TWO DAY Antiques & collectables Sale on Friday 4th & Saturday 5th September 2020

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261.    A three piece silver tea service, Birmingham 1933, 926gms (3) 250-350
262.    A lot comprising a metal mesh purse with gilt metal clasp set with glass gemstones and a 925 silver and enamel spoon (2) 40-60
263.    A lot comprising two silver pepperettes, a silver cigarette case, a vesta and a sovereign case and four white metal condiments, 167gms weighable (7) 50-70
264.    A lot comprising a cased part set of five silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1943 and five silver napkin rings (assorted marks), 225gms 60-80
265.    A lot comprising five assorted silver mustards and salts (assorted marks) and an EP mustard pot, 172gms weighable (6) 50-70
266.    A three piece silver tea service, London 1906, 976gms 250-350
267.    A silver hot water pot, Sheffield 1941, 698gms 180-250
268.    A lot comprising an EP berry spoon, four silver teaspoons, Glasgow 1827, six filigree white metal dessert forks and six assorted silver spoons, 155gms weighable 40-60
269.    A lot comprising a Malaysian white metal letter opener modelled as a kris, an EPNS trowel, EP toddy ladle and assorted EP spoons 20-30
270.    A four piece continental silver dressing table set marked with a crown and 835 30-40
271.    A silver goblet, London 1975, the stem with flowerhead and tendril decoration, 15cm high, 226gms 60-80
272.    A pair of silver candlesticks, Sheffield 1918, the octagonal stem on stepped square pedestal base with canted corners (weighted), 11.5cm high (2) 60-80
273.    A pair of silver dishes, Sheffield 1907, the lobed body with gadrooned rim with a pair of ribbon handles, 18cm across the handles, 248gms total 70-100
274.    A silver card tray, Birmingham 1973, of circular form, the scalloped rim with shell motif on three scrolling feet, 22cm diameter, 384gms 100-150
275.    A silver snuff box, Birmingham 1962, of rectangular form with gadrooned edges and engine turned decoration, 9cm x 4.5cm, 128gms 40-60
276.    A silver sauceboat, London 1906, of bombe form with lobed body and scrolling handle on three paw feet, 18cm long, 382gms 100-150
277.    A lot comprising a pair of silver brushes, silver topped castor, shoehorn, a pair of spoons and a single teaspoon (assorted marks) (7) 50-70
278.    A silver desk top stamp box stand with hinged cover on knopped stem and upturned square base, London 1900, 11.8cm x 11.8cm x 6cm high, 264gms 70-100
279.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons, Birmingham 1915, the terminals modelled as mythical birds 40-60
280.    A bachelor's three piece silver tea service, Birmingham 1924, of bulbous oval form with gadrooned border, 635gms, the teapot is 10.5cm high 180-220
281.    A cased set of six silver teaspoons, Sheffield 1901 40-60
282.    A cased set of six silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1930 30-40
283.    A lot comprising two silver cigarette boxes, London 1925 and 1965, one inscribed "to Max from Anne and Ewan 3rd June 1966" and a silver cigarette case, 182gms weighable 120-180
284.    A lot comprising eleven silver teaspoons, Glasgow 1844 (224gms), a quantity of EP spoons, five bone spoons and two EP sauce ladles 70-100
285.    A silver sauceboat, London 1946, 220gms 50-70
286.    A silver sauceboat, London 1953, 109gms 30-40
287.    A lot comprising two silver vestas, a sovereign case (def), an Albert chain, compact and a white metal vesta (6) 70-100
288.    A lot comprising two silver basting spoons, London 1869 and 1881, 30cm long, 239gms 70-100
289.    A lot comprising a cased set of six mother of pearl handled butter knives, a cased silver christening spoon and a silver cigarette case (3), 128gms silver 40-60
290.    A lot comprising a silver topped scent bottle with figural finial, a silver topped scent bottle, two pairs of silver bon bon dishes (assorted marks) and an EP bon bon dish 100-150
291.    A oval silver mounted photo frame, Sheffield 1984, 16.5cm x 12.5cm, aperture 13.5cm x 9.5cm 50-70
292.    A lot comprising a silver christening mug inscribed "Peter Feb 14th 1929", a silver napkin ring, a set of six silver coffee spoons, six assorted silver spoons, a small fork and an EPNS spoon, 187gms 50-70
293.    A lot comprising two silver toastracks, Birmingham 1945 and Sheffield 1905 (2), 188gms 50-70
294.    A lot comprising a pair of silver pepperettes, London 1955 (weighted) and a silver mustard pot, Birmingham 1899 60-80
295.    A lot comprising five assorted silver salts, peppers and mustard pots (assorted marks), 168gms 40-60
296.    A cased set of twelve silver coffee spoons with tongs, Sheffield 1926 50-70
297.    A cased set of twelve silver coffee spoons, Sheffield 1921 50-70
298.    A lot comprising twelve silver mounted cork stoppers, a silver top and a white metal topped cork stopper 40-60
299.    A lot comprising a silver tablespoon, London 1785, a silver salt, London 1846, three silver spoons and a pair of sugar tongs, 202gms 50-70
300.    A lot comprising two cased sets of six silver coffee spoons, a cased three piece silver christening set and a pair of silver sugar tongs (various marks) 60-80
301.    A six piece silver backed dressing table set, Chester 1928 60-80
302.    A lot comprising three silver handled cake slices and a silver handled cheese knife, Sheffield 1977 30-40
303.    A lot comprising a silver bowl, marked 925, a silver jar top, two EP sauce ladles, two EP spoons, two silver spoons and a silver butter knife and three pieces of scrap silver, 201gms 50-70
303A.   A bachelor's three piece tea service Sheffield 1897 523 gms 150-200
304.    A rectangular silver mounted photo frame by Sanders & Mackenzie, Birmingham 1973, with engine turned decoration, 15cm x 10cm, aperture 13cm x 8cm 60-80
305.    A rectangular silver mounted photo frame by Sanders and Mackenzie, Birmingham 1976, with engine turned decoration, 11.4cm x 9cm, aperture 8.3cm x 6.8cm 50-70
306.    A circular silver mounted photo frame with foliate decoration, Chester 1900, 10.5cm diameter, aperture 6.5cm diameter 40-60
307.    A lot comprising a silver vesta, a silver compact on chain and two silver stamp cases modelled as envelopes 60-80
308.    A white metal snuff box, rectangular embossed with classical figures, 6.8cm x 4.8cm 20-30
309.    A lot comprising a silver cased Waltham pocket watch and two ladies silver fob watches (3) 60-80
310.    A lot comprising an Eastern white metal model ship, a miniature pot and a silver-plated medal Madras Academy 30-40
311.    A silver cigarette case, 90gms 20-30
312.    A silver quaich, London 1912, 9.5cm across the lugs, 47gms 20-30
313.    A pair of silver presentation quaich, Sheffield 1935 and 1938, Dunbartonshire Golf Championship, 11cm across the lugs (2), 169gms 50-70
314.    A silver cased carriage clock by William Comyns & Sons, London 1901, with French movement and retailed by West& Sons, Dublin, rectangular on four bun feet, 8.5cm high 80-120
315.    A silver cream jug, Chester 1924, 11cm high, 97gms 30-40
316.    A silver tea caddy, rubbed London marks, of plain oval form, the removable cap monogrammed in italics, 8.5cm high, 86gms 30-40
317.    A cased pair of silver grape scissors, Mappin and Webb, Sheffield 1894, 18cm long, 109gms 40-60
318.    A cased silver and enamel buckle, button and hatpin set, Birmingham 1910 70-100
319.    A lot comprising ten assorted silver pill boxes 100-150
320.    A lot comprising nine assorted filigree white metal pill boxes 40-60
321.    A lot comprising nineteen assorted white metal pill boxes, a cylindrical case, a frog brooch, a scent bottle and some miniature figures (a lot) 100-150
322.    A pair of silver serving spoons, Sheffield 1922, 22cm long, 218gms 60-80
323.    A cased set of six silver, gilt and enamel coffee spoons, Birmingham 1931 40-60
324.    A lot comprising a 1914 Christmas box and six assorted EP souvenir spoons 15-20
325.    A lot comprising two silver plated soup tureens (2) 40-60
326.    A lot comprising a part set (missing a fork) EP and mother of pearl dessert cutlery set, a pair of grape scissors and a cheeseboard (3) 35-45
327.    A part silver plated cutlery set, loose 30-40
328.    A pair of silver plated candlesticks, 25cm high 30-50
329.    A Eastern gilt metal model of a motor boat in perspex and gesso case, the boat 30cm long 40-60
330.    A cased twenty four piece EP and mother of pearl dessert cutlery set 60-80
331.    A silver plated chafing pan 30-40
332.    A cased set of four silver plate and glass three-bottle cruet stands, each 12cm high 50-70
333.    A cased pair of silver plate and ivorine handled fish servers 30-40
334.    A pair of silver plated candlesticks, the removable drip pans on square tapering stems with ribbon decoration on square pedestal bases, 25.5cm high 40-60
335.    A cased twenty four piece EP and mother of pearl dessert cutlery set 40-60
336.    A lot comprising two silver plate and glass claret jugs, modelled as ducks 50-70
337.    A part EP cutlery set in the double struck King's pattern, loose (68 pieces) 30-40
338.    A tray lot of loose and cased cutlery 30-40
339.    A lot comprising two trays of EP - tea service, castor, sugar scythe, dishes etc 40-60
340.    A lot comprising a three piece silver plated dressing table set, three jars, pin dish etc 20-30
341.    A lot comprising an EP dish, spirit flask and silver plate model of a tusk 30-40
342.    A part EP cutlery set, loose (66 pieces) 30-40
343.    A cased thirty six piece silver plated fish cutlery set 30-40
344.    A cased part fish cutlery set (one knife broken) 10-15
345.    A lot comprising a cased cutlery set, comport, basket and a fish slice 30-40
346.    A tray lot of EP - toastracks, jar and cover, salts etc 30-40
346A.   A tray lot of EP - tea service, basket, loose cutlery 40-60
347.    A tray lot of EP - biscuit barrel, castor, ladle, teapots 30-40
348.    A tray lot of cased and loose cutlery 20-30
349.    A lot comprising a three piece EP tea service, coffee pot, salver etc 30-40
350.    A cased thirty six piece EP and mother of pearl dessert cutlery set 70-100
351.    A tray lot of EP - tea service, cased and loose cutlery and a pair of lawn bowls 30-40
352.    A lot comprising two EP and glass claret jugs 20-30
353.    A tray lot of EP - entree dishes, egg cruet, wine cooler etc 30-40
354.    A box of loose cutlery 10-15
355.    A tray lot of cased cutlery and a dish 30-40
356.    A tray lot of EP - tea services, wine cooler, salver, vases, wine cooler etc 30-40
357.    A tray lot of EP - bowl, sauceboats, candlesticks, loose cutlery etc 30-40
358.    A tray lot of loose cutlery 30-40
359.    A tray lot of loose cutlery 30-40
360.    A lot comprising two cased fish cutlery sets 30-40
361.    A lot comprising two trays of EP - teapot, jug, sauceboats, salts, cased and loose cutlery, cheese dish 30-40
362.    A tray lot of EP and pewter, tea services, candleholder 15-20
363.    A lot comprising two cutlery drawers of cutlery, a cased carving set and a cased set of knives 50-70
364.    A tray lot of cased cutlery sets 30-40
365.    A lot comprising two cased cutlery sets 40-60
366.    A small box of EP items 10-15
367.    A box of EP items and loose cutlery 10-15
368.    A lot comprising a cased part cutlery set and a cased set of cake cutlery 10-15
369.    A box of loose cutlery 10-15
370.    A box of cased cutlery sets 10-15
371.    A tray lot of EP items and cased cutlery 20-30
372.    A box of cased and loose cutlery 20-30
373.    A box of loose cutlery 20-30
374.    A box of EP items 20-30
375.    A box of EP items and cased cutlery 10-15
376.    A box of EP items 10-15
377.    A box of EP items 10-15
378.    A box of EP items and loose cutlery 10-15
379.    A box of EP items 10-15
380.    A box of EP items, cased and loose cutlery 20-30
381.    A box of EP items 20-30
382.    A box of EP items 30-40
383.    A box of loose cutlery 30-40
384.    A gold full sovereign, 1909 200-300
385.    A gold full sovereign, 1967 200-300
386.    Two gold full sovereigns, 1918 and 1959 with a gold half sovereign, 1905 (3) 450-550
387.    A cased Victorian commemorative medallion dated 1897, 83.8gms 30-50
388.    A gold half sovereign, 1907 80-120
389.    A collection of pre-decimal UK coins including a quantity of pre '47 crowns, half crowns etc 40-60
390.    A small collection of pre '47 UK coins, crowns, half crowns etc 30-40
391.    An album of pre-decimal coins including pre '47 50-70
392.    A lot comprising a travel toilet set, some EP cutlery and a quantity of commemorative crowns, medals etc 30-40
393.    A commando dagger (blade rusted and hilt with verdigris) overall length 29cm 50-70
394.    A lot comprising a George V India metal to 176945 Pte A MacLeod M.G.C. Afghanistan NWF 1919 clasp with a WWI war medal to 50379 Pte A MacLeod H.L.I., a Victorian Crimea medal to H Collins HMS Odin 1853 (missing suspender), Victory medal and '14-'15 medals to 3031 Pte J Grant H.L.I. and two Victory medals to 520 Dvr J Grant R.A.F. 33078 Pte A Grant H.L.I. 100-150
395.    A lot comprising three '14-'15 stars 6597 Pte M McCormack I/RSC Fus, 12503 Pte E Connolly I. Sco. R.I.F., 1376 Pte R.E. Morrison 15, Battalion Aif. with three Victory medals to 97794 Pte J Donald M.G.C., 22642 Pte A Finnie H.L.I., 1376 Pte R.E. Morrison 15 Battalion A.I.F. with a quantity of WWII medals, stars, a few buttons and enamel badges (a lot) 80-120
401.    An oak stationery box with single drawer, 30cm wide 30-50
402.    An oak desk stand, 27cm wide 30-50
403.    A Dunhill lighter, other lighters, assorted silver napkins rings etc 50-100
404.    A Mahjong set by Jackpot 20-40
405.    A Triang Spot-On Austin Prime Mover in original box, box poor 100-200
406.    A Corgi Batmobile and Corgi Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang (2) 30-50
407.    A W. Watson & Sons Kima microscope 40-60
408.    Four various soft toys 20-40
409.    A collection of miscellaneous including costume jewellery, greeting cards etc 20-40
410.    A cast iron warning notice, 19 x 14cm and a paperweight formed as a fire helmet 40-60
411.    A lot of vintage dolls, Pelham puppet (def) 30-50
412.    A collection of costume jewellery 40-60
413.    A collection of costume jewellery 40-60
414.    A painted glove box with gloves, 30cm wide 20-40
415.    A white-metal mounted snuff mull, 8cm long 50-100
416.    A collection of various pens 10-20
417.    An early New Testament bible, 1741 40-60
418.    A collection of cigarette cards 30-50
419.    A box of miscellaneous including opera glasses, oriental games counter etc 30-50
420.    A modern pocket watch and four modern wristwatches 10-20
421.    A collection of gents wristwatches 30-50
422.    A Hornby L456 No.1 Tank Locomotive, various wagons etc 70-100
423.    A haberdasher's 'Silcarn' oak three drawer chest with original advertising stickers, 33cm wide 50-80
424.    A modern East German concertina in original box 20-40
425.    A collection of pens 20-40
426.    A bayonet, hunting knife and other knives 30-50
427.    A vintage Teddy bear, 60cm high 30-50
428.    A Coco-Cola Christmas advertising sign, 71cm high 40-60
429.    A Victorian ivory-topped walking cane with silver collar and a gents umbrella (2) 40-60
430.    A Masonic sword in red scabbard, apron in case, sash etc 120-180
431.    A collection of miscellaneous including coins, ceramic figures etc 40-60
432.    A vintage stamp album, ivory cased binoculars and boxed browie 30-50
433.    A collection of stamp albums etc 30-50
434.    A gun cleaning kit, boxed 20-30
435.    Three bronze plaques each with Shakespeare phrases (Misery & Love O Come To Me, Let Times News Be Known, and Born to Speak All Mirth), 30cm high etc 80-120
436.    A collection of Corgi and other models including Trucks, buses etc 50-100
437.    Three various stamp albums 40-50
438.    A large collection of cigarette cards sets 80-120
439.    A pair of brass lights 30-50
440.    Three albums of vintage and other scrapes 30-50
441.    A Victorian jewellery box with hinged lid and fall flap, 25cm wide 30-50
442.    A pair of portrait miniatures, 8 x 7cm 30-50
443.    A Phoenix World reproduction fireman helmet, 14 x 14cm 20-40
444.    A vintage Bakelite telephone 30-50
445.    A sarcophagus-shaped two-division tea caddy with brass handles and feet, 20cm wide and another lacking interior, 27cm wide (2) 40-60
446.    A yellow-metal Sheaffers pen 20-40
447.    A reproduction confederate cap 10-20
448.    A collection of various pens including Cross etc 60-80
449.    A silver-cased Chaumet fountain pen, stamped 605458, the cap with a mother of pearl cap end, gilt clip and cap band, the nib stamped 18K-750, in original box and two Cross 10k rolled gold pens 100-200
450.    A vintage Bakelite telephone 30-50
451.    A pair of Carl Zeiss Jena vintage Feldstecher binoculars 20-40
452.    A cased Parker pen set and other pens 30-50
453.    A miscellaneous lot including beaded purse, pen knives etc 20-40
454.    A modern jewellery cabinet in the Chinese style, 34cm and a modern box (2) 30-40
455.    A modern chess set in hinged case 15-20
456.    A Dinky 660 Tank Transporter in original box and a collection of Dinky and other model military vehicles etc (approx 30) 100-200
457.    A horn model of a ship, 60cm wide 30-50
458.    Two Action Man figures, horse, foot locker and accessories etc 40-80
459.    A collection of Roco and other model locomotives 50-100
460.    A silver-topped and enamel brush, white-metal mounted scent bottle etc 20-40
461.    A collection of wristwatches and costume jewellery etc 30-50
462.    A Dinky Tank Transporter and a collection of Dinky and other military vehicles etc 100-200
463.    B Large, Sam Torrence putting, watercolour, 37 x17cm 20-40
464.    John Murray, The Club House, watercolour, 33 x 41cm 30-50
465.    A small collection of Subbueto including teams and accessories etc 30-50
466.    A grey top hat by Austin Reed, 21 x 15cm, in cardboard case 30-50
467.    A Paillard Bolex cine camera in case 20-30
468.    A Victorian leather bound musical photograph album (def) and black lacquer bound album 20-30
469.    A collection of Corgi, Dinky, Vanguards and other model in original boxes 70-100
470.    A Meter Contamination No.1. Cat No.5CG0012 in canvas case 30-50
471.    A collection of Dinky repro models and other Corgi models etc 40-60
472.    Glasgow Fifty Drawings by Muirhead Bone (23 exampes only) in slip case 30-50
473.    A Dinky 155mm Mobile Gun and a collection of Dinky and other military vehicles etc 100-200
474.    A Smiths 8 Day wall clock, (glass cracked), 30 x 30cm 30-50
475.    An oval embroidered picture, framed and glazed, 60 x 40cm 20-30
476.    A large collection of Star Trek figures in original blister plaque 100-200
477.    A set of four Almark modern lawn bowls and 12 volume of Children's Britannica in book trough 20-40
478.    Two white-painted railway signal lamps and another (3) 30-50
479.    A Victorian mahogany knife box converted to stationary box, 35cm high 30-50
480.    A Victorian leather hat case and a black bowler hat 40-60
481.    A collection of Hornby, Bachmann and other locomotives etc 100-200
482.    Five various Star Trek Enterprise models, Star Trek Enterprise phone and Star Trek game all in original boxes 80-120
483.    A black top hat by Kirsop, 20 x 16.5cm 30-50
484.    A box of miscellaneous including modern doll, radio etc 20-30
485.    Five various Star Trek Enterprise models, Bridge set and Borg ship all in original boxes 100-200
486.    A four short and two drawer collector cabinet, 45cm wide x 30cm high and a small collectors cabinet, 21cm wide x 28cm high 40-60
487.    A Brexton cased picnic set 20-40
488.    A collection of stamps and first day covers 40-60
489.    A collection of Thunderbirds models, modern trains and cars etc 80-120
490.    A large collection of stamps 40-60
491.    A collection of Star Trek mini models, collectable figurine etc 40-60
492.    A collection of stamps 40-60
493.    A small collection of Star Trek figures etc 50-100
494.    A collection of Stargate SG1 figures all in original blister packs 40-80
495.    A large Viscount suitcase 20-30
496.    A collection of Corgi, Dinky and other models (def) 50-80
497.    A collection of stamps 40-60
498.    A collection of Star Trek collectables all in original boxes etc 50-100
499.    A large holdall and suit carrier stamped Mulberry 80-120
500.    A ladies handbag and wallet stamped Prada 70-100
501.    Two rucksacks stamped Mulberry with dust covers 70-100
502.    Two gents brief cases stamped Mulberry 70-100
503.    A clutch bag and three organiser cases all stamped Mulberry 70-100
504.    A collection of modern models, various prints etc 30-50
505.    A Hardy Hebridean fishing rod, another Hardy rod and two other rods 100-200
506.    A Praktica camera, additional lens, Photo Sniper and blow torch (3) 30-50
507.    Four pairs of binoculars 30-50
508.    A table easel 20-40
509.    Various Hornby Locomotives, coaches and accessories 40-80
510.    A collection of Dinky, Lledo and other model trucks, cars etc 70-100
511.    A box of miscellaneous including vintage telephones, egg timer, box camera etc 40-80
512.    A large collection of of lead soldiers and accessories etc 100-200
513.    A collection of of locomotives, coaches and accessories 70-100
514.    A collection of stamps 40-60
515.    A collection of Ordnance Survey Glasgow city boundary plans etc 40-80
516.    A small collection of linen, child doll (def) etc 15-20
531.    A leaded glass tortoise lamp, assorted Carlton Ware, decorative plates, glassware and other decorative ceramics 30-50
532.    Assorted figures, iris decorated pottery cheese dish, Lilliput Lane models etc 20-30
533.    A collection of stoneware bottles and glass bottles 20-40
534.    Assorted tea and coffee wares including Royal Dover China, blue and white platter, stags head model, wooden boxes etc 20-40
535.    Boxed Edinburgh crystal glasses, collectors plates etc 20-30
536.    Assorted blue and white transfer printed pottery including Johnson Bros, Booths etc 30-50
537.    A Royal Doulton Tiara pattern dinner service (second quality) 20-40
538.    A tall brass candlestick, other candlesticks, jugs and assorted other items 20-30
539.    Susie Cooper tea and coffeewares, assorted other teawares moulded glass etc 20-30
540.    Assorted collectors plates 20-30
541.    A Whitefriars bark effect decanter, decorative pottery pieces, two brass and glass candle lamps, night lights etc 20-30
542.    A Franklin Mint Marjorie Blaney Alpine Glory vase, a lustre etc 10-20
543.    Midwinter Tempo pattern tablewares designed by the Marquis of Queensberry 20-30
544.    Assorted drinking glass, Chintz plate, teawares etc 20-40
545.    Assorted drinking glasses including ruby examples 20-30
546.    A Thomas porcelain dinner service with silver rim and other teawares 20-30
547.    Assorted glassware, a three bottle Tantalus (unmarked) and a Bells pottery washbowl and ewer 40-60
548.    Assorted table lamps 20-30
549.    Edinburgh crystal tumblers, assorted ornaments, teawares etc 30-50
550.    Assorted teawares including Royal Grafton, Royal Albert Old Country roses etc 20-30
551.    A Plant Tuscan teaset with green decoration 20-30
552.    Assorted drinking glasses 10-20
553.    A Noritake cake stand, a Victorian blue pottery jug, Moore and Co transfer printed ewer etc 30-40
554.    A Clarice Cliff cream and green glazed dinner service 20-40
555.    A Denby brown and white glazed dinner service 20-40
556.    An antique gilt and turquoise decorated tea service, a Woods Indian Tree vase, brass kettle on stand etc 30-50
557.    A Le Cruset blue enamel casserole pot and lid and three orange saucepans and lids 30-50
558.    Two pairs of brass candlesticks, brass kettles etc 20-30
559.    A Grosvenor stoneware snuff jar, another larger jar (drilled), stone pigs etc 20-40
560.    An Italian Flavia pottery vase, a Mason's ironstone jug, a pottery cheese dish, assorted glassware, embroidered tea cosy etc 30-50
561.    A Capodimonte group of a man on a bench, a brass frame, Carlton Ware dishes etc 20-40
562.    A Plant Tuscan part coffee set, assorted pottery, drinking glasses etc 20-30
563.    A Losol Ware Cavendish vase, a German blue glazed stoneware jug, a stoneware urn, pottery plates, EP basket etc 30-50
564.    A Japanese coffee set, Wedgwood trinket boxes, Ridgways plates and other decorative items 30-40
565.    A cut glass oil lamp, a copper example and funnels 30-50
566.    Japanese eggshell teaset, Heathcote China coffeewares an Edwardian teaset, figures etc 30-40
567.    A large quantity of cut glass and crystal including drinking glasses, lidded jars, decanters etc 40-60
568.    A Japanese eggshell teaset etc 10-20
569.    Assorted table linen, cotton garments etc 10-20
570.    Assorted various adult and child kilts and sporran's 50-100
571.    Assorted table linen, woolen shawl etc 20-30
572.    A mink fur stole, a mirror, a evening bag and purse etc 10-20
573.    A collection of parasols and umbrellas 40-60
574.    A Masonic ceremonial dress outfit, with boots, hat, gauntlets etc 120-150
575.    A gents kilt and jacket, other kilts, a ladies green coat,(moth damage) a mustard coat 50-100
576.    A vintage Heiress 1950s halter neck wedding dress and jacket, a purple velvet cape and a brown fur jacket 50-80
577.    A short brown fur jacket and another jacket 20-30
578.    Assorted kilts 50-80
579.    Five fur coats, a faux fur example etc 30-50
580.    A pair of Japanese fan shaped watercolours 20-30
581.    A large Chinese fish bowl decorated with fish inside and birds and foliage to the outside 30cm high, together with a large jar and cover 50-100
582.    A Beswick Beatrix Potter figure Old Mr Pricklepin, other hedgehog figures, Robertson marmalade figures and Limoges miniature items including jugs, vases etc 30-50
583.    Two Hummel figures, Royal Doulton puppy group HN2588, a Treasure Island savings bank, boxed set of McQuilkin scales etc 20-40
584.    A Murano colourful glass clown, art glass dishes, glass fish, Mary Gregory decanter and other glassware 40-60
585.    A Guinness Time clock, (Toucan and glass unstuck) a Martell toby jug, a Crown Devon Mothers cup (no saucer) and other items 30-50
586.    A pair of horsehead and horseshoe wall brackets, a Stourbridge DG Ware vase and other items 20-40
587.    A collection of Lomonosov animals figures and assorted other figures 30-50
588.    A collection of coloured glasses, marked Bohemia and assorted other glassware 30-50
589.    A set of four Stuart George V commemorative drinking glasses, Beswick Black Beauty and Foal group, Wedgwood glass paperweights etc 30-40
590.    A collection of Noritake and other decorative cups and saucers 30-40
591.    A set of six harlequin hock glasses, together with a jazzy decorated water/lemonade set 30-40
592.    A hand painted tea tray together with a Minton flower painted plate and tazza, other dessert plates etc 20-40
593.    A collection of Scottish pottery jugs with marriage dedications including Fleming Pottery 50-100
594.    A collection of cut glass and crystal including vases, decanter etc 20-40
595.    Assorted trinket boxes including Limoges, in a bijouterie cabinet, 40cm x 23cm 30-50
596.    A collection of Scottish pottery jugs including Clyde Pottery, Cochran, J & M P Bell 60-100
597.    A Royal Doulton Old Charley character jug, a Poole Agean dish, Royal Stanley Ware vase, Carlton Ware coffee set etc 30-40
598.    An Ironstone Amherst Japan pattern bowl, Mason's Mandalay bowl and other decorative ceramics 30-40
599.    Assorted Spode tables wares in Spode's Byron pattern 20-40
600.    A pair of Keeling and Co jugs, Maling pot and cover, pair of blue satin glass bonbon dishes etc 30-40
601.    A pottery face sculpture on board and an alabaster head sculpture 20-40
602.    An Edinburgh crystal thistle shaped and cut jug, other crystal including an ice bucket, a Nao figure and a porcelain vase 40-60
603.    A Murano glass squirrel group, assorted Caithness glass, and other glassware 30-40
604.    An Eichwald vase, copper lustre jugs, a pink jar and cover with coloured decoration, and assorted other pottery 30-50
605.    A porcelain rose shaped teapot with matching cup and saucer, a pair of cloisonne vases etc 20-40
606.    Two Murano glass clowns, a model of a dog, other glassware and two pottery pieces 30-40
607.    A collection of Border Fine Art groups including cockerel, red hind and calf, Jack Russell, Border Collie etc 30-40
608.    A Caithness glass bowl with etched decoration of dolphins, four rose etched glasses marked 'The Macallan' and assorted other crystal 40-60
609.    A collection of egg shaped trinket trinket boxes and other items 20-40
610.    A collection of Lladro and Nao figures 30-50
611.    A Crown Devon jug, and two other items 10-20
612.    A collection of Waterford Kathleen glasses including five at 16.5cm wine glasses, eight at 13.5cm wine glasses and 11.5cm sherry glasses (22) 80-120
613.    A Royal Albert Howarth three piece teaset, a Royal Copenhagen boy and geese figure, Francesca Art China figure and a Doulton figure 20-40
614.    Assorted figures including Lladro, Doulton etc, Wedgwood Ice Rose vase etc 30-50
615.    Three Hummel figures, Mauchline box, and assorted other items 20-30
616.    Assorted Swarovski figures, Nachtmann mouse, scent bottles, Airfix soldiers etc 20-40
617.    A collection of assorted snuff bottles and netsuke etc 20-40
618.    Four Royal Doulton figures including Coralie, Simone, Chloe and Dinky Do 40-60
619.    Two paperweights with central thistle cane and three other weights 30-40
620.    A Dresden double inkwell and tray, a Paragon china coffee can and saucer and a metal flower spray in Derby style vase 30-50
621.    A silver plated elephant table match striker/lighter and another of a boy and a squirrel 40-60
622.    A Kevin Francis Tallulah Bankhead figure, no 176/350, Royal Doulton Old Balloon Seller, Dick Turpin ashtray, Subbuteo Player, pair of Royal Worcester candle snuffers, Russian ballerina figure etc 40-60
623.    A Herend porcelain vase with pierced decoration and painted in colours 40-60
624.    A Royal Worcester salt modelled as a merboy, and nine assorted Lladro and Nao figures 50-100
625.    A Amphora vase decorated with flowers, Lorna Bailey Old Ellgreave Macintosh style vase, Moorcroft vase and a chintz pot and cover 30-50
626.    A Caithness Dawn and Dusk boxed paperweights, no 571/750, with certificate and another weight titled Neptune in box, signed by Colin Terris and Peter Holmes, no 444/500 40-60
627.    A gilded metal of a child on wooden base, 17cm high 30-40
628.    Four overpainted panels of couples in gilt metal frames, together with a cast metal inkwell and a trinket box 30-50
629.    A cordial glass, another glass and a Moorcroft pin dish 20-40
630.    A Royal Crown Derby elephant paperweight with gold stopper, an Italian porcelain elephant, a V & A decorative tile and two Mats Jonasson glass paperweights (5) 50-80
631.    Five assorted Nao and Lladro figures and another Spanish figure 40-60
632.    A Victorian pink and white cameo glass vase painted in enamels with birds and foliage, Royal Copenhagen vase decorated with a dandelion, a Belleek frog etc 40-60
633.    A pair of brass candlesticks 10-20
634.    A English brass and glass carriage clock 20-40
635.    A cut glass table lamp with pointed mushroom shade 60-80
636.    A Galle style clear glass vase with enamel flower, leaf and bug decoration, 16cm high, a silvered black glass vase and a paperweight, probably by Ditchfield 50-100
637.    Two Versace Rosenthal crystal Medusa head bottle stoppers, one in green, the other red 80-120
638.    An onyx circular dish with cold painted spelter Spaniels and a Terrier, 13cm diameter 30-50
639.    A Christofle silver plated elephant and two Limoges cases with shoes 30-40
640.    Two Royal Doulton figures, The Old Balloon Seller and The Balloon Man and two Lladro puppies 40-60
641.    A pair of Austrian Turn Wien pottery vase with raised decoration, 23cm high 40-60
642.    A pair of two handled Noritake vases, each painted with a boat at sea, 15.5cm high, together with a Chinese hardwood stand 40-60
643.    An enamel painted conical glass with white metal base, 14cm high, a hock glass with painted decoration and two other glasses 30-50
644.    A pair of Kinto vases with painted decoration, 21cm high and a painted opaque glass vase 30-50
645.    Three Royal Doulton figures, three Bunnykins figures and two Beatrix Potter figures 30-40
646.    A Wedgwood blue jasperware two handled vase, decorated with a classical scene of figures, 22cm high 80-120
647.    Four Lladro figures, three geese figures, large Beswick centenary Jemima Puddleduck and Peter Rabbit and a Snowman figure 40-60
648.    Royal Doulton figure Emma, five Royal Worcester figures Embroidery, Music, Painting, A Celebration at Windsor, The Masquerade Begins and five Coalport figures including Lillie Langtry, Affection, Butterflies, Lorraine and the Goose Girl (11) 80-120
649.    Three Lladro figures of doctors 50-80
650.    A collection of Wedgwood blue jasperware including a footed bowl, a small tazza, a pot and cover and thee small plates 80-120
651.    Six Royal Doulton dogs including Doberman, Beagle, Border Collie, Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Scottish Terrier, Golden Retriever and a Clydesdale horse 50-80
652.    A Border Fine Arts sculpture of Blue and Gold Macaws, no 55 of 950, with certificate 50-100
653.    A pair of Griselda Hill 'Wemyss Ware' cats in willow pattern, no 3 and 4 of 200, with box and certificates 80-120
654.    A Border Fine Arts James Herriot group 'Coming Home' depicting two heavy horses, together with another limited edition model 'You Can Lead a Horse to Water', no 1397/1500 by Anne Wall 100-150
655.    Border Fine Arts 'Champion Mare and Foal' by Anne Wall, limited edition 600/950, on wood base 70-100
656.    Three Border Fine Arts groups of cattle including Clover's New Calf, Limousin Calves and Charolais Cow and Calf 80-120
657.    A Border Fine Arts James Herriot group, 'An early start', designed by Ayres together with 'Lets be Friends' and another 'Red Grouse' (3) 50-100
658.    A Nick Munro Domas pewter coffee pot and a Cona coffee maker 30-50
659.    A Clarice Cliff crocus pattern plate, a Celtic Harvest preserve pot and cover, a similar plate and a triangular flower moulded bowl 30-40
660.    A Wedgwood lustre tyg decorated with hummingbirds, 5cm high and a Maling dish decorated with an exotic bird 30-50
661.    A Pilkington's Royal Lancastrian powder pot and cover, in mottled pale blue glaze, 14.5cm diameter 20-40
662.    A Royal Copenhagen model of a puppy, no 1408 20-30
663.    A Tudric pewter box of rectangular form, shape number 078, 21cm long 50-80
664.    A Kosta Boda glass footed bowl, 22cm diameter, signed to base 30-50
665.    An Eichwald pottery basket, shape number 7997/2, glazed in colours 10-20
666.    A Wedgwood white glazed model of a bison after an original by John Skeaping, printed mark to base, and two Royal Doulton figures including horse 'Spirit of the Earth' and elephant and calf group' Motherhood' 50-100
667.    A collection of Royal Doulton figures including Christine, Fleur, Kirsty, Cherie, Autumn Stroll, and three miniature figures Victoria, Sara and Helen (8) 40-60
668.    A blue and white transfer printed two handled pottery platter depicting Valle Crucis Abbey, Wales, 40cm long, together with another blue and white plate 30-50
669.    A Royal Paragon bone china teaset in Margaret pattern 40-60
670.    A boxed set of four Caithness planet paperweights designed by Colin Terris and made by Peter Holmes, including Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn 60-100
671.    A French Art Deco figure of a pheasant, upon onyx and marble base 30-50
672.    A Chinese celadon glazed jar with painted blue decoration, 29cm high 70-100
673.    A Chinese blue and white ginger jar (no lid) 18cm high and another vase decorated with colourful birds 30-40
674.    Three Kutani plates, an Indian cobra candlestick and a pair of Satsuma vases 40-60
675.    A terracotta tribal figure of a seated man 30-40
676.    A Sumida Gawa bowl, decorated with a Geisha, monkey, two boys and a man, 20cm diameter 50-80
678.    An Imari plate with six character mark to underside, 23.5cm diameter 20-40
679.    A Japanese plate decorated with cranes, 31cm diameter, a brass koro, cloisonne vase, flower decorated bowl and a gilt vase 40-60
680.    A Satsuma chrysanthemum decorated hexagonal bowl, 16.5cm diameter, a small Satsuma vase and a pot and cover 40-60
681.    A Chinese hardstone plaque 9cm x 6cm and a Burmese bronze model of a throne, 13.5cm diameter 30-50
682.    A pair of Chinese enamelled vases, a pair of cloisonne snuffs and a hexagonal pot and cover 20-30
683.    A Chinese blue and white jar with four character mark to base, 26.5cm high, a ginger jar with wooden lid and a blue and white vase 60-100
684.    A Sumida Gawa vase decorated with a man and a broom 20cm high 40-60
685.    A set of four cockerel painted glasses, a Royal Worcester fishing themed cup and saucer, an Aynsley 'Foxhunter's Nightmare' plate, four pottery plates and a hen decorated pot 40-60
686.    A wooden Elliot clock retailed by Prestons Ltd, 13cm high 30-40
687.    A porcelain urn and cover decorated with a courting couple, 41cm high and a similar smaller example 40-60
688.    Two Lladro doves, a swan and two girls 40-60
689.    A pair of spelter figures of cavalier's, together with an Orivit pewter dish decorated with a boar and a classical style plaque 40-60
690.    A pottery clock together with a blue flashed decanter and stopper 30-50
691.    A Moorcroft Hibiscus pattern table lamp 30-40
692.    Six Royal Doulton figures including Queen Anne, Day Dreams, Janet, Gail, Grand Manner, and Elaine together with three Coalport figures Christina, My Love and Zara, a Wade pipe rest and a curling stone inkwell 70-100
693.    A wooden mantle clock 20-30
694.    A transfer decorated platter in Lake patter, together with Caithness scent bottle 20-30
695.    A Junghans oak veneer bracket clock, retailed by Wm Hope, (late) Alexander Hexham 30-50
696.    Five Lladro figures including three polar bears and a Beswick Beatrix Potter figure of Peter Rabbit 40-60
697.    A Moorcroft Finches pattern table lamp and a Hibiscus pattern table lamp 100-150
698.    A cut crystal table lamp, two decanters and a large fluted glass 40-60
699.     Royal Worcester Prince Regent bowl, a Copeland Spode vase, a Noritake coffee pot, Coalport Strange Orchid, a pair of figural table lamps etc 50-100
700.    An Ansonia clock 20-30
701.    A spelter statute of Robert Burns 30-50
702.    A Doulton Burslem vase and two Royal Doulton figures including The Old Balloon Seller and Bridesmaid 30-50
703.    A pair of Keeling and Co Late Mayers Delhi pattern washbowls and ewers and a tooth mug 40-60
704.    A Hammersley bone china teaset decorated with flowers comprising twelve cups, saucers, plates, cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl 50-80
705.    A blue and white transfer printed platter tilted Cathedral Church of Glasgow, a large pearlware circular plate, Bell's plate etc 40-60
706.    An Aynsley floral decorated teaset, Copelands rose decorated teawares and Royal Grafton Indian Tree teawares 30-50
707.    A large lady artist pottery bowl, decorated in the William Morris style, 22cm highx 40cm diameter 40-60
708.    Royal Worcester Chinese dragon decorated blue and white tablewares 30-50
709.    A large hardstone globe of the world on brass stand 50-80
710.    A Royal Doulton Twilight Rose pattern dinner service 30-50
711.    A brass column oil lamp with glass font, two other oil lamps, a part lamp etc 50-100
712.    An extensive Royal Albert Berkeley tea, dinner and coffee service comprising twelve dinner plates, medium plates, side plates, bowls, soup coupes and saucers, eleven tea, twelve coffee cups, twelve saucers for each, large platter and salt and pepper pots 50-100
713.    An Aynsley Orchard Gold teaset comprising large bowl, milk jug, sugar bowl, vase, six cups, saucers, plates, cake plate and a long dish 50-100
714.    Portmeirion Botanic Garden tablewares incluidng tazza, bowl, large jug, vases, bowls etc 40-60
715.    A large hardstone globe of the world on brass stand 50-80
716.    A Grafton Rosyth pattern coffee set comprising five cups, six saucers, coffee pot, sugar bowl and five German demitasse cups and saucers 20-40
717.    A Victorian imari decorated teaset, impressed Rd No 115510 stamped Rd 118301 and pattern No 6075, to include two cake plates, twelve cups, saucers and sideplates, milk jug and sugar bowl and three Crown Staffordshire cups and saucers 50-80
718.    A Crown Staffordshire part teaset with pink roses together with a Paragon china teaset 30-50
719.    A Doulton slaters patent jardiniere 20-40
720.    A brass oil lamp with glass font 30-50
721.    A large decorative red glass bottle 20-40
722.    W.A.A. & Co dessert service, painted with flowers comprising eleven plates and four square dishes 40-60
723.    Coalport Elite-Royale tablewares comprising ten dinner plates, eight medium plates, ten small plates, and seven bowls 30-40
724.    A pair of spelter figures of Mercury and Psyche 50-80
725.    A Royal Doulton Rose Elegans pattern dinner service 40-60
726.    Assorted ladies evening bags, a tea cosy and a small overpainted photograph 20-40
727.    A brass oil lamp with etched shade, 71cm to top of funnel 30-50
728.    A modern Chinese vase, 35cm high and another vase 20-30
729.    An Edwardian Imari pattern teaset, three Minton Ardmore trios and an Aynsley teaset with yellow flowers 40-60
730.    Six Hammersley cups, saucers and plates, a Carlton Ware Art Deco part coffee set and B&G seagull decorated wares 60-80
731.    A Paragon Romney pattern teaset comprising twelve cups, saucers, plates, cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl and an Aynsley Edwardian set decorated with pink poppies 50-80
732.    A Minton Marlow pattern dinner service, comprising six dinner plates, medium plates, side plates, soup coupes and saucers, tea cups and saucers, coffee cups and saucers, oval platter etc 50-100
733.    SuSie COoper Corn Poppy coffee wares, Aynsley tea cups, saucers and plates etc 20-40
734.    A Waterford crystal ice bucket, a crystal ships decanter and other items 40-60
770.    A ladies 9ct gold Swiss watch, together with a 9ct gold Genex ladies watch head with gold plated strap, weight together including movements 34.2gms 80-120
771.    A 9ct gold twist bangle inner dimensions 6.3cm x 6.3cm, together with a 9ct gate bracelet, weight together 9.5gms 80-120
772.    A 9ct gold trilliant cut citrine and white topaz ring size O, a 9ct gold golden beryl ring size N1/2, a 9ct white gold amblygonite and diamond ring size N1/2, combined weight 7.9gms, all three with GemsTV certificates 80-120
773.    A 9ct gold square shaped bangle dimensions 5.4cm x 6.2cm, together with a 9ct double hearts necklet length 37.5cm, together with a 9ct square shaped locket 2.8cm x 2.1cm, combined weight 9.8gms 80-120
774.    A 9ct yellow sapphire cluster ring size O, and a 9ct iolite and white topaz ring size N1/2, combined weight 6.6gms both with GemsTV certificates 70-100
775.    A 9ct back and front locket 2.9cm x 1.7cm, 9ct fancy link chain length 51cm, together with a 9ct blue zircon flower pendant 2.5cm x 1.5cm, combined weight 11.2gms 90-120
776.    A platinum and white gold diamond cocktail watch, dimensions of the head 3.3cm x 1cm, weight including strap and mechanism 8gms 100-200
777.    A flower carved Chinese green hardstone brooch, stamped 9k LYK possibly Lee Yee King of Hong Kong, length 4.5cm, weight 4.3gms 60-100
778.    A bright yellow metal coral set brooch, length 3.1cm, together with a yellow metal pearl set crescent moon brooch length 3cm 50-100
779.    A 9ct gold carnelian set signet ring size P1/2, a 9ct gents extendable signet ring size approx S plus, 9ct wedding ring size L1/2 and arose gold signet ring size M, combined weight 12.9gms 100-200
780.    An 18ct gold and platinum three stone diamond ring of estimated approx 0.25cts, finger size Q1/2, weight 2.2gms 80-120
781.    A 9ct gold sapphire and illusion set diamond cluster ring size Q, together with a 9ct garnet and opal cluster ring (one garnet missing) size L1/2, weight combined 6.8gms 60-100
782.    A 9ct snake ring with ruby eyes size F, a 9ct plaited design ring size J, a 9ct garnet ring size G, and a rose gold gem set ring size Q1/2, (last two af) combined weight 7.2gms 60-100
783.    (ct rose gold gents signet ring size P, and three other examples sizes N1/2, M and E1/2, combinedweight 11.3gms 90-120
784.    Three 9ct gold wedding rings, rose gold with Glasgow hallmarks M1/2, wide band M1/2, pierced design O, and a clear gem set eternity ring size L1/2, combined weight 10gms 80-120
785.    An 18ct gold pearshaped aquamarine and diamond ring, aqua approx 9.8mm x 7.1mm x 3.5mm, diamonds estimated approx 0.40cts, finger size M1/2, weight 2.9gms 150-250
786.    An onyx set 9ct rose gold signet ring size W, and a 9ct gold gents wedding ring size X, combined weight 11.1gms 80-120
787.    A 22ct gold wedding ring size L1/2, weight 5.4gms 100-200
788.    an 18ct gold Glasgow hallmarked wedding ring size N, weight 4gms 80-120
789.    A 9ct sapphire and diamond accent cluster ring size N1/2, a 9ct garnet and clear gem ring size N, and a 9ct clear gem cluster size O, combined weight 6.5gms 50-100
790.    An 18ct gold wedding band size M1/2, size 2.6gms, and another stamped 14 weight 1.9gms 65-100
791.    An 18ct gold ruby and diamond cluster ring Birmingham circa 1900, size H, weight 2gms 60-100
792.    A 9ct gold green gemstone ring size J1/2 (possibly a type of garnet) a 9ct aquamarine and diamond ring (two diamonds missing) size M1/2, 9ct red gem set ring size N, and a 9ct signet ring size N, combined weight 9.1gms 80-120
793.    An 18ct gold wedding ring size Q1/2, weight 2gms 40-80
794.    A 22ct gold wedding ring size P, and a thinner example size K1/2, combined weight 6.7gms 120-200
795.    A bright yellow metal coral ring, dimensions of the coral 17.5mm x 10.4mm, finger size O, weight 6.4gms 50-100
796.    A 9ct gold African green hardstone ring, dimensions 20mm x 16mm, finger size O, weight 9.3gms 50-100
797.    A yellow metal signet ring size T1/2, weight 6.9gms 50-100
798.    A 9ct gold ruby and diamond retro cluster ring size L (one ruby missing), together with a 9ct ruby and diamond 'V' shaped ring to match, size L, weight 2.9gms 60-100
799.    Two 14k child's rings size 15 (approx) weight 2.3gms, an 18ct wedding ring size M, and a similar unhallmarked example size M, combined weight 1.7gms 60-100
800.    A 9ct back and frint round locket diameter approx 2.4cm, with 9ct bi colour rope chain length 48cm, a yellow metal mounted amethyst brooch and a Chinese symbol pendant in lilac hardstone 120-200
801.    A 9ct gold Cyma watch head with gold plated expanding strap, and a diamond set 9ct brooch, weight combined with mechanism and strap 19gms 40-80
802.    A 9ct white gold sunset sapphire ring, size N1/2 weight 1.6gms. With a GemsTV certificate
803.    A 9k white gold Russian diopside and white topaz ring size O, a 9ct pink morganite and white topaz ring size N, and a London blue and white topaz ring size N1/2, combined weight 9.8gms, all three with GemsTV certificates 90-120
804.    An 18ct gold diamond cut engraved bangle, inner diameter 6.5cm, weight 4.3gms 70-100
805.    Five 18ct gold bangles, inner diameter approx 6.7cm, combined weight 51.5gms 820-920
806.    An Italian 18ct gold rose brooch, length 5cm, weight 6.5gms 100-200
807.    An 18ct gold double strand bracelet, length 19cm, weight 18gms 290-390
808.    A 9ct gold ingot pendant, length 4.4cm, length of the yellow metal chain 55cm, weight combined 10.4gms 80-120
809.    A 9ct gold smoky quartz bar brooch, length 5cm, together with a 9ct yellow gold and platinum wedding ring size N, weight combined 6gms 50-100
810.    A ladies three colour gold Sandoz quartz watch, length 17cm, weight including mechanism 28.1gms 180-280
811.    A pair of yellow metal mounted carnelian drop earrings, length 4.1cm, a yellow metal mounted banded agate ring size P1/2, and a collection od gold aand yellow metal earrings combined weight 25.9gms 100-200
812.    A 9ct gold curb link bracelet, unknown hallmarks, length 20.5cm, weight 18.5cm 150-250
813.    A 9ct gold curb chain necklace length 55cm and bracelet length 19cm, weight 18gms combined 140-240
814.    A pair of 18ct gold mounted African green hardstone cufflinks, weight 22.1gms 150-250
815.    A 9ct gold fancy link bracelet, length 19.5cm, weight 9.4gms 75-100
816.    A 9ct gold curblink bracelet with heart shaped clasp and thirteen 9ct and yellow metal charms and one in base metal, combined weight 33.3gms 220-300
817.    A bright yellow metal guard chain length 136cm (af) weight 46.7gms 750-850
818.    Two pairs of yellow metal amethyst earrings weight combined 4.6gms, together with a silver and marcazite watch and a silver sixpence 50-100
819.    A 9ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring, set with estimated approx 0.20cts of brilliant cut diamonds, size T1/2, weight 2.9gms 60-100
820.    An 18ct white gold five stone diamond ring, estimated approx combined diamond content 0.80cts, finger size P1/2, weight 4.3gms
821.    A 14k yellow and white gold dress ring size W1/2, weight 2.9gms 40-80
822.    An 18ct and platinum three stone diamond ring, size Q, weight 1.8gms 50-100
823.    A 9ct gold mounted amber ring head size 20mm x 15mm, size N, weight 4.6gms 40-80
824.    A 14k gold emerald and diamond retro cluster ring (one emerald missing) Head size 16mm x 9.5mm, finger size P, weight 5.8gms 100-200
825.    A 9ct iolite cluster ring, size N1/2, A 9ct white gold sapphire ring size N1/2, and a mint green kunzite and diamond accent ring size O, weight for the three rings 7.7gms, all with GemsTV certificates 70-100
826.    A 9ct gold jelly opal cluster ring, finger size N, weight 4.3gms With a GemsTV certificate
827.    A 9ct gold alexandrite flower cluster ring, size N1/2, weight 3gms. With a GemsTV certificate
828.    A 9ct gold emerald and diamond ring, emerald approx 7mm x 5mm x 3.6mm, diamond content approx 0.037cts, finger size N1/2, weight 2.1gms. With a GemsTV certificate
829.    An interesting andalusite three stone ring mounted in 9ct gold, finger size N, a 9ct white gold peridot and white topaz flower ring, size N1/2, and a smoky quartz, citrine and diamond cluster ring, size N1/2, combined weight 7.9gms. All three with GemsTV certificates
830.    An 9ct white gold trilliant cut amethyst and diamond dress ring, diamonds estimated approx 0.09cts finger size N1/2, weight 3.5gms. With a GemsTV certificate
831.    A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks, a bright yellow metal pearl set flower pin, a yellow and white metal pearl set pin and a single earring combined weight 6.8gms 50-100
832.    A 9ct gold fancy trace chain length 46cm, and a 9ct fancy box chain length 39cm, weight combined 15.2gms 120-200
833.    A 9ct rose gold Glasgow hallmarked wedding ring, dated 1924-25 size P, weight 2.9gms 40-80
834.    A 9ct white gold rubellite and diamond three stone ring size N, weight 3gms with GemsTV certificate 50-100
835.    A 9ct white gold rhodolite garnet and white topaz ring size N, a 9ct amethyst and white topaz ring size N1/2, and a 9ct rainbow moonstone ring size N1/2, weight 8.4gms. All three with a GemsTV certificate
836.    A 9ct cherry and white topaz ring size N, and a 9ct trilliant cut iolite ring size N1/2, combined weight 6gms, both with GemsTV certificates 80-100
837.    A 9ct gold marquis cut peridot and diamond ring size N1/2, and a 9ct fire opal and white topaz ring size N1/2. combined weight 7.2gms, both with GemsTV certificates 70-100
838.    A 9ct gold three stone mandarine garnet ring size N1/2, a 9ct gold tangarine garnet cluster ring, size N1/2, and a 9ct cats eye zultanite and diamond ring size N1/2, combined weight 9.6gms, all three with GemsTV certificates 80-120
839.    A 9ct fancy diamond cluster ring, set with estimated approx 0.57cts of brilliant cut diamonds, finger size N1/2, weight 3.4gms with GemsTV certificate 250-350
840.    A 9ct gold amethyst set brooch, amethyst approx 18mm x 13mm, weight 9gms 70-100
841.    A 9ct citrine and pearl brooch, dimensions 2.8cm x 2.2cm, a 9ct gold rope chain length 65cm, and a pair of earrings combined weight 7.7gms 60-100
842.    A 9ct gold ladies Benson watch head and a single 9ct earring, weight including strap and mechanism 16.1gms, a 14k gold mounted Chinese green hardstone gem set dragon pendant weight approx 5.4gms 50-100
843.    A bright yellow metal faux coin bracelet with Arabic hallmarks length 21cm, weight 7.7gms 120-200
844.    A 9ct gold citrine pendant necklet, length of pendant 2.7cm, length of chain 44cm, together with a pair of similar earrings length of drop 3cm, combined weight 11.3gms 90-120
845.    A 9ct gold citrine drop pendant necklace, a single sapphire drop earring, weight combined 5.7gms 40-80
846.    A 9ct gold medallion and vintage chain, weight 10.3gms 80-120
847.    An 18ct gold five stone diamond ring of estimated approx 0.25cts, finger size L1/2, weight 2.4gms, together with a 9ct rose gold wedding band size K weight 2.2gms 100-200
848.    Ten pairs of 9ct gold and yellow metal earrings to include a pair of emerald and diamond studs combined weight 10.6gms 80-120
849.    A 9ct gold medallion and chain length 41cm, together with a 9ct curb link necklace length 60cm, combined weight 7.8gms 60-100
850.    A yellow metal pearl set horseshoe brooch, 2.3cm x 2.2cm, weight 2.7gms 60-100
851.    A yellow metal Indian style rose cut diamond marquis shaped ring . Head size 3.2cm x 1cm, finger size M1/2, weight 4.4gms 100-200
852.    A 9ct gold garnet cluster ring, head size 2.5cm x 1.4cm, finger size Q1/2, weight 7.6gms 60-100
853.    A 9ct gold Greek key pattern bangle inner dimensions 6cm x 5.3cm, together with a similar bangle combined weight 21.8gms 170-200
854.    A 9ct gold green amethyst and white topaz ring size N1/2, and a 9ct gold white zircon flower ring size N1/2, weight 9.2gms, both with GemsTV certificates 70-100
855.    A 9ct white gold padparadscha sapphire and diamond ring, size N1/2, weight 2.9gms. With a GemsTV certificate
856.    A 9ct Mozambique garnet ring size O, a 9ct rose quartz and white topaz ring, size N1/2 and a 9ct blue topaz ring size O, combined weight 10.8gms, all with GemsTV certificates 80-120
857.    A 9ct white gold blue zircon and white topaz ring size O, together witha 9ct yellow gold glacier topaz and alexandrite ring size N1/2, weight combined 6.1gms, both with GemsTV certificates 70-100
858.    An 18k gold padparadscha sapphire ring, size N1/2, weight 2.7gms. With a GemsTV certificate
859.    A 9ct bi colour gold bracelet length 17cm, together with two 9ct chain bracelets combined weight 12.2gms 100-200
860.    A 9ct gold opal triplet set cross dimensions 4.8cm x 2.6cm, weight 6.7gms 100-200
861.    A 9ct white gold diamond flower pendant set with estimated approx 0.25cts of brilliant cut diamonds and a 14k gold mounted mother of pearl flower pendant 50-100
862.    A bright yellow metal enamelled ladybird brooch, a yellow metal coral topped pin and a further in a horseshoe design, combined weight 4.3gms 80-120
863.    A 9ctgold monogrammed tie clip, together with an onyx signet ring size O1/2, and a 9ct tigers eye set ring size P1/2, combined weight 8.9gms 70-100
864.    A yellow metal hunting horn brooch length 5.7cm, and a 9ct inscribed bar brooch, combined weight 6.2gms 50-100
865.    An 18ct gold flat chain necklace length 42cm, weight 26.7gms 430-530
866.    Two 18ct gold square shaped bangles, one in rose gold the other yellow inner dimensions approx 6cm x 5cm, weight combined 13.2gms 220-320
867.    A 14k gold Star of David with a 14k rope chain (needs clasp) and a piece of yellow metal chain, combined weight 5.8gms 60-100
868.    An 18ct and platinum three stone diamond ring set with estimated approx 0.30cts finger size N, weight 2.4gms 100-200
869.    A 9ct gold locket dimensions 4.4cm x 2.8cm, with 9ct gold figaro chain length 44cm, weight 11.4gms 90-120
870.    A yellow metal Amercan dollar pendant featuring a 1 Dollar 1/2 Dollar and 1/4 Dollar coins, weight 2.5gms 60-100
871.    An 18ct gold Cherub pendant weight 3gms, with a 9ct gold box chain length 53cm, weight 12.8gms 150-250
872.    A 9ct gold 'fob chain' bracelet length 23.5cm, Hallmarked to every link, together with a vintage yellow metal chain length 43cm, weight combined 25.7gms 210-310
873.    A 1/10 Krugerrand in yellow metal pendant mount weight 4.8gms 80-120
874.    An 18ct vintage diamond cluster ring circa 1918, finger size N1/2 weight 4.3gms 100-200
875.    A 9ct fine trace chain length 50cm, and a collection of 9ct and yellow metal earrings to include sapphire, garnet and coral examples 160-200
876.    An 18ct gold camel pendant, tassel earrings and a pair of hoop earrings weight combined 7.4gms 120-200
877.    A pair of yellow metal pink gem set earrings together with a yellow metal amethyst set ring, size W, weight combined 5.1gms 40-80
878.    A yellow metal engraved locket dimensions 4.2cm x 2.6cm, weight 8.2gms 65-100
879.    A yellow metal Victorian gem set brooch in original tooled leather box together with a 9ct gold blue glass gem set brooch, combined weight 16.8gms 100-200
880.    A yellow metal early Victorian ring with floral details to the bezel and shank and a pale pink foil backed gem, finger size P, together with a partial set of pendant brooch, smaller brooch and one earring in yellow metal and purple glass stones, combined weight 18.7gms 150-250
881.    A 9ct gold Benson's open face pocket watch, diameter of the dial 4.7cm, weight including the mechanism 77.1gms 200-300
882.    A 9ct gold citrine and white topaz ring size N1/2, a 9ct garnet and white topaz ring size O, and a 9ct prehnite and white topaz ring size N1/2, 8.4gms All three with a GemsTV certificates
883.    A 9ct orange sapphire and diamond ring, size N1/2, weight 1.6gms. With a GemsTV certificate
884.    A 9ct gold yellow sapphire flower ring, size N1/2, weight 3gms. With a GemsTV certificate
885.    A 9ct gold tsavorite and diamond ring size N1/2, together with a 9ct sapphire and diamond cluster ring size N1/2, weight combined 5.5gms, both with GemsTV certificates 70-100
886.    A gents stainless steel Omega Electronic F300Hz Geneve Chronometer 100-200
887.    A ladies 9ct three colour gold Geneve watch, length 20.5cm, weight including mechanism 18.5gms 180-280
888.    A 9ct gold ladies Omega watch with woven strap, length 17.8cm, weight 29.1gms 200-300
889.    An 18ct gold and platinum diamond solitaire of estimated approx 0.25cts, finger size T1/2, weight 2.2gms 130-230
890.    An 18ct gold ruby, sapphire and diamond ring size O, weight 5.5gms
With insurance documents for 1200 220-320
891.    An 18ct gold five diamond band ring, size O1/2, weight 2.7gms 40-80
892.    A 9ct gold three garnet ring size R, together with a yellow metal sapphire ring size Q, weight combined 7.7gms 80-120
893.    A yellow metal smoky quartz set ring size O1/2, and a 9ct gold wave design ring size R1/2, weight together 11.4gms 70-100
894.    A bright yellow metal moonstone ring, moonstone approx 19mm x 10mm, ring size Q, weight 5.2gms 50-100
895.    A bright yellow metal ring set with smoky quartz, size Q, weight 5.1gms 40-80
896.    A 9ct gold carnelian set ring, size Q1/2, weight 6gms 50-100
897.    An 18ct gold three sapphire ring, size R, weight 4.2gms 100-200
898.    A 9ct gold four ruby set ring sizer M1/2, together with a 9ct red gem set ring size Q, weight combined 5.4gms 50-100
899.    A 9ct gold Chinese green hardstone ring carved with fruit, size P, weight 2.8gms 50-100
900.    A 9ct ruby, clear gem and sapphire ring size P1/2, and a 9ct gold three red gem set ring size O1/2, weight 6.3gms 50-100
901.    An 18ct gold ruby and diamond ring size O1/2, weight 1.5gms, together with a 9ct gold pearl ring size m1/2, weight 3gms 50-100
902.    A bright yellow metal three stone diamond ring of estimated approx 0.50cts, size P1/2, weight 2.3gms 100-200
903.    An 18ct gold twin emerald ring size Q, weight 4.2gms 80-120
904.    A string of good quality pale pink pearls with a 9ct clasp, largest pearl 6.9gms, smallest 3.6gms, length 44.5cm, weight 13.2gms 50-100
905.    A 9ct gold mounted cameo of a maiden 4.4cm x 3.6cm and a 9ct cameo brooch of a lady in a chariot 4.8cm x 3.9cm (cameo af) weight combined 16.7gms 70-100
906.    A 9ct gem set brooch, a 9ct gold ladies vintage watch, weight 18.5gms including mechanism, and a gold plated example 40-80
907.    A gents Auguste Reymond automatic skeleton back watch 250-350
908.    A 9ct gold white topaz heart shaped pendant dimensions 5.2cm x 4cm, weight 6.4gms, together with a Gems TV certificate 50-100
909.    *WITHDRAWN* A 9ct yellow and white gold three stone diamond ring, set with estimated approx 1.30cts of brilliant cut diamonds, finger size N, weight 3.5gms, with original boxes from McGowans jeweller's and the receipt for 2400

910.    An extensive silver place name charm bracelet, a silver charm bracelet with one 9ct gold charm of a rickshaw, further loose charms and other items 80-120
911.    A silver Ortak Maeshowe dragon pendant and a silver Robert Allison sword brooch, an unusual Scottish agate brooch and other items 50-100
912.    A collection of silver brooches to include a marcazite goldfish, bee set with amethyst and marcazite, a cat and other items 50-100
913.    A silver Ortak Maeshowe dragon pendant brooch, large size 4.5cm x 4.2cm 50-100
914.    A white metal necklace with Shakudo plaques of birds, length 38cm 70-100
915.    A collection of vintage compacts, card cases and a bottle of Chypre perfume on its original crystal slipper stand 60-100
916.    A boxed set of six blue enamelled butterfly buttons with matching brooch 50-100
917.    A pair of silver and butterfly wing compacts with reverse painted scenes of ladies in landscapes, both hallmarked Birmingham 1929 -30 by Thomas Lister Mott TLM 100-200
918.    A collection of vintage costume jewellery to include two Scotty dog brooches 40-80
919.    A bracelet and earring set by Miracle, marcazite brooches to include a scotty dog and deer 40-80
920.    A pewter Jogen Jensen snowflake pendant, an Ethiopian style cross and other items 40-80
921.    Two vintage mesh handbags a pair of lorgnettes and a pair of vintage glasses 50-100
922.    An art Deco red lucite bangle, a ladies maicure set in Deco case and other items of vintage costume 50-100
923.    A gents vintage Bernex transparent watch and two gents Rotary watches and a Sekonda 60-100
924.    A collection of silver Mackintosh style jewellery to include a necklace earrings, a pewter trinket pot and other items 40-80
925.    A boxed set of Mackintosh jewellery to include a necklace, brooch and earrings, a further pendant and pewter trinket pot 40-80
926.    A pair of rose carved lucite earrings, and a collection of silver and costume jewellery 40-80
927.    A ladies compendium, compacts and perfume bottles etc 50-100
928.    A collection of silver and amber jewellery to include a heart shaped lotus flower example and other items 60-100
929.    A large jewellery cabinet full of vintage costume jewellery, to include a Ceard thistledown pendant, millifiori etc 50-100
930.    A ladies and gents Smiths watch, and a collection of vintage and fashion watches 40-80
931.    A gold plated Elgin full hunter pocket watch 40-80
932.    A silver cased 'the Express English Lever' pocket watch and a base metal Waterbury Watch Co 50-100
933.    A heavy silver curb link chain, length 52.5cm, each link approx 16.8mm x 12.8mm 50-100
934.    A gold plated sovereign case with a horseshoe inner design and engraved outer case, a gold plated guard chain etc 50-100
935.    Three Victorian silver coins, A Girls association badge and a silver and enamelled Norwegian longship charm by Hjortdahl etc 50-100
936.    Two Butler & Wilson brooches, vintage costume to include a parrot brooch, millifiori beads etc 40-80
937.    A silver tapered fob chain, silver medallions and a ARP badge 50-100
938.    A silver fob seal pendant made by DSW set with blue tigers eye and agate, gold plated gate bracelet and bangle and other items of silver and costume 50-100
939.    A silver rose pendant, a silver heart shaped locket, lilac jadeite pendant and earrings, gemstone beads etc 50-100
940.    Silver statement rings in tigerseye and moss agate together with other silver and gem set jewellery 50-100
941.    A silver and enamel Pat Cheney brooch an Ola Gorie luckenbooth brooch and other designer items 50-100
942.    A silver Caithness glass ring, Honora pearl bracelets, and other items of silver and costume 50-100
943.    A collection of gemstone beads, cultured pearls etc 50-100
944.    A pair of 9ct gold pearl set earrings, a Scottish silver agate set bracelet and other items 50-100
945.    A 9ct sapphire set pendant weight approx 1.3gms, an extensive silver charm bracelet, a smaller example with enamel place names and other items 50-100
946.    A silver and paua shell necklace, A silver and enamel Norwegian brooch and other items 50-100
947.    A collection of silver and white metal items to include a locket brooch with a bird, A Ward Brothers gem set brooch and other items 50-100
948.    A silver tie clip set with a citrine by silversmith William Dunningham & Co Aberdeen, smoky quartz cufflinks, a cocktail stirrer and a bracelet 60-100
949.    Two silver and agate bracelets, a Marius Hammer enameled filligree brooch and other items 60-100
950.    A ladies compendium, two vintage gold plated bangles, horn beads, cultured pearls and other items 40-80
951.    Coral beads, amethyst beads and other items 40-80
952.    A silver 'The Express English Lever' open face pocket watch dated Chester 1901, in a Mauchline ware pocket watch holder, featuring Holyrood House 70-100
953.    A John Hart of Iona silver and moss agate brooch, a similar bracelet and other items of silver and costume jewellery 50-100
954.    Silver bangles, Robert Allison axe brooch, amethyst and lapis lazuli beads and other items 50-100
955.    A silver Iona marble brooch, a silver Siam pendant and a collection of costume jewellery to include tie slides 40-80
956.    An Oriental lacquer box a silver and malachite necklace, a silver 1780 Maria Theresia coin in pendant mount, a silver marcazite and enamel pheasant brooch and other items 50-100
971.    JENNIFER HUNTER Sisters, signed, mixed media, 60 x 53cm 50-70
972.    E L LAWRENSON The Sogne Fjord, signed, woodcut, no ,19, 32 x 41cm 30-40
973.    *WITHDRAWN* Please note this lot will now appear in our Fine Art Sale on 18th & 19th September 2020 ENGLISH SCHOOL Lady with a posy, oil on canvas,laid on board, 42 x 26cm 30-40
974.    AFTER SAM BOUGH Cottage in a glen, signed, oil on board, 21 x 30cm 30-40
975.    ENGLISH SCHOOL Three sisters, oil on canvas, 34 x 27cm 40-60
976.    BRITISH SCHOOL Interior, oil on canvas, 55 x 45cm and another (2) 20-40
977.    DUTCH SCHOOL Mixed flowers in a bowl, oil on canvas, 60 x 49cm 30-50
978.    REINHARD W HEINEMANN Trees before a lake, signed, verso, Stockholm, 1933, 53 x 45cm 80-120
979.    CHARLES TAYLOR River landscape, signed, oil on canvas, 50 x 60cm 60-80
980.    SIGNED D CLARK Life boat before a ship wreck, oil on canvas, 50 x 75cm 60-80
981.    BRITISH SCHOOL Portrait of a lady, full length, watercolour, 55 x 37cm 60-80
982.    E E WEST Castle above a loch, signed, oil on board, 48 x 65cm 70-100
983.    BRYAN EVANS Figure on a staircase, signed, gouache, 27 x 36cm 50-80
984.    LYNN HANLEY The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, signed, gouache, 33 x 51cm 100-150
985.    BRYAN EVANS Couple embracing on a staircase and another, print, 27 x 18cm (2) 10-20
986.    R HUNTER FINLAY Still life, oil on canvas, 30 x 45cm and another (2) 40-60
987.    BRITISH SCHOOL Early Morning, watercolour, 36 x 25cm 20-30
988.    SCOTTISH SCHOOL Faggot gatherers, monogrammed watercolour, 28 x 33cm 30-40
989.    EDWARD CAGE RSW Sun Queen, signed, watercolour, 38 x 37cm 80-120
990.    JOHN D HENDERSON Still life, signed, oil on board, 45 x 60cm 60-100
991.    A WILLIAMS Highland landscape, signed, oil on canvas board, 40 x 50cm 20-40
992.    O UERIELLE Woodland landscape, signed, oil on canvas board, 45 x 38cm 50-80
993.    CIAPPO GIOVANNI Old couple reading a paper, signed, oil on board, 39 x 25cm and a still life (2) 50-80
994.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Ladies at a window, lit by candle light, oil on panel, 27 x 23cm 40-60
995.    AFTER ALEXANDER CARSE The Brawl, oil on panel, 33 x 44cm 60-100
996.    WM MCF Madlle Schmitz, As he appeared, 22 Feb, 1890, monogrammed, watercolour and verso romping Polka, 36 x 27cm 100-150
997.    SCOTTISH SCHOOL Portrait of a boy, holding a stick, oil on canvas, laid down, 34 x 25cm 30-50
998.    MANNER OF TOM MCEWAN Still llife, monogrammed, oil on panel, 20 x 26cm and AFTER THOMAS FAED Children fishing, watercolour, dated, 1868, 16 x 22cm (2) 60-100
999.    CONTINENTAL SCHOOL Coach and four pursued by highway man, oil on panel, 23 x 31cm 20-40
1000.   AFTER SIR DAVID WILKIE Telling her fortune, oil on panel, 16 x 21cm 40-80
1001.   SCOTTISH SCHOOL Fishing boats, oil on canvas, 17 x 24cm and SCOTTISH SCHOOL Boat shed, oil on canvas, 20 x 30cm (2) 60-80
1002.   SCOTTISH SCHOOL Fishing boat on a stormy sea, oil on canvas, 19 x 29cm and J WELSH River landscape, signed, watercolour, dated, 1895, 26 x 35cm (2) 40-60
1003.   DAVID GREEN Fishing boats, signed, watercolour, 25 x 35cm and EDWARD A GOODALL Toledo, signed, watercolour ,16 x 24cm (2) 80-120
1004.   SEVEN VARIOUS PICTURES comprising;LEYTON FORBES cottages, watercolour, S F CRAWFORD Rothenburg Town House, etching, (7) 60-80
1005.   FIVE VARIOUS PICTURES comprising;etchings, photograph and an oil (5) 40-60
1006.   TEN VARIOUS PICTURES comprising;prints, etchings and watercolours (10)
Please note that this is Nine various, prints, etchings and watercolours (9) The picture of the flowers has been removed. 30-40
1007.   SIX VARIOUS PICTURES comprising; pair of oriental silk panels watercolours and print (6) 20-30
1008.   EIGHT VARIOUS PICTURES comprising;watercolours, photographs and print (8) 40-60
1009.   NIKKY d,AGUILAR Rainy Day, acrylic, 50 x 50cm two unframed oils and a print (4) 60-100
1010.   FIVE VARIOUS SCREEN PRINTS;comprising, RICARDO WILSON, LORNA MASSIE, and others (6) 40-60
1011.   PETER BUCHANAN In Lunan Bay, oil on board, 24 x 35cm, J MIDDLETON portrait of a girl, 30 x 25cm and J MORRIS trwo watercolours (4) 60-80
1012.   ANN ORAM Almond Trees, pastel, 22 x 30cm,two decorative composition lithographs, ANDA PATERSON People of Glasgow, etching, 11 x 16cm and another (5) 60-80
1013.   ETHEL WALKER Landscape, signed, gouache, 39 x 52cm 60-100
1014.   ETHEL WALKER Coastal landscape, signed, gouache, 37 x 54cm 60-100
1015.   MIKE COUTTS Flowers on Christophers Chair, signed, oil on board, 29 x 22cm 40-60
1016.   JEAN FEENEY Autumn, Kyle of Lochalsh, signed, oil on board, 22 x 22cm 50-80
1017.   ENGLISH SCHOOL Boat approaching a bridge, oil on panel, 16 x 21cm, SCOTTISH SCHOOL Figure on a track, oil on canvas 16 x 21cm and TAYLOR Woodland, signed, oil on board, 22 x 30cm (3) 40-80
1018.   FRANCES STEVENSON Marigolds in a bowl, signed, oil on canvas, 35 x 45cm 30-50
1019.   THE GREAT INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION 1862, two views, lithographs, 26 x 41cm 30-40
1020.   LEONARD RUSSELL SQUIRRELL Four signed, etchings, 25 x 36cm and 22 x 34cm (4) 100-200
1021.   ELIZABETH HOWIE MCCRINDLE Racing greyhound, signed, pastel, 36 x 48cm 50-80
1022.   ABIGALE EDGAR Bay at Collioure, pastel and acrylics, 26 x 35cm 50-80
1023.   SCOTTISH SCHOOL (18TH CENTURY) Portrait of a nobleman, half length, oil on canvas, 75 x 61cm 200-300
1024.   ITALIAN SCHOOL The Madonna and Child, oil on canvas, 72 x 52cm 200-300
1025.   COSTELLO Venice, signed, oil on board,60 x 120cm 30-50
1026.   ERIC HARGREAVES Carnival Masks, signed, gouache, 33 x 52cm 20-40
1027.   OLIVE PETTIT Fish heads, monogrammed, oil on board, 24 x 35cm and First frost on Cotswold, oil on board, 20 x 30cm (2) 20-40
1028.   J MILNE DONALD River landscape, signed, oil on canvas, 42 x 53cm 50-80
1029.   SCOTTISH SCHOOL Kilchurn Castle, charcoal, chalk and pencil, 53 x 70cm 20-40
1030.   AFTER E T COMPTON The Matterhorn, lithograph, 67 x 51cm 20-30
1031.   L S The Goose Boy, oil on canvas, 73 x 59cm 50-80
1032.   AFTER MARC CHAGALL Flowers Over Paris, 52 x 49cm 30-50
1034.   NIKKY d,AGILEA Autumn Sunset, oil on canvas, 76 x 76cm and another two (3) 50-80
1035.   ELIZABETH SHARP Only A Rose, signed, oil on canvas, 26 x 20cm 30-50
1036.   JOE HENDRY Model, signed, acrylic o canvas, dated, (20)07, 91 x 76cm 60-80
1037.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI Kingsbarns Farm Buildings, signed, watercolour, 18 x 48cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 40-60
1038.   ALEXANDER ALLAN RSW Portrait of Diana Allan, signed, pencil, 25 x 20cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 20-30
1039.   HAMISH MACDONALD Blue Harbour, signed, print, 45 x 55cm, ALEXANDER D BELL Morningside, signed, watercolour, 28 x 41cm and MACKENZIE THORPE signed, print (3) 100-150
1040.   A GROUP OF NINE PICTURES comprising; screenprint, textile, watercolour, LIZ MURRAY, SHANKS, MEAD (9)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 40-60
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-40
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 40-60
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 60-80
1044.   SIX VARIOUS PICTURES by TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI comprising; oils and watercolour (6)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 60-100
1045.   TEN VARIOUS PICTURES by TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI comprising; watercolours, pen ink and watercolour (10)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 60-100
1046.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI Mountainous landscape, watercolour, 35 x 76cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 80-120
1047.   TOM SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI The Cullins, signed, print, 24 x 62cm and an etching, Hoy, 22 x 146cm (2)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 50-70
1048.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI Mountainous landscape, signed, watercolour, 14 x 23cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-40
1049.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI Lake Garda, signed, watercolour, 12 x 18cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 40-60
1050.   PHILIP REEVES RSA, RSW, RGI, RE Tube, signed, etching, a/p, 10 x 14cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-50
1051.   TOM SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI Landscape, signed, oil on board, dated, (19)51, 23 x 50cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-50
1052.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI Landscape and verso, oil on board, 47 x 89cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 60-80
1053.   HENRY RUSHBURY RA Walls of Gerona, signed, etching, 24 x 35cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 40-60
1054.   WILLIAM ARMOUR Nude female model, signed, pastel and chalk, 46 x 24cm and Sandhya Bose, portrait head, signed, pencil, dated, 1938, 18 x 15cm (2)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 60-80
1055.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI Glen Falloch, signed, watercolour, 25 x 64cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 80-120
1056.   NORMA HANSELL Pansies and Pears, signed, oil on canvas, 30 x 30cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-50
1057.   MARJ BOND The Magi, signed, colour etching, dated, (19)89, 26 x 20cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-40
1058.   NORMA HANSELL Church, signed, oil on board, 18 x 12cm and another (2)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 20-40
1059.   LINDSAY KEIR Gloxinia, signed, gouache, 26 x 24cm and LESLEY MCLAREN Belties by a loch, oil on board, 15 x 20cm (2)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-40
1060.   WILLIE RODGER Free Kick, signed, wood block print, 35/100, dated, (19)86, 8.5 x 11cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 50-80
1061.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI Castle and yacht, monogrammed,15 x 26cm, watercolour and coastal cottage, oil on canvas, 51 x 77cm (2)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 50-70
1062.   JAMES MCNAUGHT Haystacks, signed, gouache, dated, (19)70, 47 x 38cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 70-100
1063.   LENNOX PATERSON Eagle and Rocks, The Garvallachs, The Firth of Lorne, linocut, 46 x 36cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-50
1064.   JUNE SHANKS Still life, signed, watercolour, 48 x 63cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 40-60
1065.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI "William Maxwell had known Shaw ever since 1897...."pen, ink and watercolour, 25 x 154cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-40
1066.   TOM H SHANKS RSW, RGI, PAI The Tower of the Winds, signed, oil on board,1944-45, 41 x 51cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 40-60
1067.   GILLIAN BIRNIE Greek Cactus, signed, oil on canvas, 22 x 7cm and TOM H SHANKS RSW,RGI, PAI Landscape, pen ink and watercolour, 12 x 18cm (2)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 40-60
1068.   STEVEN ANDERSON Recovering a body, signed, oil on board,25 x 30cm 30-40