal figures etc £30-50
473.    A brass bulk head clock and a brass bulk head case (2) £40-60
474.    A collection of Chinese tinplate clockwork toys etc £40-60
475.    A Premier drum major's staff £40-60
476.    A collection of ladies wrist watch parts £20-30
477.    A pair of military issue binoculars in canvas case £40-60
478.    Nine various early 20th century ivory balls £100-200
479.    Three French Dinky models, comprising: 34A Berliet Benne Carrieres; 25C Camionnette Citroen 1200kg both in original boxes and Tracteur Panhard (3) £100-200
480.    A vintage black Bakelite telephone £40-60
481.    A French Dinky 33AN Demenageur Simca "Cargo" in original box £150-200
482.    A painted portrait miniature, an animal horn snuff box, mother of pearl inlaid snuff box, manicure set etc £50-80
483.    A brass military compass, pocket brass cased barometer, pair of opera glasses and lens £40-60
484.    A silver cased coin purse, collection of costume jewellery and various watches etc £50-80
485.    A collection of eleven French Dinky models cars including Citroen 118L, Citroen DS19, Ford Veoette, Grande Vue etc, Dinky MG Midget and bus (12) £100-200
486.    A set of five mother of pearl dishes and another (6) £30-50
487.    Four French Dinky models cars including Peugeot 403, Mercedes 190SL, Peugeot 203, Ferrari and French Dinky Vickers Viscount Air Liner in original box etc £100-200
488.    Two French Dinky 33A Fourgon Simca "Cargo" models in original boxes £180-220
489.    A collection of various pens including Cross, Parker etc and collection of various coins £50-80
490.    A tray lot of miscellaneous powder flasks, marbles, pipes, world war I Christmas tin etc £40-60
491.    A brass hunting horn, swagger stick etc £40-60
492.    An infantry officer sword in leather scabbard £50-80
493.    Martin Sharp Sex 1967 poster, published by Big O poster, design by Martin Sharp, 75 x 50cm and after David Vaughan, Buddha` published by Big O Posters Ltd (2) £30-50
494.    A Japanese sword £30-50
495.    A tribal bow with wickerwork decoration £40-60
496.    An early blunder buss pistol £40-80
496A.   Four various Russian clocks and a fur hat £20-40
497.    The Commentaries of Proclus on the Timaeus of Plato containing a treasury of Pythagoric and Platonic Physiology translated from the Greek by Thomas Taylor in two volumes, 1820, in brown leather covers, one cover loose, Military Memoirs of the Great Civil War being The Military Memoirs of John Gwynne, 1822 (3) £50-100
498.    The Old-Northern Runic Monuments of Scandinavia and England Now first collected and deciphered by Dr. George Stephens, Vol.III, large folio, 1884 and Stone Monuments, Tumuli and Ornament of Remote Ages by J.B. Waring, 1870 (2) £40-60
499.    Interborough Rapid Transit, The New York Subway, It's Construction and Equipment, 1904, planned and executed by the McGraw Publishing Co. in green cloth covers £40-60
500.    Four various chanters £60-80
501.    A collection of cigarette card albums £30-50
502.    Two boxes of various die cast model cards, model soldiers etc £30-50
503.    A collection of fourteen Bachmann Branch-Line wagons etc in original boxes £60-80
504.    A collection of Meccano and Newfooty Table Soccer game in original box (2) £30-50
505.    A collection of postcards and first day covers and photograph album (3) £30-50
506.    A collection of various postcards and signed etching by David Gee £30-50
507.    A collection of various postcards, hand fans etc £30-50
508.    The British Sportsman by Samuel Howitt containing seventy plates, 1812, London, published and sold by Edward Orme £40-60
509.    A French Dinky 36B Tracteur Willeme et Semi-Remorque Bachee in original box, box poor and a French Dinky 32D Auto-Echelle De Pompiers in original box (2) £120-180
510.    A large treen jewellery box with domed lid and single drawer, 28cm wide £40-60
511.    A Pelham Puppet Dutch Girl in original box £20-30
512.    Ten various French Dinky models including two 822 Half Track M3 in original boxes other military models, two Citroen "23" etc and English military examples £120-180
513.    Two military prints, drawing book with sketches and binoculars £30-50
514.    A tray lot including hand mirror with silver-mounted plaque, various purses etc £40-60
515.    A tray lot including coin purses, lighters pins etc £30-50
516.    Three Dents shop display model hands, similar hat example and two original Radley Scottie dog displays £50-80
517.    Two folding cameras and plate camera £30-50
518.    A bisque-headed doll with painted features, 30cm high in display case £20-30
519.    An oak cased pigeon racing clock stamped Belgica £30-50
520.    A Souvenir of Address Presented to The King on his visit to Glasgow, 14th May 1903, No.63 of a limited edition of 120 £40-60
521.    A tray lot including embroidered postcards, silk cigarette cards, silk scarves, Micky Mouse soft toy £40-60
522.    A collection of twenty-two Bachmann Branch-Line models including Class 66/9 Diesel DRS/Stobbart, Class A1 60161 North British etc all in original boxes £100-200
523.    A collection of ten Bachmann Branch-Line models including Class 37/0 Diesel 37114 EW&S City of Worcester etc all in original boxes £120-180
524.    A collection of Mainline Railways coaches all in original boxes, Graham Farish Diesel Freightliner, Dapol locomotive etc £80-120
525.    A pair of World War II De La Rue Plastic War Savings Campaign Plaques
comprising: "War Savings Campaign 1943 Presented by the Air Ministry in Recognition of Successful Achievement in Wings for Victory Week" with RAF pilots wings below and For Freedom - War Savings Campaign 1944, presented by the War Office in recognition of successful achievement in "salute the soldier" week, 59 x 35cm (2) £100-200
526.    A collection of fifteen Hornby models including three locomotives, R2488 EW&S Co-Co Diesel Electric Class 60 Locomotive, R2651 EWS Co-Co Diesel Electric, wagons etc all in original boxes £100-200
527.    Five various Wrenn locomotives including Duchess of Buccleugh, Clan Line Merchant Navy Class, City of Stoke-On-Trent etc and three wagons £100-200
528.    A collection of eighteen Hornby models including R2522 EWS Bo-Bo Diesel Electric Class 67 Locomotive, Rising Star, wagons etc all in original boxes £100-200
529.    An early map La Gouvernement General De L'Isle De France, framed and glazed, the image 47 x 65cm £80-120
530.    An early black and white map of Bohemia, framed and glazed, the image 37 x 50cm £60-80
531.    Three crystoleums, comprising young girl, 23 x 19cm and a pair depicting young Dutch girls, 25 x 17cm, all framed £40-60
532.    A framed map of Glasgow, 15 x 22cm and map of Upper Estuary of the Clyde, 15 x 24cm and printed handkerchief theatre programme of The Players, 1899, framed £20-30
533.    A taxidermy model of an owl, mounted £30-50
534.    A solid alto-relievo model of Scotland by William Martin & Co, Glasgow, 70 x 56cm £20-30
535.    A collection of sixteen Bachmann Branch-Line models including Class A1 60158 "Aberdonian", two other locomotives, wagons etc all in original boxes £120-180
536.    A collection of ten Bachmann Branch-Line models including Class 70 Diesel, other wagons etc, all in original boxes £100-200
537.    A collection of nine Bachmann Branch-Line models including Class 66 locomotive, other wagons etc, all in original boxes £100-200
538.    Three Heljan locomotives, V1 Trains model and three wagons £100-200
539.    A collection of books including The Series of English Idylls, early 1900s etc £50-100
540.    A collection of twelve Lima models including eight locomotives and three wagons, all in original boxes £120-180
541.    A tray lot including model boat, hardwood stand, cigarette cards, telescope etc £30-50
542.    An early Steiff Teddy bear with elongated limbs, worn, 19cm high, other soft toys and miniature dolls £100-200
543.    A collection of brass ware including postal scales, candle sticks etc £30-50
544.    A folding games compendium, miniature roulette wheel £40-60
545.    A red ground Paisley shawl some staining to central white panel, 310 x 160cm and another stained and holed, 160 x 160cm (2) £60-80
546.    A Rosetti Rambler accordion £20-30
547.    A collection of Oor Wullie and Broons annuals from 1947 to 1970s £100-200
548.    A Hornby Devon Flyer electric train set and accessories and three Wrenn coaches etc in original boxes £80-120
549.    Three silver-topped walking canes and a white-metal example £40-60
550.    A modern violin, bow in case £30-50
551.    A violin with interior label in case £30-50
552.    Two Edwardian inlaid oval tea trays and another tea tray, 51cm wide and smaller (3) £40-60
553.    A Victorian mahogany oval tea tray, with waved rim, 61cm wide and two inlaid boxes (3) £40-60
554.    An early two-piece back violin in case £40-60
555.    A Hornby The Southern Belle electric train set £40-60
556.    A large collection of map and charts £40-60
557.    A collection of printers metal lettering and small collectors cabinet with similar contents £40-60
558.    A collection of approximately 200 Ladybird books in two boxes £50-80
559.    A collection of football programmes from the 1960s on wards including Scottish and English examples £40-60
560.    A W Ottway & Co Ltd telescope, 1940, No.344, Patt 12100, covering lacking with tripod stand £30-50
561.    Three modern Charlie Bears, comprising: Shades, Silkie and Mercury, 54cm and smaller and a Bearshouse Bears rabbit (4) £50-80
562.    Four modern Charlie Bears, comprising: Valentino, Violet, Dorothy and Linus, 54cm and smaller (4) £60-80
563.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Brunswick, Boris, Ming and Gordon, 54cm and smaller (6) £60-80
564.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Chuckles, Diesel, Picnic etc 51cm high and smaller (6) £80-120
565.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Hamish, Firework, Woolley Pulley etc, 51cm high and smaller (6) £80-120
566.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Pansy, Diamond, Seth, 51cm high and smaller etc (6) £80-120
567.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Noel, Pudding, Hector etc, 51cm high and smaller (6) £80-120
568.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Oakley, Akhuti, Merlin etc, 51cm high and smaller (6) £80-120
569.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Simon, Gabriel, Tifdf Toff etc, 51cm high and smaller (6) £80-120
570.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Kennett, Zak, Barney etc, 51cm and smaller (6) £100-150
570A.   An early family bible £20-30
571.    An album of various post cards £30-50
572.    A collection of Exclusive First Edition, Models of Yesteryear models in original boxes £100-150
573.    A box of miscellaneous including angle poise lamp, wooden box, kettle etc £30-50
574.    A collection of various locomotive, models cars etc £50-80
575.    A Bell accordion in case £30-50
576.    A collection of Matchbox and other model cards, 1:18 scale models etc in original; boxes £60-80
577.    A box of antiquarian books including Waverley Novels etc £50-80
578.    A collection of Corgi and other models including buses and trams in original boxes £50-80
579.    Four Chad Valley Give-A-Show projectors in original boxes, collection of slides, two board games etc £40-60
580.    Tytler's History of Scotland, The Sea Witch by Alexander Laing, 1944, Poetry of Robert Burn, 4 vols etc £40-80
581.    A Coracle wicker picnic basket £15-20
582.    A Corgi 1:18 MG model and a collection of other models in original boxes £60-80
583.    Two canvas and leather gun cases, various ammunition belts etc £50-80
584.    Seven modern Charlie Bears including Herbs, Snugglebum, Isabelle Lee, Nippynoo etc, 51cm high and smaller (7) £100-150
585.    Seven modern Charlie Bears including Hawthorn, Hutch, Dawn, Bluebell etc, 51cm high and smaller (7) £100-150
586.    A large Corgi 1:32 scale DH Mosquito model world war II bomber in original box, Airbus A380-800 model and Bachmann Branch-Line Class 221 5 Car DMU set in original boxes £100-200
587.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Eden, Hector, Star etc, 54cm high and smaller (6) £100-150
588.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Gumboots, Chi Chi, Helen etc, 51cm high and smaller (6) £100-120
589.    A vintage brown leather suitcase, 66cm wide £30-50
590.    Seven modern Charlie Bears including Briar Rose, Dusk, Penny, Cotton Sox etc, 40cm high and smaller (7) £100-150
591.    Six modern Charlie Bears including Candycane, Rainbow, Franklin etc 40cm high and smaller (6) £100-150
592.    Five modern Charlie Bears including Acre, Heather Lyell, Warren etc, 54cm high and smaller (5) £80-120
593.    Five modern Charlie Bears including Campbell, Jackie, Grant etc, 60cm high and smaller (5) £100-150
594.    Seven modern Charlie Bears including Talitha, Brit, Paddywack, Elf etc, 60cm high and smaller (7) £100-150
600.    J ROSE MCMILLAN Old Timers Kincausie, signed, watercolour, 39 x 28cm £30-40
601.    SCOTTISH SCHOOL Gentleman seated reading The Scotsman, oil on canvas, 70 x 52cm
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £60-80
602.    DAVID STRATTON WATT Eredine, signed, oil on board, dated, (19)93, 28 x 37cm £30-40
603.    SCOTTISH SCHOOL Coastal landscape, oil on board, 40 x 50cm £20-30
604.    SCOTTISH SCHOOL Cattle at Tongue, signed, watercolour, 38 x 53cm and ORKIANA Country village, signed, oil on canvas, 43 x 52cm (2) £20-30
605.    MATT BRUCE Goose girl, signed, oil on board, 40 x 50cm and B CREMER Cattle grazing, signed, oil on canvas, 40 x 80cm (2) £40-60
606.    JOHN HAMILTON GLASS Cottages beside a river, signed, watercolour, 35 x 52cm £40-60
607.    SCOTTISH SCHOOL Figures on a road, the Clyde estuary beyond, oil on canvas, 38 x 56cm £30-50
608.    SIR MUIRHEAD BONE On board a battle-cruiser, signed, print, 60 x 40cm £40-60
609.    MOLNOBERT Still life, signed, oil on canvas, 53 x 44cm £20-30
610.    GRAHAM MCKEAN Short Changed, signed, oil on canvas, 22 x 16cm £250-300
611.    JOHN HAMILTON GLASS Morning Preston Pans, 24 x 34cm and sheep grazing, signed, watercolour, 22 x 35cm (2) £120-180
612.    JOHN HAMILTON GLASS Kilchurn Castle, signed, watercolour, 30 46cm £60-80
613.    JOHN HAMILTON GLASS Cottage and sheep beside a loch, signed, watercolour, 31 x 47cm £40-60
614.    JOHN CLARK WITH WILLIE RODGER Carmichael Memorial Window, Kippen Parish Church, signed, watercolour, 1985, 40 x 8cm each panel £60-80
615.    BRENDA LENAGHAN RSW Aphrodite, signed, oil on board, 33 x 33cm £100-200
616.    FRANZ MULLER- GOSSEN Fishing boats going out, signed, oil on board, 33 x 48cm £120-180
617.    HENRY J KINNAIRD View near Salisbury, signed, watercolour, 25 x 37cm £30-40
618.    LESLIE A COCKBURN RSW Dapple grey, monogrammed, oil on canvas, 48 x 60cm £100-200
619.    WILLIAM HUNTER LITTLEJOHN RSW, RSW, RGI Board Game, Mirror and fish, signed, mixed media, dated, 1990, 44 x 82cm £200-400
620.    BRUCE TIPPETT Morning, watercolour, 46 x 35cm £10-20
621.    J GARRIDO Still life, signed, oil on canvas, 54 x 71cm £20-30
622.    JAMES ALICK RIDDEL Feeding the chickens, signed, oil on canvas, 40 x 50cm £100-200
623.    U BELLANI Continental port, signed, oil on canvas, 50 x 60cm £70-100
624.    J MACKIE Canal scene, signed, pastel, dated, (19)86, 52 x 63cm £20-30
625.    RALSTON GUDGEON RSW Golden eye drake, signed, watercolour, 24 x 31cm £40-60
626.    N BARKER Dappled horses amongst trees, signed, oil on board, 21 x 27cm £20-30
627.    GEO Young boy looking at a cart of toys, signed, watercolour, 13 x 10cm £20-30
628.    ANDA PATERSON RSW Glasgow Canter (Saltmarket), signed, mixed media, dated, (19)70, 18 x 25cm £30-50
629.    JOHN MACKAY Thriepmuir and Pentland Hills form Arthurs Seat, signed, oil on board, 19 x 29cm, each (2) £20-30
630.    GAY GROSSART Jouges, Luberon, France, monogrammed, oil on board, dated, 2004, 15 x 20cm £30-50
631.    MANNER OF ANNIE FRENCH Floral freize, pen ink, 4 x 13.5cm and watercolour and another, 6.5 x 12cm (2) £40-60
632.    GEORGE VICAT COLE RA Sheep grazing on a hillside beside woodland, watercolour, 17 x 39cm £20-40
633.    DAVID Two masks, pencil, signed and dated, 1971, 10 x 17cm £20-30
634.    W DUNBAR Hafton Point, Holy Loch, signed, watercolour, D M DOWNHAM Solitude and a print (3) £20-30
635.    L M GHOSE Figures in boats before villages, signed, watercolour (4) £10-20
636.    EIGHT VARIOUS PICTURES (8) £40-60
637.    SEVEN VARIOUS PICTURES (7) £30-50
638.    STEVEN CAMPBELL Portrait heads, oil on bookends, 44 x 33cm
Provenance: Robert Paul, Lecturer of Printmaking in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art £100-200
639.    JEAN CHEYNE Loch scene, signed, pastel and two others (3) £20-30
640.    WILLIAM SPENCER BAGDATOPOULOS The Brass worker, signed, etching, 28 of 75 and seven other various prints (8) £30-50
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
645.    BRIAN HATTON Study Egyptian girl, watercolour, BRENT MILLER Sacred Piece, etching and gold leaf, etching with man on horse and PIERRE LAVALIE Christ in Majesty (4) £40-60
646.    DAMAIN HENRY Glorosia, signed, etching and four others (5) £20-30
647.    MRS E ALEXANDER thatched cottage, watercolour and four etchings £20-30
648.    VARIOUS WORKS INCLUDING; JOHN HOWSEN, PRENTICE, DOUGLAS MATHEWS and other minor works (a lot) £40-60
650.    VARIOUS ARTISTS INCLUDING; HILTON, HINCENTZEN, JOHNSTON, framed and unframed watercolours (a lot) £30-50
652.    NANCY J BURTON RSW Nest of the Mountain Curlew, Camerons Farm, near Aberfoyle, signed, watercolour (3) £60-80
653.    JAMES TWEEDIE The Pond Kelvingrove, oil on board, 21 x 21cm £20-40
654.    O H MAVOR (JAMES BRIDIE) set of 15 caricatures, within boards, 1914, 24 x 17cm each (15) £150-200
655.    MANNER OF MATTHEW HAUGHTON portrait of Benj Danford, oil on panel, 21 x 16cm £60-80
656.    J PATERSON Ailsa Craig, watercolour, AFTER PROUT Venice and four others (6) £30-50
657.    CL DAMUN Two portraits, signed, pencil, 47 X 31cm, each (2) £20-30
658.    DAVID MARTIN Herring Fishers, Loch Fyne, signed, watercolour, 35 X 52cm £30-50
659.    PETER MACGREGOR WILSON RSW Fishing boats and cormorants, signed, watercolour, 27 x 47cm, each (2) £50-60
660.    THREE ENGRAVINGS INCLUDING SANDBY, P NORTH VIEW OF DUMBARTON, 25 x 40cm and two others, 29 x 40cm and 27 x 38cm (3) £50-80
661.    DAVID BATES Figures by a water mill, signed, watercolour, 34 x 24cm and a print, 41 x 26cm (2) £20-40
662.    CAROLINE SILLARS musical soiree, oil on board, 24 x 30cm and AFTER CADELL Puffer, print, 20 x 20cm (2) £20-30
663.    GRAHAM MCKEAN Temp, signed, pen and pastel, 29 x 20cm £150-200
664.    PAUL LEPAGE Street scene, signed, oil on canvas, 29 x 39cm and hay stooks, watercolour, 26 x 36cm, together with booklets and photographs relating to Lepage £20-30
665.    DAVID STRATTON WATT Mountainous river landscape, signed, oil on board, 24 x 33cm £20-40
666.    ANDY ORR ROSS Washer women, oil on board, LATITIA GUILLBAUD of Kate Middleton and A GRAHAM MUNRO RSW female nude, study (3) £30-50
667.    CHRIS SIMS Boats evening Grand Canal, Venice, pastel, portrait head, oil on board and JIM DICK portrait (3) £20-30
668.    SCOTTISH SCHOOL Young girl with doll, watercolour, 35 x 24cm £70-100
669.    MICHAEL BROWN Young girl beside rose bushes, signed,20 x 30cm watercolour and another, 28 x 20cm (2) £40-60
670.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Feeding the chickens, signed, oil on canvas, 70 x 99cm £60-80
671.    BRITISH SCHOOL Portrait of a lady resting on a pillar, oil on canvas, 77 x 63cm £100-200
672.    BRITISH SCHOOL Portrait of a gentleman, head and shoulders, oil on canvas, 75 x 62cm
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
673.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Christ crowned with thorns, circa 1890, 87 x 69cm
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £60-80
673A.   GEORGE HANN Lamlash - Holy Island, signed oil on canvas, 40 x 76cm
T. & R. Annan & Sons Ltd, label verso £100-200
674.    DUDLEY HARDY Traders before a city, signed, watercolour, 22 x 30cm and another, 30 x 40cm (2) £100-200
675.    NANCY JANE BURTON RSW Homestead in Himalayas, monogrammed watercolour, 28 x 20cm and another, 19 x 20cm (2) £50-70
676.    DAVID STRATTON WATT Among the Munroes, signed, oil on board, 40 x 50cm and another, 19 x 24cm (2) £20-40
677.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Lady mourning her bird, oil on canvas, 53 x 45cm
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
678.    R MARSHALL Lochscene, signed, oil on board, 37 x 62cm £20-30
679.    MAUREEN BRIGGS D.A Belted Galoways, signed, watercolour, dated, 1989, 22 x 51cm £30-50
680.    JAMES FRY Poppies, signed, oil on board, 60 x 50cm £40-60
681.    ANDA PATERSON RSW, PAI ,RGI Aud Poor II, signed, etching, 16 of 25, dated, (19)81 and another (2) £40-60
682.    A L MACANESPIE Achmelvich Bay, oil on board and another three (4) £20-30
683.    DAVID STRATTON WATT Strathearn Pastoral, signed, oil on board £20-40
684.    ANDA PATERSON RSW, PAI, RGI Big City back streets, 1 of 25, 22 x 48cm and another, signed, etching, 22 x 32cm (2) £40-60
685.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Woman resting, oil on canvas, 75 x 50cm E HUNTER male study, pastel and PHILLIP HUTTON Table talk, signed, oil on board (3)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
686.    G GIOVANETTI Portrait of a beauty, oil on canvas, 58 x 47cm £40-60
687.    SIR MUIRHEAD BONE Loch Fyne, signed, pencil drawing, 11 x 17cm £30-50
688.    JOHN MCKILLOP Derwent Water, watercolour, 24 x 34cm and NIKKI Portrait of a dog, 35 x 28cm (2) £20-40
689.    ALEX GIBSON Fishing boats tied up, signed, watercolour, 22 x 26cm and NANCY JANE BURTON Mountainous landscape, watercolour, 33 x 27cm (2) £30-50
690.    HANS HANSEN RSW Dutch landscape, charcoal drawing, signed, 45 x 70cm £50-70
691.    JAMES GORMAN Glen Rosa and Ben Nuis, watercolour, 23 x 28cm £20-30
692.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Junk passing a fort and boat builder, oil on canvas, 25 x 20cm, each (2) £60-80
693.    ANTHONY ROBERT KLITZ The Thames at Westminster, signed, oil on canvas, 37 x 75cm £150-250
694.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Girl seated beside spinning wheel, watercolour, 40 x 30cm and another, 43 x 31cm (2) £40-60
695.    AFTER RICHARD WESTALL Girl with dog and pitcher, engraving, verre eglomise surround, 44 x 32cm £20-30
696.    OSBERT CARTOON Now after Goodwood....17.6.65, signed, pen and ink, 29 x 16 cm and three military pictures (4) £20-30
697.    ALEXANDRA GARDNER Nude study, signed, sanguine, drawing, 39 x 27cm £20-40
698.    H SNELL Portrait of an officer, charcoal and watercolour, signed, 50 x 38cm and LEON DANCHING Pheasant, signed, coloured engraving, 34 x 58cm (2) £40-60
699.    G F WOODS Country village, signed, oil on board, 47 x 58cm and FRED SLOCOMBE Sheep herd, signed, print, 38 x 61cm (2) £20-40
700.    D K LOGAN Still life, signed, oil on board, 35 x 24cm, JEAN PAUL SANGUY Woodland, signed, pastel, 31 x 23cm and another work, 34 x 34cm (3) £20-40
701.    EDITH MARTINEAU Still life, signed, watercolour, 53 x 37cm £100-200
702.    OLIVIA HAYWOOD Venice, signed, watercolour, dated, 1968, 28 x 36cm, Curlew, signed and dated, 1947, 24 x 36cm and another, 27 x 37cm (3) £40-60
703.    ALBERT GOODWIN RWS On The Thames, signed, watercolour and pencil, dated, 1921, 17 x 25cm and seven others (8) £50-60
704.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Portrait of a young lady, oil on canvas, 50 x 40cm, pair of portrait heads, oil on canvas, 46 x 35cm and JOHN GLASS Mare and foal, signed, oil on board, 30 x 43cm (4)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £60-80
705.    ALEXIS COMPARET American Homestead, signed with monogram and dated 83, oil on canvas, 41 x 59cm £40-80
706.    L M GHOSE River island, signed, watercolour, dated, 1919, 26 x 44cm and another (2) £20-40
707.    PETER WILSON I Want, signed, coloured, woodcut, dated, 1983, a/p, 34 x 37cm and G W LENNOX PATERSON Southwest Seven-Two Miles-Rain, linocut, 44 x 35cm (2)
Provenance: Robert Paul, Lecturer of Printmaking in Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art £30-50
708.    UNKNOWN Ponte Veccio, pastel 1961, 25 x 30cm and two others (3) £30-40
709.    THREE TEXTILE WORKS and two prints (5) £20-40
710.    FRENCH SCHOOL On The Seine, watercolour, 32 x 38cm £10-20
711.    GRAHAM PERCY Imagined Histories, signed, pen, ink and watercolour, 22 x 33cm £30-40
712.    UNKNOWN Female nude, mixed media, 41 x 29cm £20-30
713.    ERNEST STEPHEN LUMSDEN Stoan Boats, signed, etching, 1929, 26 x 38cm, RUSSELL FLIN, print, 24 x 34cm and THEO HUNTER Headland, signed, watercolour, 27 x 37cm (3) £30-40
714.    WILLIAM TIMMINS The Tolbooth, Culross, Fife, signed, watercolour, 24 x 35cm and another, 35 x 25cm (2) £20-30
715.    SOMERVILLE To Peggy from Howard, signed, print, 1922, 27 x 19cm £20-30
716.    WALTER BAYES The Hansom Cabby, watercolour, 33 x 23cm £30-40
717.    DANISH SCHOOL 20TH CENTURY Cattle grazing in extensive landscape, signed with initials and dated 1931-36, oil on canvas, 103 x 135cm £100-200
717A.   EMILY MURRAY PATERSON Still life, signed and dated, watercolour, 27 x 36cm and another still life signed with initials and dated, 38 x 28cm (2) £60-80
718.    IAN ROBERTSON Amethyst, monogrammed, collage, dated, (19)86, 93 x 109cm £40-60
719.    AFTER RUBENS signed J Arnott, The Descent from the cross, oil on canvas, dated, 1890, 116 x 80cm
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-80
720.    HAIGH COOP Blair Castle, watercolour, 24 x 41cm and CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Paris, oil on board, 30 x 38cm (2) £10-20
721.    R MENZIES Mountainous landscape, signed, oil on board, 38 x 46cm and ALAN SUTHERLAND View of Stockbridge, signed, oil on board, 48 x 31cm (2) £20-40
722.    ENGLISH SCHOOL Windsor from the river, oil on board, 20 x 25cm and two prints (3) £20-40
723.    NEWMAN Cormorant, signed, pastel, dated, 2008, 29 x 39cm and a portrait print (2) £10-20
724.    AFTER AUBREY BEARDSLEY The Peacock Skirt, print, 136 x 98cm £30-50
725.    TEN UNFRAMED CANVASES mostly landscape (10) £40-60
726.    THREE VARIOUS OILS and four prints (7) £20-40
727.    JOHN C BROWN Ayleen, signed, oil on canvas, 92 x 92cm £20-40
728.    QUANTITY OF UNFRAMED CANVASES, without stretchers (a lot) £30-50
729.    JOHN KNOX Margaret in Blue Room, oil on canvas, 122 x 124cm and CHARLIE BOYLE Pink Abstract, oil on canvas, 151 x 101cm (2) £120-180
730.    ITALIAN SCHOOL Woman with mortar and pestle, oil on canvas, 61 x 41cm
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £200-300
731.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Saint Sebastian, oil on canvas, 50 x 38cm
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £100-200
732.    A P SANTHANARAJ (INDIAN) River Landscape, signed and indistinctly dated, oil on canvas 100 x 150cm £100-200
745.    Wedgwood Susie Cooper design 'Columbine' pattern dinner set, Japanese table cabinet, EP mounted glass biscuit barrel, assorted glassware, Copeland Commemorative mug for the Coronation of King Edward VIII, retailed by Thomas Goode & Co Ltd, various coffee cups and saucers, posies etc £30-50
746.    A studio pottery dish and a Porsgrund floral decorated dinner service £20-30
747.    A lacquered coaster with heraldic crest, House of Parliament 1941 stone desk stand, Peruvian pottery plate, pair of turquoise glazed lamps (def) and assorted decorative ceramics £20-30
748.    Various Chinese resin figures - Buddha, Warriors etc, three Japanese vases and two Satsuma buckets (some def)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
749.    Glasgow pottery jugs, Victorian punch bowls and other transfer decorated wares, Clews Chameleon pattern vases, pair of Wedgwood Freya vases and assorted decorative ceramics £30-50
750.    A gilt metal mantel clock, EPNS cigarette box, various porcelain and bisque figures, two pottery basins, pair of black vases, jardiniere, etc
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
751.    A pair of Staffordshire dogs, a pottery barrel for Port, brass circular tray, Italian box, Coalport Junetime dish, French tazza etc £30-50
752.    Two trays of assorted drinking glasses including wine, hock, tumblers etc £20-30
753.    Various Pendelfin figures including Father Rabbit, Mother & Baby, Crocker, The Thumper etc, cased set of six Rennie Mackintosh Glencairn crystal glasses, EP milk and sugar, tazza, Chinese white metal mounted teapot etc £30-50
754.    Roslyn China part teaset and Royal Stuart bone china teawares £20-40
755.    Royal Doulton 'Old Colony' pattern tea and dinner set, Doulton Series Ware pottery and a Bunnykins plate £40-60
756.    A collection of brassware to include pair of Chinese vases, horse and cart models etc £30-50
757.    Royal Stafford coffee set, Carlton Ware tulip decorated dish, Royal Winton dish, Wedgwood jasperware powder box and cover and two vases etc £30-50
758.    Japanese eggshell part teaset £10-15
759.    Two Carlton Ware leaf shaped dishes and preserve pot and assorted decorative plates etc £15-25
760.    A Czechoslovakian porcelain teaset transfer print decorated with Classical scenes and a 19th century English porcelain part teaset, painted with flowers on a green ground
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
761.    A Wedgwood gold coloured unicorn figure (def), gilt metal candle holders, sphinx figure, pottery table lamp, male torso sculpture etc
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
762.    Various dolls dinnersware and part teaset, glasses etc £25-35
763.    Two Waterford crystal decanters (chip to one rim), Edinburgh crystal decanter, two others, biscuit barrel etc £30-50
764.    A pair of Victorian rummers, glass jug decorated with a heron, Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin in the Japanese style, Maling bowl no. 5030, WR&S crested ware model of HMS Lion (def), two granite mounted stands, Royal Stanley Ware Jacobean bowl, Tunstall viola jug, crinoline lady table bell, Goebel salt and pepper etc £30-50
765.    Keele St Pottery Cottage ware teawares and Johnson Bros teawares £15-25
766.    Royal Winton Beehive box and cover, Crown Ducal Orange Tree three-piece tea service, Carlton Ware dish etc, Lady artist decorated dishes, teawares etc £30-50
767.    An Italian art glass vase, another blue globular vase and a crystal vase (3) £20-40
768.    Copeland Spode Italian pattern jugs and plates, pair of small Beswick wally dugs, Wedgwood lustre jug, transfer printed plates etc £30-50
769.    Four African carved wood masks and two figural ashtrays £20-40
769A.   A pair of Japanese Satsuma vases, imari plate, J & M P Bells bowl and a pair of green hardstone stress balls £20-40
770.    Paragon Country Lane coffee pot, tureen, soup coupes and a fruit decorated pottery wash ewer and basin £20-40
770A.   A Holmegaard Nutcracker glass decanter, Wilton Ware orange lustre jar, Staffordshire figure group, beaded purse, Arita jar etc £30-50
771.    A Royal Doulton Old Colony dinner and tea service £20-40
772.    Five assorted spelter figures
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
773.    A Losol Ware pottery dinner service £20-40
774.    Assorted crested china, Carlton Ware vase, Barbola mirror, Japanese urn and cover and assorted other ornaments etc £30-50
775.    Assorted lampwork animals and other items £10-20
776.    Assorted crystal sundae dishes, etched liqueur glasses and assorted other items £20-40
777.    A Noritake Carolyn pattern dinner service and other items £20-40
778.    A small collection of brown transfer printed pottery of views of Italy including tureen and cover, platters, two plates, three bowls and a blue and white transfer printed platter Grotto of Il Rosatie near Palermo
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-100
779.    A Minton blue and white transfer printed willow pattern tray and a pottery washbowl £30-40
780.    A Copper pan, teapot and planter and a brass door stop £30-50
781.    A pair of Japanese lacquered frames onlaid with mother of pearl and bone decoration (some damage) £20-40
782.    A collection of Royal Copenhagen and Bing and Grondhal Christmas plates (16) £30-50
783.    A Royal Doulton Sumatra pattern coffee set, pair of wall candleholders and Wedgwood jasperware dishes £30-50
784.    A collection of coloured art glass £30-50
785.    A resin jockey on horseback (no ears), assorted metalware, chess set, boxes etc £30-50
786.    Five bronzed spelter figures
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
787.    A Japanned clock with French movement, pair of gilded brackets, two wooden and gesso figures and a wooden tray (some def) £30-40
788.    Two Royal Doulton figures, a character jug, Lomonosov animal figures, her Russian figures etc £40-60
789.    A silver cream jug, a metal model of a bulldog, assorted Carlton Ware dishes etc £30-50
790.    A Wedgwood Philippa tea service, assorted trio's including Aynsley, Paragon and New Chelsea and assorted Carlton Ware £30-50
791.    A quantity of textiles, linen and lace including ladies underclothes, a beaded bag, fairy decorated doilies, table covers etc £30-50
792.    Two Masonic group photographs, items and photographs relating to Invergordon etc £20-40
793.    A Lulu Guinness beaded ball gown bag, a Louis Vuitton handbag, circa 1990s and two others £40-60
794.    A pair of Mary Quant red plastic ankle boots, circa 1967, size 4 1/2 £20-40
795.    A quantity of lace, table linen, ladies scarves, fox fur stole, black astrakan coat etc £40-60
796.    A large ceramic charioteer and horses, spelter group, pair of table lamps etc (some def)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
797.    A large quantity of Chinese hardwood stands £50-80
798.    A pair of antique glasses, the nose bridge marked 10ct, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of wedding banners marked 1915, a pair of beaded slippers, a tapestry pair and assorted ladies bags £50-80
799.    A quantity of crochet and lace edged table linen £30-50
800.    A Naval uniform £20-40
801.    A Welsh blanket in shades of moss green, black and cream, 195cm x 234cm £50-100
802.    Two fur jackets and two fur stoles £20-30
803.    An Eastern European (possibly Hungarian) embroidered shawl,141cm x 146cm together with a crewel work table cover 80cm x 80cm, and another cover £40-60
804.    A black coney fur jacket and a fur coat £10-20
805.    A 1960's Paul Michael turquoise leather long waistcoat and mini skirt, (size 36), a black leather skirt and a similar brown example (size 12) , brown leather trouser (size 12) and a black leather coat (probably 16/18 size) £40-60
806.    A brown coney fur jacket £5-10
807.    An Italian Sorrento Ware tray, decorated to one side with a scene of musicians and a couple dancing, the other side with a chequer board (later handles) £50-100
809.    A babies quilt, decorated with kittens, possibly Amish £30-50
810.    A large African wooden drum £40-60
811.    A green glazed pottery jardiniere stand £20-40
812.    Four Chinese paintings of birds on blossoming branches (4) £30-50
813.    A collection of Chinese Canton porcelain including two jars and covers, vase, bowls, plates etc (some def)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
814.    A pair of 19th century pottery vases decorated with Classical scenes (def), Pratts pottery Old Greek dish, vase etc
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-80
815.    A collection of French porcelain including vases, cups, pots, Derby style figure and other porcelain (damages and restoration)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-80
816.    A Sun Insurance lead fire mark, numbered 701446, mounted on a wooden plaque and a brass icon plaque of the Madonna (2) £80-120
817.    A large Chinese lime green glazed vase decorated with a dragon, a modern vase, turquoise dog of fo, jewellery box, figural lamp (def)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-100
818.    Two Wedgwood caneware game pie dishes, pair of Herend porcelain dishes, pair of spaniel figures, spelter figure of spaniel with inscription Pubd by George Dudley, Feby 23 1821, a bronzed figure of a fox and a brass pen stand £40-80
819.    Two 19th century glass bottles with decoupage interior decoration (sealed to top), pair of vine decorated rummers, two other glasses, two gilt decorated glass decanters and a pair of pedestal dishes (10) £50-100
820.    A German salt glazed gnome decorated vessel, pair of white glazed cherub figural table lamps and another, plaster figure of a seated male nude, plaque of the Madonna, jasperware planter etc (some def and restoration)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-80
821.    An Amphora jug with figural decoration, Continental porcelain centrepiece, two Royal Dux figures, Turn Wien centrepiece, lady artist decorated plate decorated with birds, blush pottery vases etc (def and restoration)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-80
822.    A vintage gilt metal dressing table set with pair of candlesticks, mirror, hair brush, clothes brush, powder dish and tray £30-50
823.    A large African wooden mask and another (2) £50-100
824.    A large Pearlware mug, two early 19th century Spode pink ground cups with gilt crocodile handles, three Continental porcelain figures, English porcelain candle holder, Spode sucrier, blue cut to clear bottle (no lid) etc (some def and restoration) £50-100
825.    Two Islamic style pottery bowls decorated with fish, Japanese imari dish, Chinese scroll drawing, studio pottery dish etc £30-50
826.    Royal Copenhagen 1967 commemorative large mug, armorial tea caddy, delft ink stand, Italian pottery figure, two Limoges cups etc £30-50
827.    Assorted antique and other glassware to include green glasses, vine etched glasses etc £30-50
828.    A large Robert Fishman studio pottery jar and cover, with a signed letter from Janet Leach (2) £40-60
829.    Two Lladro figures of children in Pierrot outfits, Amore by Juliana figure group of a couple and three Nao figures of a seated girl with flower, kitten and toy and a ballerina (6) £40-60
830.    A Murano glass clown, two Mdina glass paperweights and vase, Langham owl paperweight, Coalport Paddington bakes a cake figure, Wade Tom and Jerry, Wedgwood Susie Cooper Ashmun bowl, two Rosenthal Bjorn Wiinblad plates Aladdin, Beswick figure of a dog with accordion no 811, Royal Doulton figure Mother's Helper, Carlton Ware mushroom cruet and assorted other figures etc £40-80
831.    Seven Nao figures of ballet dancers in various poses (7) £40-80
832.    A small Japanese Satsuma vase, six lacquered cups and saucers, bakelite and Celtic plate pedestal bowl, Halcyon Days enamel pill box decorated with a design of Sunday Morning in the Lower Ward by Joseph Nash, studio pottery vase etc £30-50
833.    An antique brass wall sconce with heart shape decoration £30-50
834.    A Crown Ducal charger decorated with a basket of flowers, Royal Winton chintz box and cover, pottery biscuit box, Radford vase, pink glass bowl etc £40-80
835.    A George Elliott studio glass scent bottle and bowl, two modern soda glass wine glasses, blue decanter, pair of decanters etc £40-80
836.    Eleven Maling bowls and a box and cover in various patterns including no 1385, 3196, green peony, butterfly, dark blue peony etc £50-100
837.    A pair of Facon de Venise style glasses (old repair to one), with family crest to foot, Stuart crystal decanter, various blue glass vases etc £50-100
838.    A pair of gilt metal framed mirrors (2) £30-50
839.    Five large Japanese Satsuma vases (def) (5)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-80
840.    Twelve Hummel figures to include Culprits, Little Scholar Boy, Baker Boy, Busy Student, Meditation etc and various others figures including Flower Fairies £50-100
841.    A Staffordshire double sided figure 'Gin / Water', Pearlware figure, figure group of a fox with bird, a pair of Staffordshire figures and various copper lustre jugs (some def) £50-100
842.    Various Carlton Ware dishes including Magnolia, New Stork etc £30-50
843.    Two Chinese blue and white dishes, Japanese Satsuma milk jug and sucrier and three Chinese figures of Gods £40-80
844.    A Chinese yixing teapot, Canton wood glove stretchers, brass bell, Buddha figure, iron red porcelain bowl, cloisonne etc £30-50
845.    A Mdina glass vase with trailed orange and clear decoration, a studio pottery vase, flower shaped dish and a sculpture (4) £30-50
846.    Spode dish, blue and white bowl etc £30-50
846A.   A pair of Chinese bronze vases £30-50
847.    Three pair of large Japanese Satsuma vases (some def) (3)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
848.    A Wedgwood lustre dragon vase, W & R Carlton Ware vase, Bishop pottery storage jar, five Copeland plates decorated with birds, Hummel figure and Royal Crown Derby Imari dish £30-50
849.    Twelve Nao figures including girl with rabbit, golfers etc £60-100
850.    A collection of Maling to include pin dishes, bowls, basket, preserve pot, milk jug and sugar bowl etc £50-100
851.    Four Chinese pottery figures, a wooden figure and a prunus jar (6) £30-50
852.    A majolica style large jardiniere, a pottery bowl decorated with cherries and a Cantagalli style griffin candle holder (def) (3)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
853.    A Japanese cloisonne vase and a Chinese figure of Guanyin (2) £30-50
854.    A large painted wooden figure of a shepherd with a dog at his feet £40-80
855.    An Arts and Crafts brass mirror with floral decoration £40-80
856.    An Edwardian dome top inlaid mantle clock, with French movement, marked A1 21196, 21cm high together with a Japanned clock with French movement, marked to the dial J.C. Vickery, £40-60
857.    A set of six Thomas porcelain coffee cups and saucers, with white metal covering marked WMF £30-40
858.    A black marble desk stand, mounted with a polar bear, 26cm long £30-40
859.    A large Sylvac terrier dog, number 1380, 28.5cm high and another smaller (2) £20-40
860.    A Paragon 'Chamberlain the Peacemaker' plate commemorating the peace conference at Munich Sept 29th 1938, 26.5cm diameter, together with a Crown Ducal Winston Churchill plate (2) £50-80
861.    A continental porcelain cherub mounted mirror, 58cm high
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
862.    A Seth Thomas dome top mantle clock with inlaid decoration, 33cm high. £30-50
863.    A bronzed spelter group of a woman and two suitors, together with a Japanese metal basket £40-60
864.    A Wemyss apple painted tyg (damaged) and a cut glass whisky measure (2) £30-40
865.    A cranberry glass frilled rim vase, 18cm high, a gilt decorated vase, a jug and a small vase (4) £20-30
866.    An Aynsley transfer printed and overpainted plate, marked N Brunt 26cm diameter, and two Royal Doulton figures The Tinsmith and Soiree (3) £40-60
867.    A pair of German bisque figures of girls by bird baths, 21.5cm high £10-20
868.    A Royal Crown Derby Antique Chrysanthemum plate, a tortoise paperweight and two Arbroath crested trinket pots (4) £30-50
869.    A small Spode jardiniere and stand 13cm high, a Royal Crown Derby pot, a German porcelain monkeyband figure and a Midwinter Larry the Lamb figure (4) £40-60
870.    A Shortland Bowen small carriage clock, 8.5cm high £35-50
871.    Four Royal Doulton figures including Summer's Day, Little Boy Blue, Babie and This Little Pig, together with a Francesca Art China figure Jessica (5)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
872.    A pair of Royal Doulton blue and white transfer printed vases each depicting maidens, 18.5cm high (one def) (2) £30-50
872A.   A French brass carriage clock, retailed by Brook and Son, Edinburgh £40-60
873.    A French Napoleonic era porcelain basket with gilded decoration £50-70
874.    An Edwardian inlaid mantle clock £40-60
875.    A Carlton Ware Eden Canopy pattern vase, 14cm high, a Coronaware Cremorne chamberstick by Molly Hancock, a crown Devon dish, two other pieces of Carlton Ware and another vase(6) £50-100
876.    Six Royal Doulton miniature character jugs, two tiny examples and six small Doulton figures £30-50
877.    A Scottish pottery flatback of two fisherwomen £30-50
878.    A continental blue and white desk stand, 26cm long, a pair of German candelabra bases of woman holding fans, a figure of a man playing bagpipes, an oil lamp and another figure (6) £40-60
879.    Four Royal Copenhagen figures including a goose, a Kingfisher, a goose girl and a girl (4) £60-100
880.    A continental porcelain centrepiece, modelled as a man, woman and a boat £40-60
881.    A Ward and Son brass and glass mantle clock with mercury pendulum (cracked) £200-300
882.    A Moorcroft Freesia vase (chip to base) 18.5cm high and a Magnolia ginger jar and cover (2) £50-100
883.    A Royal Worcester figure Felicity, Royal Doulton Anne Boleyn, Wedgwood Nefertiti and a Capodimonte girl (4) £40-60
884.    Three Lladro figures of girls (3) £30-50
885.    A Moorcroft Queens Choice vase, 16cm high, a matching trinket dish, a Hibiscus vase and a Hellebore dish (4) £50-100
886.    A boxed set of Royal Doulton De Luxe pattern coffee cups and saucers, and a boxed set of silver coffee bean spoons £50-80
887.    A twelve place Royal Crown Derby coffee set comprising cups, saucers, plates, two cake plates, sugar bowl and three jam dishes, mainly 1915 (40) £80-120
888.    Four Lladro figures including a mother and child, two children etc £50-80
889.    A Victorian jewellery box with mother of pearl inlaid escutcheons, together with three Eastern painted wooden figures (4) £30-50
890.    Two Troika cube vases, one by Jane Fitzgerald and the other by Annette Walters, 8cm and 8.5cm £100-150
891.    A Loetz type twisted waist vase, 23.5cm high £100-150
892.    A pair of brass shell cases vases, a crystal table lamp and a Nao group of two girls by a fountain (4) £40-60
893.    A collection of Royal Crown Derby including Robin and Blue Tit, three trinket boxes, bell and two trinket dishes (8) £60-80
894.    A collection of Royal Crown Derby including two 27cm diameter plates and six other plates and dishes (8) £50-100
895.    A WMF pewter pen tray decorated with cyclamen, 25.5cm long £20-40
896.    Five Lladro figures including a girl with a grandfather clock, a girl with a parasol, a girl reading, and two others (5) £50-80
897.    A pair of Chinese Export lidded urns, 32cm high £100-200
898.    A toby jug and a pair of Derby figures of a boy and a dog and a girl and a lamb (3) £60-80
898A.   A lilac glazed pastille burner modelled as a house £40-60
899.    A Sevres style porcelain bowl, painted with scenes of figures to the exterior and signed Geo Ruchet, and painted with flowers to the inside, with ormolu rim and stand, 28cms diameter (cracked) £40-60
900.    A Lladro figure of a girl with parasol, an ENS figure of a jay and other ornaments (7) £30-40
901.    A vaseline glass lantern shade with flared out top and bottom rim, with scrolling opaque decoration, 18.5cm high, a pair of vaseline glass shades and a single vaseline glass shade, 14.5cm high (4) £100-200
902.    Four Swarovski crystal paperweights commemorating VE Day, Battle of Britain etc £40-60
903.    A Royal Doulton figure Queen Alexandra Nurse and a Royal Worcester figure of Princess Diana (2) £50-80
904.    A Royal Copenhagen group of a rooster and hen, model number 1094. £40-60
905.    A continental nodding figure, 14cm high, an enamelled painted toilet bottle and an ornament of two cherubs and a shoe £30-50
906.    •Jessie Marion King (Scottish 1875 - 1949), Bookplate for Fred J M Christie, lithograph with metallic ink on paper,11.5cm x 10.5cm, unmounted, together with a Jessie M King limited edition commemorative tile, produced for Barclay Lennie Fine Art Ltd (2) £100-150
907.    Eight handpainted tiles, each decorated with assorted game birds £30-40
908.    A pair of glazed pottery figures of birds, with painted makers monogram, 24.5cm high £50-80
909.    A pair of Sitzendorf figures of a lady and gentleman, 26.5cm high, another smaller seated figure and a further figure of a girl £50-100
910.    A Bohemian ruby flashed and cut glass liquor set comprising decanter, 24cm high and six glasses and a pair of stemmed liquor glasses (9) £60-100
911.    A Sitzendorf figure of Elizabeth of Austria, wife of Charles IX and another of Catherine Medici wife of Henri II 27.5cm high (2) £50-100
912.    A pair of Sitzendorf figures of a shepherd and shepherdess and a figural group of a couple, 17cm high £50-80
913.    Franklin Mint figure Arthur the Legend and King, upon wooden base, 40cm high (some damage) £50-80
914.    A pair of Beswick table lamps, one mounted with Peter Rabbit, the other with Little Black Rabbit (2) £50-80
915.    Twenty Beswick Beatrix Potter figures including Timmie Willie Sleeping, The old woman who lived in a shoe, Old Mr Pricklepin, Goody Tiptoes, Poorly Peter Rabbit, Simpkin, Tom Kitten, Chippy Hackee, Squirrel Nutkin, Mr Benjamin Bunny, Susan, Mr Alderman Ptolemy, Benjamin Bunny sat on a bank, Cousin Ribby, Aunt Pettitoes, Mr Drake Puddle-Duck, Mrs Tiggywinkle, Old Mr Brown, Miss Moppet and Hunca Munca, together with a tree stump stand, all brown backstamp (21) £200-400
915A.   A continental figure group of a lady looking at lace samples £40-60
916.    Twenty Beswick Beatrix Potter figures including Sir Isaac Newton, Rebeccah Puddle-Duck, Duchess, Mrs Flopsy Bunny, Sally Henny Penny, Ginger, Little Black Rabbit, Jemima Puddle-Duck, Tabitha Twitchett and Miss Moppet, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Tabitha Twitchett, Cecily Parsley, Mrs Tiggy Winkle, Samuel Whiskers, Timmy Tiptoes, Thomasina Tittlemouse, Tommy Brock, Pickles, Foxy Whiskered Gentleman, Goody and Timmy Tiptoes, all brown backstamp (20) £200-300
917.    Three Royal Doulton Beatrix Potter figures including Johnny Town Mouse with bag, Mr Jeremy Fisher Digging, Mr Tod, and fourteen Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures including No More Twist, Mother Ladybird, Benjamin Wakes Up, Babbity Bumble, Hunca Munca spills the beads, Lady Mouse made a curtsy, Benjamin ate a lettuce leaf, And this pig had none, The Christmas Stocking, Peter in Bed, Gentleman Mouse made a bow, Peter with postbag, Pigling Eats his Porridge and Miss Dormouse, all brown backstamp (17) £200-300
918.    Twenty five Beswick Beatrix Potter figures including Flopsy Mopsy and Cottontail, Diggory Diggory Delvet, Mr Jeremy Fisher, Pigling Bland, Jemima Puddleduck made a feather nest, Little Pig Robinson Spying, Pig Wig, Amiable Guinea-Pig, Mrs Tittlemouse, Tom Kitten and Butterfly, Mrs Rabbit, Timmie Willie, Old Mr Bounce, Johnny Town Mouse, Peter Rabbit, Ribby, Benjamin Bunny, Anna Maria, Tom Thumb, Tailor of Gloucester, Mr Jackson, Mr Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit, Little Pig Robinson, Cottontail and Lady Mouse, all brown backstamp (25) £200-300
919.    A pair of 20th century urns and covers with ormolu mounts
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-80
920.    Three pieces of Carlton Ware including a Kingfisher ginger jar, a flying mallard bowl and a Chinoiserie decorated dish (3) £50-80
921.    Three Royal Doulton figures including Sweet and Twenty, The Gossips (def) and Daydreams (3)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-80
922.    Two Royal Doulton figures Idle Hours and Premiere, and a Masons Mandarin jug £20-40
923.    A Carlton Ware Apple Blossom tea for one set £30-40
924.    An Art Deco peach glass mantle clock and a biscuit tin £20-40
925.    A large Carlton Ware vase decorated with vines and a Ridgways pottery bowl £30-40
926.    A Caithness Samarkand vase, 22cm high, a matching bowl, another Caithness vase and an art glass bowl £50-80
927.    A Carlton Ware Paradise Bird and Tree vase, 20cm high, together with a Rouge Royale ginger jar and cover £30-50
928.    Two Moorcroft Pansy pattern vases, both signed in gold pen by J Moorcroft and dated 98, together with a Beswick Beatrix Potter Little Pig Robinson figure with gold backstamp and six moulded plastic napkin rings £50-80
929.    A Royal Doulton figure The Parson's Daughter £30-50
930.    A Charlotte Rhead for Crown Ducal bowl, with stylised flower decoration with gold, orange, yellow and black painted decoration, 25.5cm diameter £30-50
931.    Two Lladro figures including one of a lady holding a Pekinese, the other of a lady holding onto her hat, together with Lladro goose and Nao goose and ducks £50-100
932.    A mesh covered soda syphon, another syphon and an etched glass and chrome cocktail shaker £30-50
933.    A resin model of a pierrot playing a musical instrument
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
933A.   A pair of Murano glass figures of flamenco dancers, a cockerel, two clowns and two glass horses £50-80
933B.   Six Royal Doulton figures including Sandra, Janet, Winsome, Debbie, Rose and Tinkle Bell (6)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
934.    A Japanese ivory figure of man with basket on his back, signed to base, 10.5cm high £30-50
935.    A Chinese green hardstone bottle and cover, carved to each side with a bird and foliage, 15cm high (def to finial on lid) £40-60
936.    Three Japanese ivory circular boxes, decorated with monkeys, lions, elephant and tigers, each approx 6.5cm diameter (3) £50-100
937.    Two Japanese turquoise glazed vases, mark to base, 32.5cm and 28cm high (2) £50-100
938.    A Japanese cylindrical vase, painted with a bird and bamboo, 24cm high and a pottery charger, 37.5cm diameter (2) £40-80
939.    A Chinese blue and white vase, painted with figures and foliage, four character mark to base, 18cm high, a blue and white vase with reticulated rim (def), 26.5cm diameter and another square shaped bowl, 17cm wide (3) £40-80
940.    A Japanese turquoise glazed vase, 24cm high (def), another vase with painted decoration, 35cm high, two wooden stands, pair of brass vases, 29.5cm high and pair of pottery green parrot figures, 19.5cm high (def) (8)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
941.    A Chinese celadon ground jar and cover decorated with figures, 31cm high and a blue and white jar, 17cm high, both with wax seals to base (2) £80-120
942.    Three African wooden figures and a South American pottery jar, 15.5cm high (4) £30-50
943.    A Chinese Nanking Cargo blue and white porcelain bowl, Christie's label to base, 19cm diameter, and a cloisonne vase decorated with birds and foliage, 27cm high (2) £80-120
944.    A Japanese figure mixed metal group of a crane on a branch (slight def) £40-60
945.    A pottery figure of a grotesque toad £150-200
946.    A Chinese Tek Sing Shipwreck bowl and coin, in presentation box and Chinese medallion in box (2) £50-100
947.    A Japanese figure group of a pair of quails carved in ivory, mounted on a burr wood stand (one bird detached from base) £100-200
948.    A Chinese Canton bowl, 30cm diameter and an Imari bowl, 25cm diameter, (repaired) (2) £30-50
949.    Two Chinese blue and white porcelain jars and covers, one decorated with figures, 32cm high (def), the other with birds and foliage, 33cm high (def to lid), both with four character marks (2) £50-100
950.    A Chinese celadon ground dish, painted with a landscape, 27cm diameter (slight loss of glaze to rim) and a pair of small vases with painted red decoration of a crackle glaze ground, 14cm high (def) (3) £30-50
951.    Two Chinese porcelain bowls and saucers, painted with panels of figures, saucer 15.8cm diameter, bowl 10.8cm diameter (some def) (4) £30-50
952.    Three Japanese closionne vases and two Chinese Canton enamel boxes, largest vase 25cm high, box 9.6cm wide (5) (def) £30-50
953.    An African wooden mask and a powder blue porcelain box with gilt decoration, 18cm wide (2) £40-60
954.    An Edwardian mahogany cased mantel clock with inlaid decoration, 23.5cm high and an Elliot clock retailed by Mappin & Webb, 14.5cm high (2) £40-80
955.    A pair of African carved wood male and female figures, 39cm high and a tribal carving, 29.5cm high (3) £50-100
956.    A Chinese white metal hair ornament, 36cm high, pair of crackle glazed dishes, 27cm diameter and a pair of vases, 20cm high (one def) (5) £50-100
957.    A Chinese wooden figure, 29cm high and a brass censer style jardiniere (lacking base), 26cm diameter (2) £40-60
958.    An African wooden figure of a seated enslaved man, 37cm high
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
959.    A black painted stylised wooden face sculpture, inscribed M. Blyt to base, 39.5cm high
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
960.    A spelter figure of an Italian peasant playing the bagpipes, on wood socle base, 54cm high overall and a pair of spelter seated figures, 26cm high (3)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-80
961.    An African soapstone figure of a buffalo, 27cm long £20-40
962.    Four African figures to include Yoruba altar figure, 21.5cm high, another with a bowl, 25cm high, Banda figure, 35cm high and a Fang ancestor figure, 54cm high (4) £50-100
963.    *WITHDRAWN* A cut glass cruet set on silver plated stand (some def), two antique glasses, decanter etc (5) £40-80
964.    A Lydia Barge Gerard Quail large pottery jug, dated 1964, 30cm high, a 19th century lustre jug with the motto 'He that refuseth instruction despiseth his own soul' and a modern sculpture from the Raw Studio, Donegal (3) £40-80
965.    A Japanese porcelain coffee pot (hairline), 23cm high overall £10-20
966.    A Limoges porcelain bust of a boy, 18cm high, a Marcolin art glass cat, 24cm high, a Chinese prunus ginger jar, 15cm high and another dragon decorated ginger jar, 22cm high (4) £30-50
967.    Nine Nao figures including two choirs boys, girls with puppies, girl with doves etc (9) £50-80
968.    An alabaster mantel clock with pink dial, 30cm high, an alabaster figure group of a mother and child, 34cm high and another figure of a nude female, 42cm high (arm missing and head off)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-80
969.    A gilded spelter figural paraffin lamp, modelled as a man in classical dress, holding aloft an urn, with scrolling branch holding three glass reservoirs, 57cm high £60-100
970.    A Royal Worcester figure 'Golden Wedding Anniversary', Coalport figure 'The Lovely Lady Christabel' and four Royal Doulton figures 'Lynsey' HN3043, 'Diana' HN3310, 'Ninette' HN4717 and 'Alison' HN2336 (6) £40-80
971.    Ten various handpainted ceramic and plastic door plates, each decorated with a different bird including chaffinches, mallard duck, blue tits etc, 27.5cm high (10) £20-40
972.    A large spelter figural mantel clock, the base inset with black slate and gilt decorated panels, the whole surmounted with a figure group of a woman and two children, 63cm high £50-80
973.    A large Chinese ceramic globular shaped vase, decorated in colours with flowers and foliage, 38cm high £50-80
974.    Three Scottish pottery carpet bowls and a crystal bowl (4) £30-50
975.    A Shelley Green iris decorated part teaset comprising seven cups, eight saucers, eight tea plates and two cake plates £50-100
976.    Four Capodimonte figure groups including mother and children on see-saw, lady artist at easel (slight def) and two ladies with flowers together with two other continental porcelain figures (6) £30-50
977.    Star China Co teaset, decorated with stylised flowers, comprising 12 cups, 12 saucers, 10 plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and two cake plates (slight def) £30-50
978.    A collection of blue and white transfer printed pottery to include early 19th century blue and white ashet decorated with the 'Oriental Sports' pattern, 37.8cm diameter, five Copeland Spode Italian pattern plates, 22.5cm diameter, a boat-shaped dish, J & M P Bells 'Italian Lakes' pattern ashet, 38.5cm wide (stained) and two other pieces (10) £40-80
979.    A stylish near pair of ceramic table lamps, with turquoise and mottled mustard glaze decoration, 37cm high (2) £30-50
980.    A pair of Chinese blue and white large jars and cover, decorated with fish and foliage, the covers with dog of fo finials, 58cm high (2) £50-80
981.    A matched Tuscan teaset decorated with green flowers on a grey scale ground, comprising eight cups, saucers and plates, milk jug and sugar bowl, and a Phoenix China teaset decorated with swags of flowers, comprising 13 cups, 12 saucers, 12 plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and two cake plates £30-50
982.    A four glass clock, with chrome and enamel supports, with green onyx base and top (in need of restoration) £40-80
983.    A Crown Ducal Sunburst pattern coffee set comprising six cups and saucers, cream jug, sugar bowl and coffee pot £30-50
984.    Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern teaset comprising teapot, six cups, saucers and plates, milk jug and sugar bowl, sucrier, smaller milk jug and sugar bowl, small dishes and an 'Old English Rose' pattern tazza £40-80
985.    An alabaster bust of Mercury, 45cm high, inscribed with name verso (slight def) £40-80
986.    A brass Corinthian column paraffin lamp, with white glass shade, 78cm high (converted for electricity) £50-100
987.    A pair of Japanese Satsuma vase and three others (5) (some slight def) £40-80
988.    A set of six Victorian glasses with fern etched decoration, six punch glasses and a similar single glass and 19th century Derby rose decorated teawares (damages) £40-80
989.    A Tuscan pink floral and gilt decorated teaset comprising 12 cups, saucers and plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and two cake plates together with Royal Albert Crown China teawares comprising 10 cups, 12 saucers, 12 plates and two cake plates £40-80
990.    Four plaster portrait busts including a baby's head, man, girl and classical man (4) £50-100
991.    A Guiseppe Armani Florence figural table lamp, modelled as a woman holding an urn, together with a figure of a couple on a swing (2) £30-50
992.    A brass paraffin lamp, with cranberry glass reservoir and shade, a pair of brass paraffin lamps, another lamp, white glass shade and chimney (6) £50-100
993.    An Aynsley 'Tatton Hall' pattern dinner set comprising 12 dinner plates, 12 soup coupes and saucers, two oval serving dishes, ashet, sauce boat and stand, tureen base, 12 side plates and 12 small bowls £30-50
994.    A lady's evening bag, with Chinese silk embroidery, green hardstone and gilt metal mounts (embroidery worn) and another bag (2) £10-20
995.    A Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern teaset comprising 12 cups, 12 saucers and 11 plates, milk jug, sugar bowl and cake plate £30-50
996.    A Hammersley Bone China twelve setting teaset, decorated with pink flowers to the interior and a yellow exterior £30-50
997.    A Victorian black slate mantel clock, of architectural form £20-40
998.    A Gladstone bone china 'Rembrandt' pattern six setting teaset (no cake plate) and six Royal Ascot trios £30-50
999.    A French 19th century Empire style mantel clock, of architectural form, the wood case with gilt metal figural and foliate mounts, mirrored background, the gilt and enamel dial with two classical style figures, 51.5cm high (slight def) £50-100
1000.   A Paragon bone china part teaset, decorated with fruit on a powder blue and white ground, comprising 10 cups, 12 saucers, 10 plates, sugar bowl and two cake plates (some slight def) £30-50
1001.   A gilt decorated bust of an Elizabethan style lady, 65cm high, a pair of gilt painted plaster knight figures, 67cm high and a spelter figure of a lady, 68cm high (4)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-100
1002.   A Royal Crown Derby part dessert set comprising two tall tazzas (one re-glued), two oval dishes and two other dishes, together with five coffee cups and six saucers and tea for one comprising small teapot, cup and saucer, milk jug and sugar bowl £100-200
1003.   A suite of Stuart Crystal Tamara pattern drinking glasses, comprising seven tall hock, six champagne, eight liqueur, eight tumblers, eight goblets, seven sherry and eight port (52) £80-120
1004.   Portmeirion 'The Botanic Garden' including two heart shaped dishes (factory seconds), salt and pepper, four napkin rings, two-section oval dish, three various jugs, five dinner plates, two side plates, two salad plates, two cereal bowls, four bowls, soup tureen and ladle, and a Magic Garden Graphite pattern coffee pot £50-100
1005.   Royal Doulton 'Rondelay' pattern tea and dinner service comprising eight dinner plates, eight side plates, eight tea plates, eight small bowls, seven pudding bowls, vegetable tureen, two oval serving plates, six coffee cups and eight saucers, eight teacups and saucers, teapot, milk jug, sucrier and a cake plate £30-50
1006.   A spelter figural table lamp modelled as a woman and a glass two branch table light (2)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
1007.   A modern Chinese Canton style vase £30-50
1008.   A 19th century KPM porcelain trembleuse chocolate cup, painted with hunting scenes (lacking cover and slight def) and a French porcelain part dessert set comprising three tall tazzas and eleven plates £50-100
1009.   A set of six liqueur glasses, each bowl painted with flowers, on green stem, four other green glasses and a Caithness glass vase (rim chips)(11) £30-50
1010.   Six Paragon bone china cups and saucers, decorated with flowers on a cobalt blue and gilt ground, six further Paragon cups and saucers, Minton Brocade bowl and an Edwardian teaset (some def) £50-100
1011.   A Royal Albert twelve setting teaset with lilac and white decoration, and a part cakestand £30-50
1012.   A Bell China bone china teaset decorated with a garden scene comprising six cups, six saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl £20-40
1013.   An orange coloured resin sculpture of a nude male, 82cm long
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
1014.   A pair of metal candlesticks , 48cm high (2)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1015.   A burr walnut Davenport with four drawers and red leather skiver £100-150
1016.   A seven drawer serpentine front walnut chest on chest, 150cm x 70cm £100-150
1017.   A mahogany planter and a ceramic jar (2) £20-40
1018.   An inlaid mahogany demi lune fold over card table £50-80
1019.   Two Victorian circular footstools (2) £40-60
1020.   *A blue ground Kashan rug with central medallion 280cm x 200cm £100-150
1021.   A Dwarf oak two over three chest of drawers and brass stick stand (2) £40-60
1022.   A mahogany serpentine front toilet mirror with three drawers £20-40
1023.   An 18th Century three panel carved oak coffer, 62cm x 128cm x 47cm £100-150
1024.   An oak arts and crafts style occasional table, an oak lectern and an oak occasional table (3) £30-50
1025.   An oak Arts and Crafts circular occasional table with copper top £50-80
1026.   A pink ground Sarough rug, 142cm x 64cm £50-80
1027.   An oak Arts and Craft overmantel mirror with three copper butterflies, 64cm x 120cm £30-50
1028.   A walnut and ebonised octagonal occasional table and a carved oak occasional table (2)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1029.   An ebonised display cabinet, 153cm x 136cm £40-60
1030.   A James Stewart Armagh tempus fugit grandmother clock £50-80
1031.   A large carved firescreen with tapestry inset and a smaller firescreen (2) £50-80
1032.   An Akira wool rug, 250cm x 340cm £40-60
1033.   A mahogany bookcase with leaded glass doors, 193cm x 114cm £80-120
1034.   A marble topped occasional table with brass gallery
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
1035.   Four carved wooden figures and a carved panels (5) £40-60
1036.   A saddle rack and three brass and copper kettles (4) £20-40
1037.   A figurine table lamp (def)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1038.   A carved oak barometer/thermometer £20-40
1039.   A oak coopered stick stand £30-50
1040.   An oak barrel on stand £20-40
1041.   An Art Nouveau coal depot £20-40
1042.   Two large ships blocks (2) £20-40
1043.   A panelled coal depot £20-40
1044.   A selection of brass coal buckets and fire tools £20-40
1045.   An early 20th Century swivel office chair £30-50
1046.   An oak occasional table with cross stretchers £20-40
1047.   An inlaid two tier occasional table, a three tiered occasional table, small folding table, mirror on stand and a Regency style mirror (5) £40-60
1048.   A brass top folding table and a carved hexagonal occasional table (2) £20-40
1049.   A mahogany scalloped edged tilt-top tea table and an oval mahogany occasional table (2) £30-50
1050.   A gilt heavily carved occasional table and a mahogany occasional table
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
1051.   A Victorian sewing table on carved base and an oval mahogany two-tier window table (2) £30-50
1052.   A mahogany window table, an Edwardian tub chair, a painted firescreen and a wine table (4) £30-50
1053.   An early 20th Century oak swivel office chair £50-70
1054.   A walnut Queen Anne style chair £40-60
1055.   An Edwardian armchair and a spindleback chair (2) £50-80
1056.   Three standard lamps and a brass cakestand (4)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £30-50
1057.   A carved oak baroque style armchair chair, 127cm high £80-120
1058.   An oak panelled altar table, 84cm x 161cm x 71cm £100-200
1059.   An oak lectern with adjoining panels, 115cm x 405cm £60-80
1060.   A carved oak church armchair with two matching chairs (3) £60-100
1061.   A butler's tray on folding stand £30-50
1062.   Two rural scene watercolours (2) £20-40
1063.   A four-fold tapestry room screen, 200cm high a black painted three-fold screen, 128cm high and another painted with glass panels, 175cm high (def) (3)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-100
1064.   A William Morris style tree of life tapestry, 88cm x 70cm £20-40
1065.   A medieval style tapestry wall hanging, 88cm x 70cm and a Regency style mirror (2) £20-40
1066.   A hand knotted Eastern rug with blue ground and geometric design, 270cm x 200cm £150-250
1067.   A mahogany cheval mirror and a column standard lamp (2) £30-50
1068.   A cream ground bamboo silk rug with central medallion, 220cm x 140cm £250-350
1069.   A walnut corner display cabinet with glazed doors over cupboard base £30-50
1070.   A heavily carved two-door cabinet, 109cm x 135cm x 46cm £50-100
1071.   *A blue ground Bokara rug, 230cm x 160cm £80-120
1072.   A marble topped Chinese hardwood carved plant stand £50-100
1073.   A 19th Century mahogany fold-over table with single drawer £30-50
1074.   A selection of brass, planters, trays, pans etc and a coopered coal bucket £50-80
1075.   A mahogany inlaid fold-over demi-lune card table £30-50
1076.   A 19th Century mahogany longcase clock with painted dial with 'Tam O'Shanter and the Four Seasons £40-60
1077.   A seven drawer Wellington chest, 104cm x 49cm £50-100
1078.   A Edwardian mahogany writing desk with slide-out skiver £40-60
1079.   *A red ground Kashan rug with blue border and spandrels, 280cm x 200cm £100-150
1080.   A mahogany writing bureau with two over three drawers, 108cm x 100cm x 60cm £50-100
1080A.  A LATE 19TH CENTURY GERMAN ROSEWOOD MANTLE CLOCK, by Junghans, the arched brass dial with silvered chapter ring with Arabic numerals, subsidiary seconds dial and chime/silent dial, the eight day movement striking on four gongs, contained in arched topped case inlaid with floral and scroll ornament and on plinth base with flat bun feet, 44cm high £100-200
1081.   A mahogany wash stand and a planter (2)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1082.   A mahogany inlaid glazed bookcase, 125cm x 93cm £30-50
1083.   A large print of deer by a loch side £20-40
1084.   A small bow front glazed cabinet, 39cm x 75cm x 29cm £20-40
1085.   A Victorian mahogany three over three chest of drawers £40-60
1086.   A Victorian Kilmarnock chest with two small drawers flanked by two drawers over three drawers, 99cm x 117cm x 54cm £40-60
1087.   A Victorian mahogany three drawer chest, 82cm x 121cm x 49cm £20-40
1088.   An Eastern runner with seven central lozenges, 298cm x 68cm, a prayer mat, 150cm x 82cm and a Turkish rug, 137cm x 90cm (3) £80-120
1089.   A mahogany sofa table with two drawers £50-80
1090.   A GORS & KALLMANN OF BERLIN MAHOGANY CASED BOUDOIR GRAND PIANO, retailed by Rae Mackintosh, Edinburgh, 94cm high x 144cm wide x 154cm deep £50-100
1091.   An Art Nouveau, French style chair and two other chairs (4) £30-50
1092.   A light ground Turkman with multiple borders, 125cm x 185cm £50-100
1093.   A light ground Eastern style rug with central medallion and floral design, 195cm x 126cm £50-100
1094.   A light ground Eastern style rug with central medallion, 190cm x 124cm £50-100
1095.   Three Regency style chairs and a shield back chair together with a modern CD holder (5) £40-60
1096.   A mahogany extending dining table with baluster legs and two extra leaves, 76cm x 240cm x 118cm (def) £50-80
1097.   A pair of Victorian balloon back chairs (2) £20-40
1098.   A spindle back armchair with rush seat £20-40
1099.   A spinning chair carved with thistles and a toilet mirror (2) £20-40
1100.   A walnut tripod occasional table £20-40
1101.   A lidded campaign style camphorwood chest, 65cm x 61cm x 46cm £50-100
1102.   A mahogany demi-lune fold-over tea table £40-60
1103.   A 19th Century mahogany tilt-top table on tripod base £40-60
1104.   A mahogany extending dining table on twin pedestals, 74cm x 168cm x 98cm with six chairs (6 + 2) and a bow front mahogany sideboard, 92cm x 122cm x 53cm (10) £50-100
1105.   A mahogany occasional table with ball and claw feet and a serpentine front three drawer toilet mirror (2) £50-100
1106.   Two neo-classical statues, 125cm and 90cm and a mahogany stand (3) (def)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
1107.   A large assortment of unframed watercolours, pastels etc
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-100
1108.   Four mahogany dining chairs and two Edwardian chairs (6) £20-40
1109.   A Ray Burns oil landscape and a C. Williams watercolour still life (2) £20-40
1110.   An ox-blood button back slipper chair £50-80
1111.   A pair of tan leather wingback armchairs with ball and claw feet (2) £100-200
1112.   A Peter Dudgeon ottoman foot stool, 42cm x 110cm x 86cm £50-80
1113.   An ox-blood two seater Chesterfield sofa, 76cm x 166cm x 90cm £100-200
1113A.  A red ground Eastern rug with geometric patterns within panels, 187cm x 98cm £50-100
1114.   A silver plated Corinthian column table lamp, 40cm high £50-80
1115.   A piano stool and a dressing stool (2) £20-40
1116.   An oak footstool with turned stretchers £20-40
1117.   A mahogany toilet mirror and four small North East prints1832/37 (5) £20-40
1118.   A pink ground Eastern rug with three central lozenges, 270cm x 192cm £80-120
1119.   A Chinese carved camphorwood chest, 57cm x 96cm x 47cm £80-120
1120.   An Edwardian inlaid mahogany bureau with four drawers, 100cm x 92cm x 46cm £40-60
1121.   A miniature oak four drawer cabinet, 35cm x 26cm x 29cm £20-40
1122.   An Edwardian mahogany three drawer bureau, 97cm x 76cm x 46cm £30-50
1123.   A mahogany bureau with bow front drawers, 102cm x 76cm x 46cm £30-50
1124.   An Art Deco two door glazed display cabinet with glass shelves, 129cm x 21cm x 33cm £100-150
1125.   A selection of watercolours and prints (11) £30-50
1126.   A part set of a reproduction suit of armour
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1127.   An oak hall hat and coat stand, 200cm x 92cm x 30cm £40-60
1128.   A bespoke built wrought iron sledge with wooden slats, 1941 £30-50
1129.   *A red ground Heriz rug, 200cm x 160cm £80-120
1130.   A mahogany converted table top piano with two drawers, 83cm x 166cm x 60cm £40-60
1130A.  A floral wool rug, 180cm x 120cm and another rug (2) £20-40
1131.   A pair of vintage brass side tables with smoked glass and a five branch brass chandelier (3) £20-40
1132.   A Bentwood hat and coat stand £40-60
1133.   Six assorted wall mirrors (6) £20-40
1134.   Two Tiffany style ceiling shades and two leaded glass sun catchers (4) £30-50
1135.   A Victorian mahogany two door glazed bookcase and a selection of books, 118cm x 95cm x 38cm £40-60
1136.   A JOSIAH CUMMINGS, SON & CO STEAMER TRUNK, light steel and lineold, labelled 'Josiah Cummings, Son & Co., Sample Trunks and Cases, light steel, fibre and rain hide trunks a speciality Nos 67 a d 69 Kingston Street, Boston, Mass, USA', 41cm high x 71cm wide x 41cm deep £100-200
1137.   A pine blanket chest £40-60
1138.   A pine blanket chest £40-60
1139.   A two drawer bedside cabinet, nest of three tables and a wine table (3) £20-40
1140.   A Regency style armchair and a footstool (2) £20-40
1141.   A modern tall pine open bookcase £20-40
1142.   A large Victorian print of cows and calves £30-50
1143.   An HMV wireless £20-40
1144.   A marble pedestal on stand and a wooden example (2)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-100
1145.   Four pairs of table lamps and four other lamps (12) £30-50
1146.   *A cream ground Kashan rug with red central medallion, 230cm x 160cm £90-120
1147.   A Chinese hardwood cabinet with four doors, each with cloisonne plaques over two drawers £80-120
1148.   A pair of Japanese black lacquered cabinets (2) £50-100
1149.   A pair of Chinese single door cabinets with single drawers (2) £50-100
1150.   A black lacquered cabinet with two doors over two doors £40-60
1151.   A pair of black lacquered hexagon side tables and a black table with convex drawer (3) £40-60
1152.   A black lacquered low table £20-40
1153.   A pair of black lacquered Chinese cabinets £40-60
1154.   A pair of Eastern horse plant stands and a single horse (3) £40-60
1155.   A pair of ceramic stick stands decorated with frogs on lilypads (2) £20-40
1156.   A painted four-fold screen and six Japanese prints (7) £20-40
1157.   *A green ground Kashan rug with central medallion and blue border and spandrels, 230cm x 160cm £80-120
1158.   A set of three wooden bound travel trunks and a leather suitcase (4) £40-60
1159.   A teak Macintosh sideboard with open shelves and drop down flap over base and a teak standard lamp (2) £50-70
1160.   A circular extending teak dining tables by Macintosh with four black vinyl chairs (5) £50-100
1161.   A mid-Century teak cocktail cabinet £30-50
1162.   A Phillips wireless £20-40
1163.   An Ercol cabinet with drop-down flap over two doors and single drawer £80-120
1164.   A light Ercol oval dining table with six chairs (4 + 2) (7) £100-200
1165.   A mid-Century dressing stool with string inset £20-40
1166.   A Macintosh teak sideboard with two louver doors and three side drawers, 77cm x 170cm x 45cm £100-150
1167.   A circular teak Macintosh dining table with two extra leaves £50-80
1168.   A teak nest of three tables £20-40
1169.   A pair of Bentwood chairs (2) £20-40
1170.   An anglepoise light and a mid-Century teak standard lamp (2) £30-50
1171.   A pair of ceiling lights with glass shades (2) £40-60
1172.   A cream ground bamboo silk Kashan rug with central medallion and floral design, 305cm x 195cm £400-600
1173.   An oak dresser with open shelves, on base, 173cm x 122cm x 40cm £50-70
1174.   An oak extending dining table with seven chairs (6+1) (8) £40-60
1175.   Two cage ceiling lights (2) £40-60
1176.   A green ceramic ceiling shade £20-40
1177.   A pine kitchen dresser with open shelves over base, 188cm x 94cm x 50cm £30-50
1178.   A selection of brass and copper ware £40-60
1179.   Six gilt framed naval pictures (6) £20-40
1180.   An Edwardian mahogany inlaid bedroom suite comprising; wardrobe, dressing table and dressing chest (3) £40-60
1181.   Two boxes of books (2) £20-40
1182.   A Victorian pine twin pedestal desk with two long drawers flanked by sets of three drawers and front opening cupboard, 74cm x 123cm x 76cm £40-60
1182A.  A large Persian copper bucket £20-40
1183.   A cream ground bamboo silk rug with allover floral design £250-350
1184.   An Ercol tea trolley £40-60
1185.   A pink Airflow Sky Princess tricycle £40-60
1186.   An oak extending dining table with six chairs with carved monograms, 76cm x 200cm x 112cm (7) £100-200
1187.   A 1950's style red and white child's sofa £100-150
1188.   A blue ground Eastern style rug with geometric patterns and multiple borders, 170cm x 390cm £80-120
1189.   Two Liberty style upholstered armchairs (2) £40-60
1190.   A pair of brown rexine armchairs (2) £50-100
1191.   An upholstered two seater settee £20-40
1192.   A two seater Saville Ercol sofa £80-120
1193.   A two seater Saville Ercol sofa £80-120
1194.   A two seater Saville Ercol sofa £80-120
1195.   A red ground Hamadan runner with blue central medallion and spandrels, 285cm x 100cm £50-100
1196.   A pink ground Eastern rug with three central lozenges and blue spandrels, 276cm x 168cm (def) £50-100
1197.   Two Victorian mahogany nursing chairs (2)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £50-100
1198.   A modern upholstered armchair £20-40
1199.   Two wing back chairs (2) £30-50
1200.   Six steel framed spaghetti chairs (6) £100-150
1201.   A pair of tub chairs (2) £40-60
1202.   A pair of 20th Century armchairs and a rocking chair (3) £40-60
1203.   An American rocker and footstool (2) £30-50
1204.   A pink upholstered tub chair £20-40
1205.   A Parker Knoll rocking chair £20-40
1206.   Five Art Deco tub chairs £50-100
1207.   A Victorian cabinet with drawers and central cupboard doors, 108cm x 78cm x 40cm £30-50
1208.   Three brass and glass droplet chandeliers (3) £50-100
1209.   A Victorian inlaid mahogany hall table £40-60
1210.   A Victorian over-mantle mirror painted with birds and a will shelf (2)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
1211.   An Art Deco frameless mirror with peach side mirrors and another wall mirror (2) £30-50
1212.   A glass ceiling light and a table lamp £20-40
1213.   A three drawer bureau £20-40
1214.   An oak cabinet with three drawers £20-40
1215.   An oak writing desk and an oval mirror (2) £20-40
1216.   A 'Nettleton Road', SE14 street sign £20-40
1217.   A reproduction mahogany hall table and a cheval mirror (2) £20-40
1218.   A Vienna wall clock £20-40
1219.   An oak wall clock £20-40
1220.   Two wall mirrors, cakestand, plant stand and a copper bed warmer (5) £20-40
1221.   A two-drawer bureau and a mahogany inlaid corner cabinet (2) £30-50
1222.   A astragal glazed bookcase, 113cm x 108cm x 30cm £20-40
1223.   A light ground Eastern rug with blue central medallion and borders with red spandrels, 117cm x 196cm £100-200
1224.   A framed picture of a lady £20-40
1225.   An oak barrel top £20-40
1226.   A carved walnut wardrobe with central mirror, 204cm x 158cm x 53cm £30-50
1227.   A Singer sewing machine and a projector with slides (2) £20-40
1228.   A modern mahogany dresser with open shelves above base, 170cm x 140cm x 46cm £20-40
1229.   A selection of oriental brass, copperware and treen £30-50
1230.   Three framed prints (3) £30-50
1231.   A modern bedroom suite comprising; dressing table, two chests of drawers and a headboard (4) £40-60
1232.   Two metal concertina barriers £20-40
1233.   *A blue ground Bokara rug, 280cm x 200cm £100-150
1234.   A Singer treadle sewing machine and a four-tier what-not (2) £30-50
1235.   A large selection of picture frames £20-40
1236.   An MH wireless, a meat slicer and a vintage box (3) £20-40
1237.   A large selection of framed prints £40-60
1238.   A large selection of film reels £30-50
1239.   Two tables made of scaffolding boards with hairpin legs £40-60
1240.   *A green ground Bokara rug, 280cm x 200cm £100-150
1241.   A pair of laboratory stool (2) £20-40
1242.   An oak table and mahogany toilet mirror (2) £20-40
1243.   An ebonised Blackamoor table base (def) £20-40
1244.   Two companion sets, a carved wooden figure, two brass plaques, a coal depot and a metal planter with hunting scenes (7)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £40-60
1245.   Five boxes of records including Frank Sinatra etc £20-40
1246.   A pair of open bookshelves, another bookshelf, magazine rack etc £20-40
1247.   A walnut occasional table with reversible top etc £20-40
1248.   A pine kitchen table with four chairs (5) £20-40
1249.   Two mahogany armchairs (2) £20-40
1250.   A selection of brass and copperware £20-40
1251.   A 20th Century adjustable armchair £20-40
1252.   Two small drop-flap table (2) £20-40
1253.   A modern hardwood low table with two drawers £20-40
1254.   A Contessa Okamura designer office chair with multiple adjustments £50-80
1255.   A red ground Bokhara rug, 184cm x 124cm and a rust ground eastern rug with blue central medallion and border, 154cm x 92cm (2) £50-80
1256.   A 20th Century blue dentists chair with chrome frame and an E & Co. (Edin) Limited dentist's drill £40-60
1257.   Three boxes of ceramics (3)
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1258.   A cream ground bamboo silk rug depicting hunting scenes, 175cm x 120cm £200-300
1259.   A steel topped hospital table and folding campaign bed (2) £40-60
1260.   Eight assorted framed prints (8) £20-40
1261.   Two boxes of assorted treen, ceramics, metalware etc £20-40
1262.   A Stag two door cocktail cabinet £20-40
1263.   An oak revolving bookcase and a pine kitchen table (2) £20-40
1264.   A large cream ground Kashan bamboo silk rug with central medallion and palmette borders, 305cm x 195cm £400-600
1265.   Two boxes of records £20-40
1266.   A Victorian wash stand with two drawers £20-40
1267.   Four boxes of books (4) £20-40
1268.   An Italian tea trolley with tiled top £20-40
1269.   An oak stick stand with various sticks and tennis racquets £20-40
1270.   Four steel trunks and a wooden joiner's toolbox (5) £40-60
1271.   A watercolour of two men on a horse, Michael Majeigh and a print (2) £20-40
1272.   An Edwardian inlaid corner chair and six stools/wine tables etc
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1273.   A cream ground bamboo silk rug with central medallion, 175cm x 120cm £200-300
1274.   An oval mahogany extending dining table with six chairs (7) £30-50
1275.   A 20th Century extending dining table £20-40
1276.   Six Victorian mahogany balloon back chairs (6) £20-40
1277.   A pine washstand with jug and ewer, a pine cabinet with single drawer and door, pine cabinet and a tea trolley (4) £20-40
1278.   A mahogany two-door glazed bookcase top £20-40
1279.   Three advertising prints and four other prints (7) £20-40
1280.   An Art Deco two-door glazed display cabinet £20-40
1281.   A 20th Century educational map of India, Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma £20-40
1282.   A large gilt framed wall mirror, 170cm x 110cm and another smaller, 108cm x 80cm (2) £20-40
1283.   A 20th Century extending dining table with six chairs (4 + 2) £40-60
1284.   A small teak bureau and a Blaupunkt teak radiogram (2) £40-60
1285.   A cased record player and a mantle clock (2) £20-40
1286.   An assortment of picture frames and paintings
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1287.   An oak hall umbrella/stickstand with umbrellas, a bookcase, shelves, cabinet etc
Gilbert Telfer Collection, Edinburgh £20-40
1288.   Four vintage school desks (4) £30-50
1289.   Four vintage school chairs (4) £20-40
1290.   A box of decanters £20-40
1291.   An Alba stereogram in a teak cabinet £20-40
1292.   A Uniflex teak dressing table £20-40
1293.   A 20th Century educational map of the Commonwealth of Australia £20-40
1294.   A pair of circular gilt framed wall mirrors and an ornate gilt framed wall mirror (3) £20-40
1295.   A selection of mahogany reproduction occasional furniture (9) £50-80
1296.   Five 20th Century educational maps of Great Britain and Western Europe (5) £20-40
1297.   A 20th century painting by Tom Melville of industrial men at work £50-80
1298.   A small five drawer desk top filing cabinet £20-40
1298A.  A metal cabinet with single door, 91cm x 46cm x 46cm £40-60
1299.   A Geryk vacuum pump £20-40
1300.   A green four drawer metal filing cabinet £30-50
1301.   A Milners green metal four drawer filing cabinet with chrome handles £40-60
1302.   A pine framed vintage rocking horse £30-50
1303.   Six 20th Century educational maps of Africa, North and South America etc (6) £30-50
1304.   A Shur Pride industrial steel desk with two drawers, 75cm x 123cm x 79cm £50-100
1305.   Three industrial stools (3) £30-50
1306.   An engineers tool cabinet with contents £40-60
1307.   A 20th Century mahogany bookcase with sliding glass doors, cupboards (3) £50-80
1308.   A carved sandstone garden statue, 92cm high £40-60
1309.   Three Victorian chimney pots, two garden planters (5) £30-50
1310.   A very large pine lidded chest with rope handles, 50cm x 195cm x 65cm £30-50
1311.   A white-painted ships bench, 92cm x 180cm x 50cm £50-80
1312.   A set of six beech church pews with cushions, 78cm x 183cm x 55cm £150-200
1313.   A set of six beech church pews with cushions, 78cm x 183cm x 55cm £150-200
1314.   A set of six beech church pews with cushions, 78cm x 183cm x 55cm £150-200
1315.   A set of six beech church pews with cushions, 78cm x 183cm x 55cm £150-200
1316.   A set of six beech church pews with cushions, 78cm x 183cm x 55cm £150-200
1317.   A set of six beech church pews, no cushions, 78cm x 183cm x 55cm £150-200
1318.   Three leaded and stained glass windows, 76cm x 86cm and a leaded stained glass door panel, 103cm x 91cm (4) £40-60
1319.   A large Glasgow style ceiling stained, leaded glass window, 127cm x 206cm and six leaded and stained glass windows, 80cm x 76cm and 67cm x 76cm (7) £100-200