Antiques & collectables Sale on 11th January 2020

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1.      A 9ct wide bracelet with heart shaped clasp, length 18cm, width 3cm, weight 22.3gms 180-220
2.      A 9ct gold fancy neck chain, length 45.5cm with matching bracelet, length 20cm, a pair of 9ct earrings and a brooch, combined weight 22.7gms 180-220
3.      A 9ct gold herringbone chain, length 38cm, approx width 2.6mm, weight 11.9gms 100-200
4.      A 9ct gold Lenzie Academy Dux medal, weight 14.9gms 120-200
5.      A yellow metal horseshoe brooch set with pearls, approx 2.2cm x 2cm, weight 2.4gms and three other items of gold plate and yellow metal to include a gold plated whistle 50-100
6.      A 9ct gold gents International Watch Co watch head with gold plated expanding bracelet, weight including mechanism and strap 65.8gms 60-100
7.      An amber bead necklace, brooch and some loose cherry amber beads, combined weight 69.9gms and a further Bakelite amber coloured necklace (the largest necklace) 100-200
8.      A 9ct gold ladies vintage watch and strap, weight including mechanism etc 17.3gms and a further 9ct gold ladies Rotary watch head 120-200
9.      A 9ct gold and diamond ladies Emka cocktail watch head together with a 9ct pearl set bow brooch and a further yellow metal pearl set wishbone brooch 60-100
10.     A bright yellow metal bead, and ruby bead necklace stamped 985k, length 40cm, weight 10.7gms 200-300
11.     Two pairs of 9ct gold gem set earrings, a further pair in yellow metal with faux pearls and a 9ct pin set with turquoise, weight combined 5.1gms 50-100
12.     A yellow metal Victorian brooch, two pairs of 9ct gold earrings, combined weight 10.7gms and a further pair in bright yellow metal set with Chinese green hardstones, weight 1.4gms 80-120
13.     A 14k gold pearl set brooch weight 12.1gms 160-200
14.     A 9ct gold elephant pendant, with a 9ct gold box chain, length 47cm, a 9ct rope chain bracelet, length 18cm and two pairs of 9ct gold earrings, combined weight 8gms 60-100
15.     A 9ct purple glass fob seal, a 9ct back and front locket and a 9ct gold brooch, weight 15.5gms 50-100
16.     A pair of white metal (butterflies stamped 9ct) diamond and pink gem set flower stud earrings, weight 3.4gms 70-100
17.     An 18ct white gold Tiffany & Co ring from the Atlas Collection, stamped fully Tiffany & Co, copyright Atlas 750, size Q, weight 11.6gms 270-370
18.     An 18ct gold ring from Tiffany's Atlas collection stamped fully Tiffany & Co, copyright 1995 Italy 750, size Q1/4, weight 9.2gms 270-370
19.     An 18ct gold Mikimoto, diamond and pearl heart shaped pendant, 2.2cm, with an 18ct gold chain length 39cm, weight 4.1gms, the diamond has a certificate from point of purchase stating diamond is 0.02cts, SI clarity, Top Wesselton 200-300
20.     A 9ct fancy link chain, length 46cm, a plaited snake chain, length 41cm and a 9ct rope chain (af) length approx 69cm, combined weight 18.3gms 150-250
21.     A 9ct fancy square link chain, length 50cm, with matching bracelet length 17cm, with a 9ct ribbon chain, length 19cm, combined weight 12.9gms 100-200
22.     A 15ct gold pearl set brooch 2gms and a collection of 9ct items, weight approx 9gms including faux pearls and a collection of gold plated and yellow metal items to include a coral set hair mourning brooch 60-100
23.     A 9ct gold rope chain, with a shield shaped yellow metal locket, with a collection of gold and yellow metal mounted earrings etc 100-200
24.     A 9ct gold Royal Engineers sweetheart brooch, 9ct belcher chain, watch strap both (af) combined weight 17.9gms and three yellow metal rings and a single gem set earring weight 8.1gms 160-200
25.     A yellow metal fancy vintage chain length 40.5cm (needs clasp), 9ct bar brooch, 9ct Machine Gun Corps sweetheart brooch, weight combined 10.6gms and other items of gold and yellow metal 100-200
26.     A 9ct gold miniature trophy, a 9ct gold medallion combined weight with trophy off its base 17.8gms and three 9ct gold mounted earrings 140-200
27.     A bright yellow metal ring stamped 999.9 with Chinese hallmarks, and a pair of Chinese green hardstone earrings mounted in bright yellow metal with Chinese stamps combined weight 9.9gms 200-300
28.     A 9ct gold cased gents Thomas Russell & Son watch head,(inscribed verso) together with a silver pocket watch by the same maker 70-100
29.     A 9ct curb link fob chain, hallmarked to every link with lobster claw clasps to both ends and a 9ct gold medallion, weight approx 29.8gms 240-340
30.     A 9ct gold belcher chain with decorative clasp with onyx finials, length 52cm, weight 25.9gms 200-300
31.     A pair of 9ct gold large creole earrings, a 10k pearl set brooch, and other items of gold and yellow metal, combined weight 17gms 130-200
32.     A 9ct gold fancy mesh chain necklace, length 43cm, weight 14.5gms 120-200
33.     A 1982 half sovereign in yellow metal ring mount, weight of half sovereign 4gms and a collection of 9ct gold and yellow metal items, to include rings, earrings etc, combined weight 49.3gms (af) 380-480
34.     A 9ct gold curb link bracelet with heart shaped clasp, length 19cm, weight 40.7gms 320-420
35.     A 9ct gold vine shaped pendant set with a gem, with a 9ct gold belcher chain length 66cm, with a pair of 9ct gold creole earrings, combined weight 6.6gms 50-100
36.     A 14k gold fancy link bracelet, length 18.5cm, together with a 14k diamond and red gem heart shaped pendant combined weight 13.3gms and a 9ct gold chain weight 1.5gms 170-200
37.     A bright yellow metal pearl and diamond Edwardian pendant brooch, diameter 2.6cm, length with bail 4cm, diamond estimated approx 0.10cts, weight 6.2gms 120-200
38.     A silver and smoky quartz retro bangle by NE From of Denmark 100-200
39.     A 9ct gold blue gem set bar brooch and a 9ct gold turquoise cluster ring, size V1/2, weight 7.8gms combined 70-100
40.     A 9ct gold gate bracelet, 18.5cm, 9ct brooch, bright yellow metal Victorian balloon brooch and other items, combined weight 23gms and a pique wear brooch with bird detail 130-200
41.     A yellow metal mourning brooch with locket back, black enamel and bulls agate, with applied leaf detail, weight 10.2gms 120-200
42.     Two yellow metal gate brooches inlaid with gems and garnets and other items 50-100
43.     A 9ct gold slave style bangle, with Chester hallmarks for 1911, weight 10.3gms 80-120
44.     A single white metal cufflink set with baguette cut diamonds (af) the two remaining diamonds are estimated approx at 0.30cts combined, weight 4.1gms 60-100
45.     A 9ct gold fancy link long chain, length 80cm, another of the same pattern chain with a shorter length of 54cm, combined weight 13.4gms 100-200
46.     A yellow metal pendant with Arabic markings, set with garnets and clear gemstones, length 2.7gms, weight 4.5gms 70-100
47.     Three 14k gold knot shaped shirt studs, weight 5.9gms 70-100
48.     A pair of platinum and 14k gold vintage cufflinks set with blue gems and diamonds, weight 3.2gms 60-100
49.     A pair of millennium hallmarked silver baton cufflinks set with onyx, and a pair of silver and gold double headed eagle cufflinks stamped 925 750, set with garnets 60-100
50.     A yellow metal clear gem set bead, stamped 21k, weight 5.1gms 100-200
51.     A 9ct gold 'A' shaped pendant and chain, length 46cm, a further 9ct trace chain length 40cm, two 9ct gold earrings combined weight 9.2gms 70-100
52.     A 9ct gold Smith's ladies watch, (strap af) weight 13.7gms, together with a 9ct gold ladies watch head with gold plated strap 100-200
53.     A 9ct gold gents garnet set ring, size W1/2, weight 9.5gms 70-100
54.     A 14k gold pink gem and diamond ring, size W, weight 4.1gms 50-100
55.     A 9ct gold garnet set ring, size M1/2, a 9ct gold tanzanite set ring size T and a 9ct ring set with a green glass gem size M, combined weight 6.1gms 50-100
56.     A bright yellow metal red and clear gem cluster ring, size V1/2, weight 6.3gms 100-200
57.     A bright yellow metal sapphire dome cluster ring, size M (indistinct hallmarks) 80-120
58.     A 14k gold sapphire and old cut diamond ring, stamped with the makers mark Cole, diamonds estimated approx 0.60cts and two at 0.35cts = 1.30cts combined. Size L, weight 13.3gms 490-590
59.     A 14k gold retro diamond ring, set with estimated approx 0.74cts of brilliant cut diamonds, size O1/2, weight 10.8gms 210-310
60.     An 18ct gold amethyst and diamond cluster ring, amethyst approx 14mm x 10mm x 7.3mm, set with estimated approx 0.50cts, size M, weight 7gms 150-250
61.     A yellow metal ring set with a carved carnelian cameo of two maidens in profile, cameo approx 18mm x 13mm, Size J, weight 7.6gms 150-250
62.     An 18ct gold sapphire and diamond cluster ring, sapphire approx 11mm x 8.6mm x 5mm, set with estimated approx 0.30cts of brilliant cut diamonds, size L, weight 4.4gms 80-120
63.     An 18ct gold Italian made retro coral set ring, coral approx 15mm x 10mm x 4mm, size O1/2, weight 8.4gms 130-200
64.     A bright yellow metal ring set with a cluster of emeralds, size R1/2, weight 6.8gms 120-200
65.     An 18ct white gold ring set with a clear gemstone with diamond set shoulders, size T1/2, weight 3.5gms 60-100
66.     An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring, size N1/2, weight 1.9gms 40-80
67.     A bright yellow metal gem and pearl cluster ring with Arabic stamps, size V1/2, weight 4.8gms 80-120
68.     *WITHDRAWN* A silver retro ladies Omega De Ville, inner case stamped with the numbers, 1011, 8272, import marks for London 1974, movement labelled 37186228, manual wind 150-250
69.     An 18ct gold clear gem set bracelet, length 19cm, weight 16.9gms 250-350
70.     A pair of 14k gold chain tassel earrings and a pair of 14k gold clear gem cluster earrings, weight 4gms 50-100
71.     A 9ct pearl and green gem set Edwardian pendant brooch, a 9ct double sided locket, a white metal blue gem set ring, size F1/2 and other items 80-120
72.     A 9ct gold charm bracelet with eleven 9ct gold and yellow metal charms, weight 48gms 400-600
73.     A 14k gold Korite Ammolite ring, size T, weight 3.4gms, with an up to date appraisal from Korite for Canadian Dollars $1605 approx 920 160-260
74.     A 9ct gold sapphire and pearl locket back brooch, weight 4.1gms, together with an 1887 enamelled Victorian coin brooch 40-80
75.     A 9ct gold tara style brooch set with Connemara marble, stamped 9ct to the reverse, approx 4cm x 3.4cm, weight 5.5gms 150-250
76.     A 9ct gold coral set brooch, a pair of 9ct cufflinks, a 9ct locket, combined weight 10.8gms, a single 18ct gold cufflink 3gms and a yellow metal locket 120-200
77.     An 18ct red gem and diamond flower ring, head size approx 7mm, finger size L1/2, weight 2.1gms 50-100
78.     A 15ct gold onyx and pearl set mourning brooch, weight 6.7gms, a 9ct rose cut diamond and pearl brooch and a 9ct gold blue gem brooch, combined weight 6.6gms 80-120
79.     A yellow metal pearl and guilloche enamel brooch, length 3.3cm, weight 6gms 50-100
80.     A 9ct gold curb link bracelet, with a heart shaped clasp, length 20cm, weight 13.1gms 100-200
81.     A 9ct gold Mackintosh style brooch, length 4cm, weight 5.8gms 50-100
82.     A 9ct gold gents signet ring, size X, a 9ct gold onyx signet ring size T, two other 9ct rings (af) and a 9ct back and front locket, combined weight 16.7gms 120-200
83.     A 9ct gold belcher chain, length 61cm, weight 19.2gms 150-200
84.     A 9ct gold amethyst set locket and chain, locket approx 3.5cm with bail, chain length 48cm, a 9ct gold 1 charm with chain length 41cm and two 9ct gold diamond accent set pendants, weight 13.3gms 100-200
85.     A pair of amethyst creole earrings, a yellow metal amethyst and clear gem pendant, length 5cm, two 9ct back and front lockets with 9ct and yellow metal chains, combined weight 16.2gms 100-200
86.     A yellow metal diamond set cravat clip, set with an estimated approx 0.15ct old cut diamond, weight 5gms 60-100
87.     A 14k gold mixed gem set Chinese green hardstone rondel pendant, approx diameter 3.3cm, weight 11.4gms 50-100
88.     A 9ct three stone garnet and opal cluster ring, size N1/2, (one opal missing) a yellow metal amethyst set ring size approx K, a 9ct sapphire and clear gem set flower ring size O1/2, a 9ct onyx signet ring size M and a sapphire and clear gem set pendant, combined weight 10.7gms 80-120
89.     A collection of gold and yellow metal items, weight of hallmarked 9ct items 7gms, a continental yellow metal pearl set brooch weight 2.7gms and other items 100-200
90.     A string of cherry amber coloured beads, a white metal mounted shell cameo brooch, gold plated emerald earrings and other items 40-80
91.     A 14k gold case vintage watch, diameter of the case 2.5cm 70-100
92.     Two bright yellow metal mounted Chinese green hardstone pendants and a bright yellow metal chain length 50cm, weight of the chain approx 11.6gms 360-460
93.     A 9ct gold Cleopatra pendant and chain, length 48cm, a 9ct gold citrine set ring, size M, a 9ct diamond accent ring size L1/2 and a clear gem set ring size U, combined weight 11.9gms 100-200
94.     A 9ct gold fob chain, length 44cm, weight 26.3gms 210-310
95.     A 9ct three colour gold tapered fringe necklace, length 40cm, weight 14.2gms 120-200
96.     A 9ct gold peridot and pearl Art Nouveau pendant 4.5cm, weight 1.8gms 40-80
97.     A 9ct gold ladies Rotary watch and a 9ct gold vintage watch head weight including mechanisms 27.1gms, a collection of ladies vintage watches one in silver and two gold plated bangles 120-200
98.     A 9ct gold trio of sapphire and diamond stacking rings, approx size L, weight 6gms 100-200
99.     A 9ct gold gents wide wedding band size Y and a ladies engraved detail wedding ring size W1/2, combined weight 10gms 80-120
100.    A 9ct turquoise set ring, size O1/2 and a 9ct amethyst and diamond accent ring, size O1/2, combined weight 6.5gms 50-100
101.    A yellow metal ring set with two large cultured pearls of approx 9.9mm diameter, finger size W1/2, weight 8.5gms 60-100
102.    An 18ct gold diamond flower ring central diamond estimated approx 0.30cts finger size K, weight 3.1gms, together with a lozenge shaped diamond accent cluster ring size O, weight 1.5gms 150-250
103.    A bright yellow metal ring set with lines of diamond accents, size J, together with a 9ct gold pearl and clear gem ring size L1/2, combined weight 4gms 80-120
104.    A 9ct sapphire and clear gem set flower cluster size L1/2, a garnet flower cluster ring size L1/2 and three other gem set rings, combined weight 8.9gms 70-100
105.    A 9ct diamond accent cluster ring size M1/2 and a sapphire and diamond accent ring size J1/2, combined weight 5gms 50-100
106.    A bright yellow metal ring set with a purple gem, size M and a 9ct white gold cubic zirconia set ring size N, weight combined 5.5gms 40-80
107.    A 9ct gold signet ring size W, and a 9ct white gold wedding ring size M1/2, combined weight 5.2gms 40-80
108.    An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring with diamond accents set between the main stones, diamonds estimated approx 0.40cts for the central diamond, two at 0.30cts and two at 0.10cts to a combined total of 1.20cts, finger size O, weight 6.3gms 700-900
109.    A 9ct woven design wedding ring size P1/2, together with a 9ct clear gem set eternity ring size N1/2, weight combined 7.9gms 60-100
110.    A 9ct gold signet ring size W1/2, a 9ct gold onyx signet ring size U1/2 and a 9ct gold gents ring size Y1/2, combined weight 17gms 130-200
111.    An 18ct gold amethyst and diamond accent ring size T1/2, weight 4.1gms, a 9ct gold multi-colour gem flower cluster ring, size M and a 9ct garnet and pearl flower cluster ring size M1/2, combined weight 4.7gms 100-200
112.    A 9ct gold garnet and opal cluster ring size Q1/2, a 9ct gold amethyst ring size N, weight combined 5.2gms and a 14k gold clear gem set ring weight 3.2gms 60-100
113.    A 9ct agate set signet ring size H1/2, a 9ct three clear gem set ring, size K1/2 and a 9ct clear gem eternity ring size M1/2 70-100
114.    A 14ct gold clear gem cluster ring size O1/2, a 14k emerald cut clear gem cluster ring size O1/2 and a further 14k clear gem cluster ring size O1/2, combined weight 8.5gms 100-200
115.    An 18ct gold diamond retro ring, diamond estimated approx 0.35cts, size L1/2, weight 4.4gms 100-200
116.    A 14k white gold diamond set keeper ring, size O, weight 3.5gms, a 9ct garnet flower cluster ring size N1/2 and a further 9ct gem set ring combined weight 5.8gms 90-120
117.    A yellow metal ring set with a Chinese green hardstone carved with a bird, size S, weight 3.7gms 50-100
118.    An 18ct gold clear gem set solitaire ring, size M, weight 3.7gms 60-100
119.    A 9ct gold gents curb link bracelet, length 22.5cm, link width 1cm, weight 33.3gms 260-360
120.    A 9ct gold cased ladies lanco watch head, weight including mechanism 6.8gms, a gents vintage gold plated Tramway watch Automatic, a further ladies gold plated Sekonda watch and a 9ct and silver marcasite eternity ring (af) 50-100
120A.   A 9ct gold bracelet (af), length 19.5cm, weight 12.9gms 100-200
121.    A collection of vintage enamelled items to include brooches, pendants etc 40-80
122.    A French silver dove pendant set with diamante, bears the French silver boars head hallmark, a gold plated green enamel leaf brooch and other vintage items of silver and costume jewellery 50-100
123.    A gold plated double monkey brooch, a jewel scarab beetle bracelet (af) rolled gold locket and other items 40-80
124.    A carved lapis and marcasite white metal clip, a red and clear paste set necklace and other items of silver and costume jewellery 50-100
125.    A white metal Scottish agate pebble brooch and a white metal banded carnelian brooch 60-100
126.    A collection of silver and costume jewellery to include a John Hart blue agate brooch, enamelled Deco lady brooch etc 40-80
127.    A white metal filigree ball necklace, white metal mounted Indian miniature brooch and other items 50-100
128.    A Norman Grant enamelled flower pendant, other silver and white metal retro items and a fancy silver guard chain 60-100
129.    A Scottish white metal agate brooch, a John Hart bracelet and other items of silver and costume jewellery 50-100
130.    A silver Jaquet Droz retro watch (af) 50-100
131.    A silver Norwegian marriage brooch by Gustav Hellstrom, together with a smaller silver and gold plate example 50-100
132.    A collection of vintage silver and costume jewellery to include an Arts & Crafts pearl and gem set buckle, a silver, pearl and enamel Art Nouveau brooch etc 50-100
133.    A white metal necklace in an Aztec style with gold plated gem set animals and birds, a white metal Iona marble locket and other items 50-100
134.    A silver buckle, a silver and enamel propelling pencil, a Jerusalem silver cross pendant etc 40-80
135.    A large collection of costume jewellery cufflinks to include a pair of Links of London blue rubber and silver examples, mainly in pairs 60-100
136.    A 9ct gold box chain length 37cm, weight 3.1gms, a gold plated Elgin pocket watch and a lion brooch 60-100
137.    A ladies stainless steel Omega Seamaster Professional, in original pouch box together with a silver marcasite and green agate pendant and earring set 30-50
138.    A set of silver Links of London Jockey cap cufflinks and shirt studs, a pair of Mappin & Webb lapis lazuli silver cufflinks, a set of mother of pearl and onyx shirt studs by Charles Tyrwhitt Jermyn Street etc 60-100
139.    Three Ortak brooches to include Maeshowe dragon, swallows and a kestrel and other items of silver and costume jewellery 60-100
140.    Two strings of cultured pearls and three strings of Chinese green hardstone beads 50-100
141.    A stainless steel Pulsar Diamonds ladies watch with a mother of pearl dial 40-80
142.    Two daguerreotypes and a collection of vintage costume jewellery 40-80
143.    A silver Marcel Drucker watch, two silver bangles, chains, a Smiths pendant watch etc 40-80
144.    A horn bird brooch, coral beads, vintage beads and retro cufflinks 40-80
145.    A Max Neiger Buddha bead necklace (af) a Czech marcasite Scotty dog brooch, Deco clips etc 40-80
146.    A good Max Neiger Chinese themed brooch, two necklaces possibly by Jakob Bengel and other vintage items 40-80
147.    Strings of amethyst, citrine and pearls, together with strings of amber beads, some loose total weight of the amber beads approx 127gms 60-100
148.    A Boucher brooch, earrings by Weiss and Christian Dior (af) a frog brooch and other vintage items 40-80
149.    Two Art Deco necklaces, vintage beads, earrings, Deco clips etc 40-80
150.    Animal brooches, vintage beads to include Jakob Bengel etc 40-80
151.    A pair of vintage Christian Dior Earrings designed by Mitchel Maer and three other pairs, vintage beads, brooches and a unusual Miracle pendant etc 40-80
152.    A good Egyptian revival lotus blossom necklace, possibly by Max Neiger, a further carved Bakelite example, Cinnabar bangle and other items 40-80
153.    A Seaforth Highlanders sweetheart pendant, a collection of Royal Airforce, British Balloon and Airship Club badges and a collection of costume jewellery 40-80
154.    A white metal charm bracelet with a collection of silver and white metal charms, to include a 'three wise monkeys' example a marcasite lizard brooch and other items 40-80
155.    A silver Ola Gorie pendant, silver Mackintosh style brooch a further brooch by Celt, and other items 40-80
156.    A ladies Citizen Eco Drive stainless steel watch, a 9ct gold gem set pendant and chain weight approx 1.7gms and a collection of costume jewellery 30-50
157.    An Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders badge a further Royal Engineers badge, a gold plated Wedgwood pendant and earrings set, a Miracle brooch and other items 40-80
158.    A collection of vintage costume jewellery to include a Regalis watch and a retro pendant 40-80
159.    Four vintage pocket watches, two by Ingersoll and a stopwatch 40-80
160.    A collection of vintage costume jewellery to include Royal Air Force patch badges, brooches beads etc 40-80
161.    A collection of watches to include Retro Digital examples and a Prestex stopwatch 50-100
162.    A collection of fashion watches and a silver curb link bracelet 50-100
163.    A 9ct gold diamond set ring, 9ct earrings combined weight 2.8gms, a collection of silver and costume jewellery to include items by Kit Heath, silver Bond Boyd flower brooch, Butler & Wilson etc 30-50
164.    A silver malachite pendant, earrings and ring, a collection of costume jewellery and a Crummles enamel box 50-100
165.    A pair of early Ola Gorie 'doves' pendants, further items by Ola Gorie, Sheila Fleet and Ortak 70-100
166.    A white metal handmade Celtic cross, a silver clan brooch for Cameron inlaid with agate and costume jewellery 40-80
167.    A silver charm bracelet with heart shaped clasp and silver and white metal charms, and a collection of Siam wear 50-100
168.    A good collection of Norwegian silver and enamel items to include, a pendant of a girl playing a flute by Aksel Holmsen, a further pendant, bracelet and two brooches 50-100
169.    A collection of vintage watches to include two Smiths watch heads, a bull's eye pendant watch and a Hopalong Cassidy watch 50-100
170.    A large size open face pocket watch by Regulateur diameter 6.7cm, together with two pins one hallmarked 15ct and set with a sapphire, the other in yellow metal set with an amethyst 40-80
171.    Two vintage costume jewellery diamante necklaces in original fitted boxes, one with a pearl and star theme the other, with a flower shaped clasp 150-250
172.    Millefiori beads, (some loose) a white metal double dolphin bangle, an Art Deco lady brooch and other items 40-80
173.    A collection of gold, silver and gold plated jewellery to include two pairs of Honora pearl earrings, one 9ct chain weight 0.6gms and silver gemstone set rings 40-80
174.    A collection of silver jewellery to include a Norwegian enamelled butterfly brooch, Mackintosh inspired items and a pendant by Tiangus Jackson etc 50-100
175.    A collection of silver and white metal jewellery to include pendants, earrings and bracelets 50-100
176.    A collection of vintage costume jewellery to include a bag full of gold plated chains, a silver curb link bracelet and other items 30-50
177.    A collection of silver and white metal jewellery to include a silver dragonfly pendant, a Victorian white metal locket with a bird design and other items 70-100
178.    A white metal and enamel fish and fo dog, a Ruskin plaque necklace and a pair of Austro-Hungarian green gem earrings etc 50-100
179.    Two fancy white metal Albertinas and a collection of vintage silver and costume jewellery 40-80
180.    A filigree white metal butterfly necklace, a carved amethyst necklace, a string of turquoise beads and other items 40-80
181.    A double strand turquoise beads necklace with gem set white metal details, a gem set white metal cross, a white metal long guard chain with bee shaped links and other items 40-80
182.    A silver gilt Therdore Fahrner flower necklace and other items of silver and costume jewellery 50-100
183.    A large banded agate cross, a continental silver and enamel three wise monkeys brooch, a collection of Egyptian turquoise glazed scarab beetles and other items 40-80
184.    A large silver labradorite and moonstone brooch, a John Hart silver brooch and other items of silver and white metal jewellery 60-100
185.    Butterfly wing jewellery, a silver and enamel dragonfly brooch, cinnabar brooch, a stanhope of the Niagara falls etc 50-100
186.    An early Ola Gorie owl brooch, Charles Horner pendant (af) a Shetland Silver Shetland pony brooch and other items 50-100
187.    A continental silver enamel Egyptian revival brooch, white metal Victorian bangle and other items 40-80
188.    A silver Georg Jensen brooch, pattern number 322 60-100
189.    A collection of silver and white metal items to include amber set items 40-80
190.    A pair of gold plated Hermes cufflinks together with a pair for Louis Vuitton 50-100
191.    A ladies Gucci watch with a mother of pearl dial and a collection of other watches and costume jewellery 50-100
192.    Two strings of amber beads, combined weight 78gms 100-200
193.    A silver and enamel Dunhill money clip and a pair of silver and enamel Links of London Union Jack cufflinks 50-100
194.    A silver open face pocket watch by John Forrest London, three silver fob and wristwatches, a Smiths wristwatch etc (all af) 60-100
195.    A Walker & Hall Gent's vintage watch, a ladies Favre Leuba wristwatch and a collection of costume jewellery 40-80
196.    A David Andersen white enamel leaf brooch, a yellow enamel brooch by Aksel Holmsen and other items of silver and enamel 50-100
197.    A Swarovski snail and butterfly ring, many animal brooches and pendants, silver rings, a large scarecrow brooch etc 50-100
198.    A white metal filigree necklace, a mixed agate bead necklace (af) and other items 40-80
199.    A silver pocket watch and chain, by E Harris & Co Liverpool, case stamped Birmingham 1916, other fob chains in white metal, metal, plaited hair etc 50-100
200.    An unusual silver Norwegian reindeer enamel brooch by O.F. Hjortdahl, a pair of red enamel earrings by David Andersen and other items 50-100
201.    A pair of blue enamel earrings by Ivar Holth, a pair of white enamel earrings by David Andersen a further bracelet and three odd earrings (af) 50-100
202.    A silver Scottish brooch inlaid with lapis lazuli, an Austro-Hungarian gem set pendant, a carved amber bug and other items 40-80
203.    A silver Ola Gorie brooch, silver pendants to include a St. Christopher and other items 40-80
204.    A Canadian silver and enamel maple leaf brooch, and other items of silver and costume jewellery 40-80
205.    A French clip in the shape of Buddha, a silver Robert Allison brooch and a collection of vintage costume jewellery 40-80
206.    A pair of pod shaped Lapponia earrings set with amber 50-100
207.    A silver citrine set ring, silver butterfly wing brooch depicting a sailing ship and other items 30-50
208.    A retro bracelet, Art Deco items, and a lucite cigarette case with a dragonfly on it, etc 40-80
209.    A Max Neiger brooch, large carved lucite dog brooch, other items of early plastic jewellery, Deco items possibly by Jakob Bengel etc 40-80
210.    A Victorian woven horse hair guard chain, jet beads and other items 40-80
211.    A Max Neiger pagoda brooch, Jakob Bengel bangle and other items 40-80
212.    Earrings by Trifari, and Sherman, a gem set dragonfly buckle and other vintage items 40-80
213.    A pair of Jean Painleve seahorse clips, a Paris 1960's bracelet set with green gems, Lisner earrings and other vintage items 40-80
281.    A twin handled silver trophy cup, Birmingham 1949, "Merdeka Golf Challenge Trophy", 13.5cm high with a leaf shaped silver dish, London 1959, 282gms (2) 70-100
282.    A silver salver, Sheffield 1944, of circular form with scalloped edge on three scrolling feet with inscription, 31cm diameter, 1014gms 250-350
283.    An Eastern silver vase, 17cm high, inscribed, with a white metal mounted treen bowl 40-60
284.    A lot comprising twelve Eastern white metal bowls all with engraved decoration (12) 60-80
285.    A lot comprising two white metal cigarette boxes, one with engraving depicting a building 17.5cm x 10cm and 13cm x 8.5cm (2) 40-60
286.    A lot comprising a silver egg cup, Sheffield 1959, a white metal pepper pot, a white filigree model of a coach and a white metal mounted mirror (4) 40-60
287.    A set of twelve silver teaspoons, Glasgow 1860 and a silver sifter ladle Birmingham 1911, 255gms (13) 60-80
288.    A lot comprising a pair of silver salts, Birmingham 1929, four assorted napkin rings and another silver salt 181gms (7) 45-60
289.    A silver cream and sugar, Sheffield 1938, 401gms (2) 80-120
290.    A lot comprising a silver card case, Chester 1901 and a silver cigarette case 257gms (2) 60-80
291.    A lot comprising a silver berry spoon, London 1802, a white metal knife and fork and four oriental style silver coffee spoons (7) 40-60
292.    A pair of silver salts, Chester 1898, of circular form embossed with winged putti and floral swags 6.5cm high, 68gms (2) 40-60
293.    A circular silver box and cover by Asprey and Company, London 1993, engraved with Islamic writing and dated 1993, in original box, 9cm diameter, 159gms 80-120
294.    A lot comprising a cased pair of silver salts, London 1889, 4cm diameter and a silver cigarette case, 155gms (3) 40-60
295.    A cased six piece condiment set, Birmingham marks 50-70
296.    A cased set of twelve silver teaspoons with tongs, Sheffield 1939 50-70
297.    A cased set of six silver gilt and enamel coffee spoons, Birmingham 1933 40-60
298.    A lot comprising a silver handled crumb brush, Chester 1897, four silver and enamel coffee spoons, Birmingham 1936 and a three piece brush set 40-60
299.    A lot comprising a four piece silver and enamel dressing table set, Birmingham 1942 and seven assorted silver mounted brushes (11) 80-120
300.    A silver sugar castor, London 1926, 240gms 50-70
301.    A lot comprising three silver cigarette cases and a silver compact, 314gms (4) 70-100
302.    A lot comprising a pair of silver napkin rings and a silver mother of pearl fruit knife 30-40
303.    A lot comprising a box of EP teaspoons 20-30
304.    A tray lot of scrap silver 40-60
305.    A four piece silver plated tea service, (finials loose) 60-80
306.    A lot comprising a silver plated kettle and a silver toastrack, Sheffield 1929 (2) 50-70
307.    A pair of silver plated entree dishes and covers (2) 100-200
308.    A four piece silver plated tea service 60-80
309.    A lot comprising a silver plated claret jug, a swing handled basket, a napkin ring and some loose cutlery 35-45
310.    A three piece silver plated tea service 30-40
311.    A cased twenty-four piece silver plated and mother of pearl fish cutlery set 40-60
312.    A lot comprising a pair of silver plated three-light candelabra and a silver plate and glass claret jug (3) 40-60
313.    A three piece silver plated tea service 30-40
314.    A tray lot of EP - three piece tea service, swing handled basket, hand mirror and a sugar castor 30-40
315.    A tray lot of EP - teapot, dishes, vegetable dish, cased cutlery 30-40
316.    A tray lot of EP - swing handled basket, tea service, strawberry dish etc 40-60
317.    A tray lot of EP - tea service, toastrack, cased cutlery etc 30-40
318.    A tray lot of EP - tea service, teapot, butter dish etc 30-40
319.    A lot comprising three tray lots of EP - wine cooler, punch bowl, tankards, butter dish, coffee and tea pots 80-120
320.    A lot comprising a three piece EP tea service and a set of teaspoons 10-15
321.    A cased three-piece silver plated cutlery set 25-35
322.    A tray lot of EP - candlestick, tea caddy, grape scissors, decanter labels etc 20-30
323.    A lot comprising dressing table jars, condiments, bell etc 20-30
324.    A lot comprising a cased silver and faux tortoiseshell dressing table set and some cased cutlery sets 30-40
325.    A lot comprising two tray lots of EP - dishes, berry spoons, bowl, cased cutlery 30-40
326.    A lot comprising a box of loose cutlery and a bag of pre-decimal coins 10-15
327.    A tray lot of EP - claret jug, vases, soup ladle etc 10-15
328.    A box of plated items 30-40
329.    A lot comprising a rolled gold half hunter watch and a silver cigarette case (2) 30-40
330.    A box of assorted coins 20-30
331.    A lot comprising forty eight (approx) assorted church tokens, Cupar Angus Church, St. Andrew's Free Church, Burghead Church etc 60-80
331A.   A lot comprising a mounted and framed set of GB pre-decimal currency, farthing to half crown, ten shilling note and one pound note and a mounted and framed set of currency "Ancient to Modern" (2) 40-60
332.    A lot comprising a cased 9ct Lenzie Academy medal, two other Lenzie Academy medals and some cufflinks 80-120
333.    A lot comprising a WWI group of three to 121202 Pte. J D Campbell, Royal Scots, a 1914-15 star to Lieutenant J. S. Pressly, Yorks L. I. and a silver card case, Chester 1917 100-150
334.    A lot comprising a WWI group of two to 243342 Gnr. J Hay R.A., four coronation medals and a Horatio Nelson medallion 40-60
335.    A lot comprising a Lanark Rifle Volunteer shako plate, a territorial efficiency medal to 4951 Pt. M Rae, 8/HLI, two HLI cap badges and assorted buttons 100-150
401.    A Victorian Irish bog oak priest/cosh, 30cm long 40-60
402.    A pair of Leckie & Co curling handles 50-80
403.    A vintage mini sewing machine for girls in original box 40-60
404.    An Uno gem set ladies wrist watch, two other ladies wrist watches and Parker pen 40-80
405.    A pocket four drawer telescope and a pair C.P. Goerz binoculars 40-60
406.    A Sudanese arm dagger in scabbard 50-100
407.    A Victorian three drawer brass and leather telescope, stamped J. Brown, Glasgow in leather carry case 50-80
408.    A collection of vintage marbles and Edwardian solitaire board, 35cm diameter 100-200
409.    Six 18th and 19th Century documents 40-60
410.    A military telescope stamped Mk IIs, 14386 by B.C. Ltd & Co in leather carry case 40-80
411.    A collection of various compacts, lighter etc 30-50
412.    A Victorian three drawer pocket telescope, stamped J. Berry Aberdeen 40-60
413.    A box of various lapel badges including Robinson's examples 30-50
414.    Two ladies evening bags, vanity case etc 30-50
415.    A Mamod steam tractor in original box 50-80
416.    Two albums of various German stamps 30-50
417.    An album of Sandyford Burns Club ephemera from 1928-29 including Rule books, anniversary menu etc and various Burns related books 30-50
418.    A collection of various military badges etc 40-60
419.    A Scotland v England ticket stub, 17/4/1937, vertical fold 20-40
420.    An Otis King's Patent calculator, No 183723 in box 40-60
421.    An album of various scraps, scraps stuck down within album 30-50
422.    A pair of child's lederhosen and embroidered purse 30-50
423.    A military compass, vintage spectacles and opera glasses 50-80
424.    A collection of costume jewellery etc 30-50
425.    A collection of costume jewellery including beads 30-50
426.    A collection of costume jewellery 30-50
427.    A large collection of costume jewellery 50-80
428.    A collection of costume jewellery 40-60
429.    An album of various documents including Masonic examples 15-20
430.    A vintage radiator cover with enamel panel (def), two bosun whistles and Guinness buttons 60-80
431.    An animal horn and boomerang 20-40
432.    A Simoniz cardboard folding advertising sign, 96 x 64cm 60-80
433.    A Siemens Lamps advertising signed, 60 x 70cm 60-80
434.    A tribal possibly New Zealand paddle, 62cm long 40-60
435.    A bamboo shooting stick and shooting stick 40-60
436.    Two bayonets, Kukri and other daggers 100-200
437.    A modern mahjong set and pictorial tile puzzle 30-50
438.    Five various antiquarian novels and Modern City of the City of London 40-60
439.    A box of miscellaneous including stereoscope viewer, die cast model etc 40-60
440.    An enamel KLG Plugs advertising sign, 61 x 15cm, another tin example, other metal and cardboard advertising signs (6) 100-200
441.    Two Kukri's in leather scabbards 40-60
442.    A Conrad Liebherr LTM 1200-5.1 mobile crane in original box and another example 100-200
443.    A vinyl LP Yul Brynner and Constance Towers, The King and I, BL12610 on RCA, Red Seal, the cover bearing signature 30-50
444.    A Heath & Co cased sextant with lenses etc 50-80
445.    A tray lot including, fashion watches, lighters, coins etc 40-60
446.    A tray lot of various modern pens including Parker, Silver Cross etc 50-80
447.    Three various items of commemorative Titanic memorabilia all framed and glazed (3) 30-50
448.    A large collection of vintage coloured glass slides 80-120
449.    A large collection of costume jewellery in three bags/boxes 70-100
450.    A Beatles print, Elvis Presley photograph bearing signature and Frank Sinatra photograph bears signature, scrap book etc 40-80
451.    An enamel HMV advertising sign, 46 x 40cm 30-50
452.    A Judy Holliday display comprising signed letter and black and white photograph in common mount, 42 x 57cm, Duke Ellington contract and framed display (3) 60-80
453.    A Manchester City All Stars v. North Withington FC programme bearing eight autographs including Mike Summberbee etc, framed and glazed, 63 x 52cm overall 50-80
454.    A large collection of vintage and modern die cast models etc 80-120
455.    A tray lot including postcards, scissors, pens etc 20-30
456.    A Masonic apron, Grand Lodge of Scotland certificate and three golf prints 30-50
457.    Malky McCormick, portrait of Ricki Fulton, ink and watercolour, signed, 48 x 32cm and various certificates including Doctor of Letters from Strathclyde University, Honorary Degree from University of Abertay Dundee, OBE etc 70-100
458.    A leather leg of mutton gun case, 76cm long 30-50
459.    A brass military periscope, No.14 TPL. Mk4 and a vintage Mac Machine Gun 50-80
460.    A collection of loose stamps, postcards etc 30-50
461.    A collection of seven various stamp albums 40-80
462.    An East German Concertina 20-30
463.    An autoharp with painted decoration 20-30
464.    A pair of beam balance scales by Nicolson, Glasgow in glazed case 30-50
465.    A vintage sun lamp, propeller table light, angle poise lamp etc 20-30
466.    A set of vintage kitchen scales and Salter scales (def) 20-30
467.    A vintage Jones sewing machine, crumb tray and brush etc 20-40
468.    A box of miscellaneous including Tennants Lager can, vintage radios etc 20-30
469.    A large box of various cigarette cards etc 30-50
470.    A box of various toys etc 30-50
471.    A box lot including camera, monocular, binoculars with tripod stands etc 20-40
472.    A Pelham puppet, collection of Super 8 film reels etc 30-50
473.    A collection of Subbuteo accessories 30-50
474.    Two boxes of various cameras, lenses and accessories etc 50-100
475.    A box of various toys including Scalextric etc 20-40
476.    A collection of framed certificates, silk menu cards etc relation to Sir Francis McWilliams (10) 70-100
477.    An enamel advertising sign, The Liverpool and London and Globe Insurance Co. Ltd, 102 x 67cm 80-120
478.    A box of Corgi models including trucks and cars etc and a tray lot of Action Man figures 100-200
479.    A tray lot including tea caddy, vintage buttons, keys etc 30-50
480.    A tray lot of various books 20-30
481.    A brass samovar with brass handles, 47cm high 40-60
482.    An inlaid sewing box with fitted interior, 33cm wide, crumb tray, bottle stand and ceramic column, 25cm high 40-60
483.    Five various enamel advertising signs, 51 x 38cm and smaller (5) 100-200
484.    A German bisque-headed shoulder doll with painted features, impressed marks, 30cm high and three other dolls 30-50
485.    A gilt-metal table easel, 55cm high 50-80
486.    A box of various vintage games and puzzles 30-50
487.    A box of various cameras and binoculars etc 30-50
488.    A framed display of sportsman autographs including Eddie the Eagle, Graham Gooch etc in common mount, David Beckham photograph and signed golf prints 70-100
489.    A military metal box, 67cm long 20-40
490.    A box of various ladies bags, decorative fans etc 40-60
491.    Two boxes of various modern dolls and box of cigarette cards etc 20-30
492.    Nine British Motor Corporation engineering posters for the Austin Cambridge, 75 x 102cm unframed 70-100
493.    An enamel double-sided advertising sign for Breakdown Service Association, 58 x 38cm 60-80
494.    A Victorian mahogany brass bound writing slope with brass inscription dated 1872, 50cm wide 50-100
495.    A beam balance by Nicolson, Glasgow in glazed cased with associated weights 40-60
496.    A box of various first day covers etc 40-60
497.    A pair of curling stones 80-120
498.    A modern pond yacht, 75cm wide 40-60
499.    A pond yacht, 68cm wide 20-40
500.    Four various boxes of Hornby locomotives, coaches and accessories 80-120
501.    A box of vintage games etc 40-80
502.    Modern powder horn and vintage oil can 30-50
503.    A large box of model cars including Corgi examples etc 50-100
504.    A large box of various magazines, sheet music, books etc 40-80
505.    A collection of motoring advertising posters and framed prints etc and a cricket framed display 100-200
506.    An Avon Tyres cardboard folding advertising poster, 90 x 106cm 200-300
507.    A Hepolite cardboard advertising poster with piston parts, 23 x 89cm and a Glacier cardboard advertising sign (2) 70-100
520.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Satyr and nymph, signed, lithograph, 11/150, 54 x 50cm 20-40
521.    JOHN HALL Handful of Love, oil on canvas, signed, verso, dated, 1996 76 x 56cm 70-100
522.    SCOTTISH SCHOOL Still life, gouache, 52 x 35cm 10-20
523.    MACLEOD Coastal landscape, signed, oil on board, 50 x 70cm 20-30
524.    A BELIN Spanish Festival, signed, watercolour, 37 x 54cm 80-120
525.    JOHN MCCUTCHEON R.O.I Sorn, River Ayr, signed, oil on board, 50 x 60cm 40-60
526.    CHRIS SHANKS Poppies, watercolour, pen and ink, 49 x 73cm 30-50
527.    SOLAR PALLARDO Mixed roses in a vase, signed, oil on canvas, 58 x 70cm 30-40
528.    M THOMPSON Coastal landscape, signed, acrylic, 17 x 17cm 20-30
529.    NIGERIAN SCHOOL Figure before houses, beneath coconut trees, gouache, 50 x 63cm 20-40
530.    GAVIN SALT Portrait of a woman, signed, acrylic, 45 x 60cm and a print (2) 30-40
531.    RUSSIAN SCHOOL The Vodka Drinker, signed, oil on canvas, dated, 1992, 59 x 70cm 70-100
532.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Portrait of a woman head and shoulders, oil on canvas, 45 x 40cm 40-60
533.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Portrait of a merchant, oil on panel, 45 x 31cm 30-50
534.    YURI SKORUPSKY Pond of Water Lilies, signed, oil on masonite, dated, 2010, 61 x 33cm 30-50
535.    GREGOR SMITH Soroya Island, signed, watercolour, dated, 2015, 19 x 45cm 20-40
536.    BRITISH SCHOOL Sailor and boat, acrylic on paper, 30 x 60cm 40-60
537.    HERBERT RABERABA Landscape, signed, watercolour, 32 x 47cm 30-50
538.    DAVID PRITCHARD Leopard, signed, pastel, 27 x 39cm 30-50
539.    JOSEPH BURNS The Clyde at Meadowside, looking up the river, 23, June, 1923, signed, gouache, pen and ink, 23 x 28cm 20-30
540.    GEORGE SOMERVILLE East Coast Moonlight, signed, oil on board, 30 x 30cm 60-80
541.    EMMA S DAVIS R.S.W Yellow Field, signed, gouache, 17 x 16cm 20-30
542.    FINDLAY Cottages in a glen, signed, oil on board, 50 x 50cm 80-120
543.    EMMA S DAVIS R.S.W First Fall, signed, mixed media, 29 x 29cm 80-120
544.    JESSIE D GRAY Girls feeding ducks, signed, watercolour, 36 x 25cm and a quantity of prints (13) 60-80
545.    ARMAND COUSSENS Orange Sellers, signed, coloured etching, 19 x 25cm 20-40
546.    ITALIAN SCHOOL Lake Maggoire, gouache, 19 x 48cm 20-40
547.    AFTER BERNARD BUFFET Road, signed, lithograph, 36 x 27cm, another Still life, 29 x 22cm, YW Autumn, collage, JAPANESE SCHOOL Erotic image on silk, W WRAY Country landscape, watercolour, BRITISH SCHOOL Castle, watercolour and AFTER CLUZEL Model, print (7) 30-50
548.    AFTER DAVID ROBERTS Karnac, print, 48 x 33cm, four wool embroideries and ten prints (15) 20-40
549.    SHEILA MACNAB MACMILLAN PAI Landscapes, oil on canvas, 40 x 40cm and another, 28 x 36cm (3) 40-60
550.    SHEILA MACNAB MACMILLAN PAI Still life, oil on canvas, 29 x 41cm, houses, 28 x 35cm and another, 20 x 20cm (4) 30-40
551.    MANNER OF MYLES BIRKET FOSTER Children with rabbits, monogrammed, watercolour, 15 x 23cm and children picking brambles, monogrammed watercolour, 23 x 15cm (2) 200-300
552.    BLUEPRINT FOLIO 1997 seven prints by COLEY, COVENTRY, HAROLD, HOSKING, HUNTER, MCMILLAN, TURNBULL, signed and numbered 15/30 and with poster
Ex John Calcutt Collection 60-100
553.    ORLANDO NORRIE Household Cavalry officer and soldier, signed, watercolour, 35 x 29cm and AFTER M B FOSTER Wheat Harvest sepia and wash, 8 x 8cm, CHERIF Street vendor and merchants, signed, watercolour, 20 x 14cm and a print (5) 80-120
554.    A QUANTITY OF PICTURES comprising; prints, watercolours and oils (30) 40-60
555.    NINE VARIOUS PICTURES comprising; watercolours and prints (9) 30-40
556.    A GROUP OF BRITISH EROTIC ENGRAVINGS, unframed, 19th Century, three Indian School erotic paintings, gouache, 19 x 14cm, BAYROS loose plates, ARTHUR WOLF loose plates (a lot) 70-100
557.    ENGLISH SCHOOL Royal Mail coach drawn by four horses, signed, gouache, 22 x 34cm 20-40
558.    DES GORMAN Kiss, signed, mixed media, 23 x 15cm 30-50
559.    MANNER OF ANDRE LANSKOY Abstract, pastel, 30 x 30cm 30-40
560.    HAMISH MACDONALD Wild Poppies, Glasgow, signed, print, 592/600, 27 x 32cm and JONATHAN ROBERTSON Cherub, signed, engraving, 4/50, 12 x 10cm (2) 20-40
561.    SHEILA MACNAB MACMILLAN PAI Landscape, oil on canvas, 50 x 50cm and another (2) 100-150
562.    LE HAYWARD The Bear at Berkswell and Berkswell Windmill, signed, watercolour, 24 x 36cm (2) 30-40
563.    BRITISH SCHOOL Welsh women before a ruined castle, watercolour, 27 x 36cm, figures resting beside castle ruins, watercolour, 36 x 29cm and ARTHUR CHERRY Street scene, signed, etching, 10 x 12cm (3) 40-60
564.    FERGUS HALL The Vision of St Fenton, signed, gouache, 13 x 14cm 20-40
565.    SANDY GARDNER Architectural feature, sketch, signed, gouache, 18 x 12cm 20-40
566.    CHICK MCGEEHAN The Tug Boat, monogrammed, watercolour, 16 x 16cm and another two (3) 30-40
567.    DENNIS MARIO RIVERA Portrait of Dizzy Gillespie, signed, conte sketch, dated, 1990, 20 x 26cm and another (2) 20-40
568.    DENNY GOALEN Anne Asleep, signed, oil on canvas, 25 x 31cm 50-80
569.    WILLIAM RUSSELL M.A. In Glen Shiel, signed, oil on board, 23 x 38cm and another (2) 80-120
570.    ITALIAN SCHOOL Portrait of a lady, oleograph, 27 x 23cm 20-30
571.    FRENCH SCHOOL Portrait miniatures Napoleon and Josephine, watercolour on ivorine, oval, 8 x 6.5cm 100-150
572.    MONTAGUE Cavaliers in conflict, signed, oil on canvas, 81 x 76cm 80-120
573.    CHINESE SCHOOL (20TH CENTURY) Scholar, signed, oil on canvas, dated, 1962, 60 x 76cm 80-120
574.    NISBET Fishing boats in a harbour, signed, acrylic, 53 x 113cm 20-40
575.    LADY WYN MCWILLIAMS City landscape, signed, oil on board, 38 x 108cm 30-50
576.    HOLOGRAPHIC ABSTRACT, indistinctly signed, 58 x 82cm and RUSSIAN SCHOOL Abstract, signed verso, dated, 2004, 67 x 75cm (2) 50-80
577.    JENNIFER ANDERSON Troubles, oil on canvas, 1998, 82 x 82cm 60-80
578.    JOHN ELLISON Eskimo Band, Hopedale Labrador, Canada, signed, watercolour, 1952, 52 x 70cm 60-80
579.    MAURICE GRIFFENHAGEN Female nude study, signed, pencil, 86 x 51cm 30-50
580.    BUTTERFLY MONTAGE paper cut, 48 x 48cm (2) 20-40
581.    LADY WYN MCWILLIAMS Pond with daffodils, oil on board, 60 x 50cm and R.J.M Is That The Beach, mixed media, 51 x 40cm (2) 30-40
582.    ALBERT GORDON THOMAS R.S.W. On The Gareloch, signed, watercolour, 48 x 60cm and another (2) 20-40
583.    BETTY BARTHOLOMEW Portrait of a lady, signed, pastel, dated, 1927 55 x 38cm and another portrait (2) 20-40
584.    PHILIP RASKIN Peppers, signed, oil on canvas, dated, (20)03, 61 x 61cm, and two others (3) 20-40
585.    ROBERT MORRIS In The Realm of The Carceral, a/p, 6/20,dated, (19)79, 93 x 121cm, AFTER WARHOL Chairman Mao four portrait heads, eight others, 23 x 23cm, HIRO Figure, acrylic on board, 18 x 20cm, Becks Beer art and Campbell's soup cans (a lot) 30-50
586.    AFTER MARCEL DUCHAMP Six Spiral music boards, 29 x 29cm and seven IMI KNOEBEL Edition 200, colour prints, 15 x 10cm (13) 60-80
587.    A GROUP OF REPRODUCTION POSTERS AFTER WARHOL comprising; Sunday B Morning, Electric Chair, Chairman Mao, (a lot) 200-300
588.    A QUANTITY OF GALLERY POSTERS, screen prints (a lot) 100-200
589.    A GROUP POSTERS AFTER WARHOL comprising; Campbell's soup, AFTER JOE TILSON Jan Palach (a lot) 100-200
616.    A Shelley flower decorated part coffee set, a Clare Crinoline Lady teaset, a Bunnykins food warmer, Italian decorated ruby champagne flutes, and assorted other decorative ceramics 30-50
617.    Presentation boxed Shanghai bridge cable section, large wooden sculpture, lamp bases and assorted other items 30-40
618.    A quantity of Peter Fagan collectable's and other ornaments etc 30-50
619.    Queen Anne Tudor Cottage teaset, Colclough Crinoline Lady teawares etc 20-40
620.    Franklin Mint Cassandra Graham collectors plates, a boxed Royal Crown Derby spoon, assorted decorative ceramics etc 30-50
621.    Assorted clocks, decorative ceramics including a ginger jar etc 30-40
622.    A late 1930's wedding dress with beaded detail, veil, good luck mementos and photographs 30-40
623.    Two oil lamps and a pottery vase 10-20
624.    Assorted Diplomatic presentation gifts including a box, pair of wooden dogs etc 20-40
625.    A ladies feather hat, a framed oriental panel and other items 10-20
626.    A pair of small Kutani vases, a Spode Italian teapot, a Beswick Airedale and other items 10-20
627.    Assorted treen items including four New Zealand Mountain Beech goblets, ceremonial mallet, African sculptures etc 20-30
628.    Assorted glassware including decanters, goblets, stoneware pots and covers etc 20-40
629.    Assorted metalware including Picquotware teaset, brass trench art vases, fire implements, lamps etc 30-50
630.    Paragon Victoriana Rose teaset, assorted glassware, leaded lamps, clocks etc 30-50
631.    Assorted scarves, material lengths etc 10-20
632.    A wig tin marked for Francis McWilliams Esq, together with black robe and collars in a bag 30-50
633.    A large quantity of glassware including decanters, drinking glasses, jugs etc 30-50
634.    A large collection of collectors plates including Star Trek, German Shepherds and others 40-60
635.    Three mantle clocks 20-30
636.    A Japanese Kimono, obi, shoes and bag 20-30
637.    A pair of red candle stands, a Villeroy and Boch candelabra, a green elephant ornaments and wall ornaments 20-40
638.    A Noritake urn and cover, decorated with a lady in crinoline dress in a landscape, a Carlton Ware butter cup dish and other decorative ceramics 50-80
639.    A large quantity of Wedgwood blue jasperware items including trinket boxes and covers, vases, plates, tankards etc 100-200
640.    Assorted cut glass and crystal drinking glasses including Webb Corbett, Tudor etc 40-60
641.    A collection of Wedgwood jasperware including pink, yellow, green, puce, brown, and black dishes, trinket boxes etc 80-120
642.    Three pieces of Copeland Spode including a bowl, tazza and jug and a Doulton figure 20-40
643.    Assorted figures including Nao and others 30-50
644.    Assorted crystal including Stuart decanter, other decanters, glasses etc 20-40
645.    A pair of enamel vases, Chinese bronzed metal dish on stand and other items 20-30
646.    An Ironstone blue and white Stilton dish and stand, Coalport jug and assorted bisque figures etc 30-40
647.    A collection of Border Fine Art models of border collies 30-40
648.    Beswick Beatrix Potter Timmy Tiptoes, Bunnykins, Hummel and assorted other figures 30-40
649.    Three Doulton bird of prey decanters, Campsie ware stork and assorted other animal and bird figures 30-40
650.    Bunnykins nursery ware, Crown Devon gnome preserve pot and cover and assorted Pendelfin figures and stands 30-40
651.    An iridescent glass light shade together with other glass ware, a Bournville Cocoa stoneware jug, studio vase, canton plate and other items 40-60
652.    A quantity of animal wall head masks, ornaments etc 20-40
653.    Two Monart glass dishes and three art glass pieces 40-60
654.    A Mailing ginger jar and cover, a Crown Devon musical jug and assorted other decorative ceramics 20-40
655.    A T.G. Greene salt bin and stoneware jar marked Straights and assorted other decorative items 20-40
656.    A Japanese cloisonne vase, a Mary Gregory cranberry glass, pair of Mason's ginger jars and assorted other items 30-50
657.    A Troika mug, a Dansk pot and cover and assorted studio pottery 40-60
658.    Assorted thimbles, 101 Dalmatian figures and souvenir spoons 20-40
659.    Assorted wall masks, figures etc 20-30
660.    Imari plates, Japanese watercolour and other items 20-30
661.    A studio pottery vase of pebbled form 20-40
661A.   Three Nao figures of girls 30-50
662.    A French gilt-metal and paste mounted time piece with cherub finial, the movement marked 15793 together with a skeleton clock (af) (2) 40-60
663.    Seven Nao figures of children together with a brass figure of a horse 30-50
664.    A West German vase and Sylvac green glazed figure of a terrier (2) 20-40
665.    Four Royal Doulton ladies comprising Kirsty, Fragrance, Janet, Miss Kay and two Coalport ladies, Emily and Regina (6) 50-80
666.    A Hummel apple tree boy table lamp and twelve Hummel figures of medium size 50-80
667.    A brass figure of a discus thrower 20-30
668.    Two pottery drug jars, one marked Agrippa, the other Appostolor in 17th Century style 40-60
669.    Six Royal Doulton figures comprising Southern Belle, Elyse, Top of the Hill, Fair lady, Buttercup and Genevieve (6) 60-100
670.    A coromandel book slide, a carved wood stand and ecclesiastical style frame (3) 20-40
671.    A large Continental vase with elephant handles, 37cm high 30-50
672.    A Royal Doulton limited edition Hebei Goat, No.136 of 250 and a Royal Crown Derby whitehart heraldic beast paperweight, No.1855 of 2000 (2) 150-200
673.    A Royal Doulton figure Sir Winston Churchill 30-50
674.    A pair of Fornasetti plates titled Musicalia, made exclusively for Bonwit Teller, 10cm 40-60
675.    A Lladro group At the Ball, no 5398 40-60
676.    A Lladro figure of a woman walking a long-haired dog 30-50
677.    A Lladro model Fruitful Harvest limited edition No.188 of 350 100-150
678.    A Lladro figure of a boy picking roses, a Lladro advertising plinth and a Nao figure of a shoeshine boy 40-60
679.    A large resin bust of a woman and a gold-painted plaster group of a woman and dogs 40-60
680.    A Lladro figure Marika modelled as a Geisha standing beside a lantern 50-80
681.    Ten May Wilson trios, all hand-painted with flowers and butterflies together with matching milk jug and sugar bowl, assorted dishes and cake slice 50-100
682.    A Val St Lambert oversized vine-etched glass, three smaller pieces, a Royal Doulton Balloon Lady and Jasper ware 40-80
683.    A large pair of alabaster and brass table lamps 30-50
684.    A pair of kutani vases 40-60
685.    A pair of Chinese blue and white leaf-shaped dishes together with an oval platter 30-50
686.    An Indian white-metal tray and a Chinese jar and cover 20-40
687.    A large Satsuma vase (cut down) together with an archaic table lamp (2) 30-40
688.    A Chinese punch bowl, a blue and white bowl, ginger jar and a teapot 30-40
689.    Four blanc de chine figures of sages 40-60
690.    An Art Deco style figure of a dancer 40-60
691.    A Japanese eggshell teaset 20-30
692.    A large blue and white vase and a ginger jar 40-60
693.    Assorted Chinese blue and white dishes, ginger jar, wooden stands etc 50-80
694.    A large Waterford crystal punch bowl on pedestal base, with inscription to Sir Francis McWilliams who was Lord Mayor of London in 1993 40-60
695.    ***WITHDRAWN***
A gilt painted spelter figural group of jesters and pierrot upon marble and onyx base 40-60
696.    Two large Waterford crystal table lamps 100-200
697.    A Laura Ashley table lamp and another by Casa Pupo 40-60
698.    A collection of May Wilson hand-painted porcelain including a basket, preserve pot and cover, sauceboat, dishes etc 40-60
699.    A celestial globe 30-50
700.    A pair of gilt and silvered metal decorative urns 20-40
701.    A cream pottery table lamp depicting a maiden holding a cornucopia marked AM Carrier 20-40
702.    ***WITHDRAWN***
An Art Deco style figural group of a woman and two dogs on marble base 50-80
703.    A figural table lamp and a pair of Marly horses (def) 20-40
704.    A pottery whisky barrel 30-50
705.    A Copeland Spode "Spodes Byron" part dinner service comprising plates, tureen, dishes, cups and saucers, teapot etc 30-40
706.    A Noritake teaset with floral decoration together with a rose transfer printed teaset 30-40
707.    A three bottled Tantalus together with a carved oak tray 40-60
708.    A Noritake vase decorated with flowers 30-50
709.    A Collingwoods teaset together with a Japanese hand painted teaset 30-50
710.    Royal Albert Old Country Roses tea and dinner set comprising six dinner plates, side plates, cups and saucers, soup coups and saucers, pudding dishes, milk jug and sugar bowl, teapot and other items 50-80
711.    A Royal Doulton cream and gilt decorated coffee set and boxed Japanese coffee cans and saucers 30-40
712.    A collection of May Wilson handpainted tablewares including a muffin dish, a dessert service, a pair of candlesticks and assorted other items 40-60
713.    A J & G Meakin poppy decorated dinner service, Paragon teaset and other items 20-40
714.    A large blue and white foot bath 30-50
715.    A collection of assorted Chinese ginger jars, rice bowls, vases etc 20-40
716.    A carved tribal stool 20-30
717.    A hardstone globe of the world 50-80
718.    An Irish inlaid and penwork tray depicting Muckross Abbey Killarney 30-40
719.    A Tunstall dressing table set comprising two trays candlesticks and a trinket box, an assortment of decorative jugs and blue and white pottery tablewares etc 40-60
720.    An extensive Shorter and Sons fish service including an oyster plate, serving dishes, bowl, sauce boat etc 40-60
721.    Assorted studio pottery, peach and clear acrylic dolls house furniture, light shades and assorted other items 20-40
722.    Assorted rice bowls, spoons, dishes, masks, enamelled vase etc 20-40
723.    A silver mounted tortoiseshell bowl, two agate goblets and a soapstone figure 30-40
724.    A Royal Doulton figure The Old Balloon Seller and a double ended ruby glass scent bottle 20-40
725.    Assorted lace, cotton undergarments and other textiles 10-20
726.    A silkwork embroidery of horses and a Chinese scroll depicting blossoming trees 20-40
727.    Three framed Chinese script panels and four watercolours of masks 30-40
728.    A Chinese picture of dancing dragons, a picture of a farmer and pigs, ducks asleep on perches and other pictures 30-50
731.    An oak Arts and Crafts bureau with drop flap and open shelves, 121cm high x 65cm wide x 32cm deep 50-100
732.    A Wylie and Lochhead oak bookcase with glazed doors over a base with two doors, 175cm high x 84cm wide x 34cm deep .80-120
733.    A signed watercolour of ships in a harbour and a print (2) 10-20
734.    A mahogany longcase clock with painted face of ship, A Brackenpig, Edinburgh, 214cm high 100-200
735.    Five assorted prints (5) 10-20
736.    A Victorian mahogany desk with single drawer and stationery compartment, 74cm high x 91cm wide x 53cm deep 40-60
737.    A Victorian music stool with carved tripod base 30-50
738.    A 19th Century mahogany fold over card table, 74cm high x 90cm wide x 44cm deep 30-40
739.    An Arts and crafts oak cabinet with leaded and stained glass doors over a base with two drawers over two cupboard doors, 209cm high x 107cm wide x 52cm deep 100-200
740.    A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror with column supports , 90cm high x 72cm wide 20-40
741.    A Georgian mahogany two over three chest of drawers on bracket feet, 105cm high x 108cm wide x 50cm deep 50-100
742.    A Victorian mahogany serpentine front table with single drawer and barley twist supports, 74cm high x 104cm wide x 54cm deep 30-50
743.    A Chay Blyth signed print of a sailing ship "gale force eight" " Montague Dawson", 65cm high x 78cm wide 20-40
744.    A spindleback armchair with hexagonal seat and a kitchen chair (2) 20-40
745.    A Brass companion set and an adjustable brass fender (2) 30-40
746.    A set of wrought iron fire tools and dogs, wooden spoon and fork, small gilt wall mirror and a brass standard lamp 20-40
747.    A gingerbread clock and a small fender (2) 20-40
748.    A brass tray etc 5-10
749.    A dark blue and red ground Balouch rug, 175cm x 124cm and a red ground eastern style rug, 160cm x 96cm (2) 30-50
750.    A reproduction safari chair with leather seat and back 20-40
751.    A Edwardian mahogany triple cake stand and a carved occasional table (2) 20-40
752.    A Victorian rosewood envelope card table with carved supports on ceramic castors, 72cm high x 58cm wide x 58cm deep 50-100
753.    A walnut gypsy table with trefoil top, 64cm high 20-40
754.    An Indian folding table with heavily carved top and sides of leaves, 56cm high x 53cm wide x 53cm deep 30-50
755.    An Edwardian mahogany inlaid armchair, another armchair and a circular occasional table (3) 30-50
756.    A Victorian mahogany what not with single drawer, 114cm high x 47cm wide x 38cm deep 20-40
757.    A Hobbs & Co, London, Victorian mahogany twin pedestal writing desk, 81cm high x 112cm wide x 59cm deep 60-100
758.    An ornate gilt wall mirror, 70cm high x 81cm wide and another gilt wall mirror, 79cm high x 108cm wide (2) 20-40
759.    A reproduction Louis XV style bombe commode with inlaid marquetry with three drawers, ormolu mounts and marble top, 81cm high x 77cm wide x 44cm deep 100-200
760.    A reproduction Louis XV style bombe commode with inlaid marquetry with two drawers, ormolu mounts and marble top, 75cm high x 80cm wide x 41cm deep 100-200
761.    A Victorian oak bookcase with two glazed doors over a base with two cupboard doors, 220cm high x 125cm wide x 53cm deep 80-120
762.    A dark blue ground Ardabil rug with three central lozenges and geometric designs, 278cm x 140cm 150-250
763.    A red ground eastern rug with geometric designs, 308cm x 207cm 100-200
764.    An oak hallstand with mirror and glove box, 198cm high x 112cm wide x 24cm deep 80-120
765.    A Japanese two fold screen, 178cm high x 142cm wide 20-40
766.    A Chinese hexagonal floral carved hardwood plant pedestal with marble top, 82cm high 80-120
767.    A Chinese hardwood dragon table lamp 20-40
768.    A Victorian mahogany washstand with two drawers on turned legs, 86cm high x 122cm wide x 50cm deep 50-100
769.    A pair of small footstools with Celtic design carved top and another carved footstool (3) 20-40
770.    A set of antlers "P C B Buchanan, 1931" on shield and other smaller set of antlers (2) 30-50
771.    A Victorian toilet mirror with carved supports, 73cm high and another Victorian mahogany toilet mirror, 66cm high (2) 20-40
772.    A Reproduction mahogany secretaire chest with campaign style handles, 107cm high x 104cm wide x 51cm deep 50-100
773.    A Victorian mahogany two over three chest of drawers with turned feet, 110cm high x 96cm wide x 47cm deep 50-100
774.    A Parisian scene oil on canvas signed M. David, 61cm high x 91cm deep 20-40
775.    A Print ,"Ascent made by Mme, Blanchard " of a hot air ballon, 58cm high x 42cm deep 20-40
776.    A Georgian mahogany two over three chest of drawers on bracket feet with Admiral Lord Nelson brass handles, 106cm high x 107cm wide x 49cm deep 80-120
777.    An oak dresser with open shelves over a base with three drawers and two cupboard doors, 144cm high x 138cm wide x 49cm deep 30-40
778.    A Victorian mahogany bookcase with glazed doors over a base with two drawers and two doors, 235cm high x 138cm wide x 54cm deep 80-120
779.    A stained pine sideboard with display shelf, with three drawers over two doors, 152cm high x 136cm wide x 49cm deep 30-50
780.    A Georgian mahogany inlaid longcase clock with painted face of sailing ships and the four continents "Jas Houston, Johnstone", 232cm high 100-200
781.    An oak buffet with two drawers, 78cm high x 105cm wide x 48cm deep 30-50
782.    A reproduction mahogany twin pedestal dining table with two carvers and six dining chairs (9) 10-20
783.    A Georgian style mahogany twin pedestal extending dining table with brass castors, 78cm high x 241cm wide x 111cm deep and six Chippendale style mahogany dining chairs (7) 80-120
784.    A red ground Karejh runner with central lozenges and geometric borders, 340cm x 100cm 100-150
785.    A Hamadan runner with allover design and cream borders, 321cm x 120cm 80-120
786.    A Duresta three seater sofa with drop sides, 92cm high x 232cm wide x 100cm deep matching two seater sofa with drop sides, 92cm high x 200cm wide x 100cm deep and a large Ottoman stool, 50cm high x 130cm wide x 70cm deep (3) 100-200
787.    A modern gilt mirror, 69cm high x 89cm wide 20-40
788.    A dark pink ground Tabriz rug with central medallion and matching spandrels and a blue border, 275cm x 200cm 200-400
789.    An linen fold oak monks bench, 105cm high x 101cm wide x 52cm deep 80-120
790.    A reproduction mahogany twin pedestal desk with leather skiver, 79cm high x 137cm wide x 69cm deep 50-100
791.    Two trays of books (2) 20-40
792.    A blanket chest and a footstool (2) 20-40
793.    A portfolio of the national dresses of Macedonia, a portfolio of stonecut prints and a selection of maps of Newcastle upon Tyne 20-40
794.    A Victorian mahogany glazed music cabinet, 97cm high x 57cm wide x 41cm deep 20-40
795.    A mahogany open bookcase, 114cm high x 91cm wide x 19cm deep and another open bookcase, 109cm high x 90cm wide x 24cm deep (2) 20-40
796.    Two modern wall mirrors (2) 20-40
797.    A carved oak court cupboard with leaded glass doors over a base with two drawers and four doors, 137cm high x 140cm wide x 47cm deep 20-40
798.    A selection of six rural scenes oil on canvas by Monica Coleman (6) 50-70
799.    A small oak hall stand with mirror, 175cm high x 55cm wide x 24cm deep 20-40
800.    A mahogany music cabinet, 92cm high x 59cm wide x 38cm deep and a box of ceramics etc (2) 20-40
801.    A piano stool and two chairs (3) 20-40
802.    A pair of oil on canvas of a lady and gentleman and a print (3) 20-40
803.    A North British Machine Co Ltd, Glasgow sewing machine 20-40
804.    A leaded glass bookcase top, 100cm high x 107cm wide x 30cm deep and a chair (def) (2) 20-40
805.    A carved Nepalese panel, 49cm high x 90cm wide and two smaller carved panels (3) 30-50
806.    A walnut display cabinet with single glazed door, 120cm high x 73cm wide x 32cm deep and a bureau by Validity, London 103cm high x 53cm wide x 40cm deep (2) 20-40
807.    A mahogany occasional table, mirror and a stick stand (3) 20-40
808.    A modern wall mirror, 107cm high x 62cm wide 10-20
809.    An inlaid mahogany bureau bookcase with glazed doors over a three drawer base, 200cm high x 97cm wide x 43cm deep 30-50
810.    A Singer treadle sewing machine with cast iron base 40-60
811.    Two stoneware flagons and a jar (3) 20-40
812.    Two boxes of ceramics glassware etc (2) 5-10
813.    Three carved chairs with leather backs and seats (def) (3) 20-40
814.    A pair of leather armchairs, 97cm high (2) 30-50
815.    A small oak gateleg table, 71cm high x 105cm wide x 75cm deep with two carvers and four chairs (7) 40-60
816.    Four Ercol kitchen chairs (4) 30-50
817.    A set of eight reproduction dining chairs (two carvers and six chairs ) (8) 20-40
818.    A Hamadan runner with traditional design, 293cm x 110cm 80-120
819.    A dark ground Tukman rug with traditional design, 309cm x 110cm 150-250
820.    A Leolux pink leather four piece suite comprising three seater sofa, 78cm high x 180cm wide x 80cm deep, two seater sofa, 78cm high x 154cm wide x 80cm deep, armchair and footstool (4) 40-80
821.    A modern Japanese style five drawer chest, 108cm high x 51cm wide x 41cm deep 40-60
822.    A Depose child's high chair with turned spindles, legs and arms with cane seat, 91cm high 20-40
823.    A Black ash display unit with five shelves, 154cm high x 180cm wide x 30cm deep 40-60
824.    A wool rug with candy stripe design, 239cm x 169cm 30-50
825.    A pair of distressed Chesterfield chairs, 64cm high (2) 30-50
826.    A vintage coffee table with enamel tiles (def), 41cm high x 133cm wide x 56cm deep and a wall panel with tiles (def) 51cm x 180cm (2) 20-40
827.    A pair of white bedside cabinets, 70cm high x 59cm wide x 52cm deep, a painted four fold screen and a white hat and coat stand (4) 30-50
828.    A duck egg blue Kashan rug with red central medallion, 170cm x 116cm 100-150
829.    A framed abstract woolwork, 49cm x 74cm 10-20
830.    A signed 375/500 C.F. Tunnicliffe print of ducks 20-40
831.    A Ferranti 146 vintage radio and a Bush portable radio (2) 20-40
832.    A Vintage bar, 105cm high x 150cm wide x 49cm deep and two bar stools (3) 30-50
833.    A vintage Bryant and May matches wooden crate, 39cm high x 83cm wide x 40cm deep 20-40
834.    A red ground Kashan rug with allover floral design, 120cm x 170cm 100-150
835.    A small cigar counter top display case with glass front, 36cm high 10-20
836.    A full pile Persian Shiraz runner with four central lozenges and geometric designs, 187cm x 87cm 150-200
837.    A G-Plan teak coffee table with glass inset and lower shelf, 45cm high x 153cm wide x 54cm deep 20-40
838.    A Portwood teak sideboard with drop front, glass sliding doors over a base with three drawers and two doors, 118cm high x 159cm wide x 43cm deep 30-50
839.    A Portwood teak extending dining table, 72cm high x 151cm wide x 113cm deep with four dining chairs (5) 50-80
840.    An Art Deco five-branch chandelier and a Tiffany style table lamp base (2) 30-50
841.    A Vintage Danish teak trolley with tile inset by BRDR. FURBO 30-50
842.    A Danish Farstrup white extending kitchen table with four chairs (5) 20-40
843.    Four vintage copper wall plaques (two signed Wyn 70) and a wall plaque with enamel tiles (5) 30-50
844.    A pair of Nathan Teak corner cabinets, 75cm high x 44cm wide x 44cm deep (2) 20-40
845.    A Brass five-branch chandelier with glass shades 30-50
846.    Two teak G-Plan coffee tables (2) 20-40
847.    A Benjamin Crysteel industrial light 20-40
848.    A Teak bedroom suite comprising a three drawer chest, 63cm high x 82cm wide x 43cm deep, a pair of small three drawer chests, 63cm high x 56cm wide x 43cm deep, a pair of two drawer chests, linen chest and a dressing stool (7) 50-70
849.    A teak display cabinet by Turnidge, London with smoked glass doors and two drawers, 162cm high x 91cm wide x 45cm deep 20-40
850.    A Scottish teak sunburst clock 20-40
851.    A Kashan rug with panels and red border, 170cm x 118cm 100-150
852.    A light ground Eastern style runner with central lozenges, 224cm x 104cm and an Araak style runner, 212cm x 98cm (2) 30-50
853.    A mahogany G-plan extending dining table, 73cm high x 120cm diameter and four dining chairs (5) 20-40
854.    A selection of modern figurines of knights etc (def) 20-40
855.    A mixed lot of model areoplanes, tanks, lamp, clocks etc 30-50
856.    A Proteam folding bicycle (missing the seat) 30-50
857.    A pair of folding metal garden chairs and occasional table (3) 20-40
858.    Two oak magazine racks (2) 20-40
859.    An assortment of mirrors, prints, lamps shelves etc 20-40
860.    A walnut dressing chest with swivel mirror, 156cm high x 106cm wide x 53cm deep 20-40
861.    A Georgian mahogany bureau with fitted interior and four graduating drawers, 107cm high x 105cm wide x 54cm deep 40-60
862.    A mixed lot including coal boxes, Singer sewing machine, chandelier, cameras etc 20-40
863.    A pink ground wool rug, 260cm x 130cm and another rug, 162cm x 230cm (2) 20-40
864.    A mixed lot of pictures ceramics, small chest etc 20-40
865.    A pair of Wharfedale speakers (2) 10-20
866.    A lot including Harley Davidson models and soft toys, tiles depicting cars etc 20-40
867.    A modern stained wood fire surround, 124cm high x 172cm wide x 24cm deep and an over-mantle mirror, 147cm high x 129cm wide (2) 40-60
868.    A modern wooden fire surround, 115cm high x 148cm wide x 21cm deep 20-40
869.    A print of a conservatory in a gilt frame, 60cm high x 91cm wide, a diorama of shells and two cardboard Las Vegas signs (4) 20-40
870.    A green ground Chinese style runner, 360cm x 91cm 40-60
871.    A box of wood working planes 20-40
872.    A box of books etc 10-20
873.    A light ground Tabriz rug, 353cm x 249cm 50-100
874.    Two metal filling cabinets and two stationery drawers (4) 30-50
875.    Three fibre glass lamps in the form of fishes with associated white globe shades, 140cm high (af) (3) 30-50
876.    An etching "Summer Lightning" Jonathan Robertson and a signed print (2) 20-40
877.    A large cream ground Kashan rug with allover floral design and a red border, 192cm x 300cm 250-350
878.    A light ground Bokhara rug with red panelled border, 168cm x 116cm 100-150
879.    A brown leather Pieff sofa, 76cm high x 196cm wide x 90cm deep 50-100
880.    A large lot of brass light fittings, chandeliers, shades etc (af) 50-100
881.    A Pioneer PL- 514x turntable, Sony home audio system shake - 3 and speakers 20-40
882.    A green ground floral wool rug, 245cm x 150cm 30-50
883.    A rosewood pole screen on tripod base and a towel rail (2) 30-50
884.    A Chinese style trolley and four panel screen, 90cm high x 176cm wide (2) 30-50
885.    A dinner gong with striker, 97cm high 30-50
886.    A signed oil on canvas Parisian scene and a still life oil on canvas signed A. F.R. Nisbet (2) 20-40
887.    A large red ground Chinese rug with a dragon, 272cm x 365cm 50-100
888.    A Chinese hardwood hall table with two drawers, 76cm high x 91cm wide x 41cm deep 40-60
889.    A Chinese hardwood longcase clock with brass face, 210cm high 50-100