Furniture & Interiors Sale on Wednesday 2nd September 2020

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1.      An oak four drawer chest on stand, 94cm high x 58cm wide x 39cm deep 30-50
2.      A Walker and Hall wall mirror, 57cm high x 35cm wide
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 20-40
3.      A mahogany longcase clock with painted face, James Blair, Kilwinning, 208cm high
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 80-120
4.      A wall mirror and assorted brassware 20-40
5.      A mahogany two drawer cutlery cabinet by Brook & Son, 76cm high x 70cm wide x 45cm deep 40-60
6.      An oak bureau bookcase with two glazed doors, three drawers on bracket feet, 191cm high x 89cm wide x 40cm deep 50-100
7.      A Victorian mahogany three tier whatnot, 95cm high x 52cm wide x 36cm deep and an inlaid walnut corner whatnot, 135cm high x 68cm wide x 41cm deep (2) 40-60
8.      A modern ornate gilt wall mirror, 140cm high x 85cm wide 30-50
9.      A piano stool and a mahogany fold-over table (2) 30-50
10.     A brass bound coal bucket 20-40
11.     An Edwardian mahogany inlaid display cabinet with a bow front base, 197cm high x 92cm wide x 46cm deep 80-120
12.     A wall mirror and two framed prints (3) 20-40
13.     A mahogany two over three chest of drawers, 79cm high x 95cm wide x 52cm deep 30-50
14.     A box of assorted brassware 20-40
15.     A 19th Century mahogany three over three chest of drawers, 105cm high x 129cm wide x 58cm deep 50-100
16.     A Victorian walnut chair and a framed picture of Andrew Bonar Law (2) 30-50
17.     A Victorian mahogany prayer chair 20-40
18.     A Victorian coal depot with marble top 20-40
19.     An Art Nouveau inlaid mahogany plant stand, 109cm high 20-40
20.     A carved Koran stand and assorted brassware 20-40
21.     A brass fan firescreen, bucket etc 20-40
22.     A leaded and stained glass panel, 61cm high x 77cm wide 20-40
23.     A Victorian carved oak aneroid thermometer/barometer 20-40
24.     A Victorian carved oak hall armchair 20-40
25.     A nest of three tables and a small Sutherland table (2) 20-40
26.     A mahogany revolving bookcase, 68cm high x 52cm wide x 52cm deep 30-50
27.     A mahogany chair with pierced back (def) 20-40
28.     A mahogany davenport with green skiver 50-70
29.     A marble topped pedestal table, 80cm high x 35cm wide x 35cm deep, small oval marble topped occasional table, 46cm high x 50cm wide x 32cm deep and a marble topped console table, 67cm high x 79cm wide x 31cm deep (3) 50-70
30.     A mahogany inlaid parlour chair 50-70
31.     A pair of carved oak Arts and Crafts chairs (2) 40-60
32.     A Victorian mahogany library table with turned stretcher, 71cm high x 106cm wide x 50cm deep 30-50
33.     An Arts and Crafts oak plant stand and another plant stand (2) 20-40
34.     A carved oak bench with lidded seat, 110cm high x 110cm wide x 55cm deep 50-100
35.     A pair of oak Bergere chairs with leather panels (2) 80-120
36.     A modern wardrobe with two panelled doors and five drawers, 206cm high x 158cm wide x 57cm deep 100-200
37.     A wrought iron and copper adjustable standard lamp 40-60
38.     A red ground Eastern rug, 210cm x 300cm 30-50
39.     A mahogany pedestal desk with red leather skiver, 78cm high x 122cm wide x 61cm deep 50-100
40.     A large twin pedestal desk, 82cm high x 170cm wide x 79cm deep 50-100
41.     A mahogany tilt-top table on tripod base, 78cm diameter and a mahogany wine table (2) 30-50
42.     A Georgian mahogany inlaid mahogany bureau, 112cm high x 117cm wide x 56cm deep 50-70
43.     A miniature mahogany cabinet, 47cm high x 47cm wide x 18cm deep 30-50
44.     A pair of Tiffany style table lamps and a larger Tiffany style table lamp (3) 50-100
45.     A Tiffany style standard lamp 50-100
46.     A Georgian style mahogany sideboard with brass rail, 115cm high x 157cm wide x 59cm deep 40-60
47.     A rural scene oil on board and two wall mirrors (3) 50-80
48.     Two framed pictures (2) 20-40
49.     An oak sideboard with four central drawers flanked by two doors on carved stand, 93cm high x 128cm wide x 60cm deep 50-100
50.     A wall clock and a mantle clock (2) 20-40
51.     A mahogany drinks cabinet with two drawers and carved frieze, 159cm high x 100cm wide x 53cm deep and a mahogany corner cabinet with two glazed doors, 188cm high x 92cm wide (2) 50-100
52.     A walnut Art Deco longcase clock, 191cm high 80-120
53.     A mahogany toilet mirror, brass table lamp, jewellery box and two pictures (5) 20-40
54.     A miniature three drawer chest with ceramic plaques, 33cm high x 30cm wide x 24cm deep 20-40
55.     A Georgian mahogany serpentine front four drawer chest, 98cm high x 112cm wide x 60cm deep 40-60
56.     An oriental carved table lamp and a framed silkwork (2) 30-50
57.     An oriental black lacquer small cabinet with multiple drawers and doors, 71cm high x 46cm wide x 29cm deep 50-70
57A.    A Tempus Fugit mantle clock and a set of brass scales with weights (2) 40-60
58.     An oriental style twin pedestal desk, 79cm high x 127cm wide x 51cm deep 60-100
59.     A Victorian mahogany chaise longue with serpentine front carved back 80-120
59A.    A set of four Chippendale style dining chairs (4) 50-80
60.     A set of six framed neo classical prints (6) 20-40
61.     A set of four watercolours signed Christine Henry and a set of six gilt faux bamboo framed Japanese prints (10) 20-40
62.     A Victorian grey upholstered Chesterfield three seater sofa with carved feet, 70cm high x 220cm wide x 90cm deep 50-100
63.     A carved Chinese low table, 39cm high x 77cm wide x 45cm deep 20-40
64.     A carved camphor wood chest, 51cm high x 86cm wide x 42cm deep 50-80
65.     A mahogany Pembroke table, 70cm high x 57cm wide x 105cm deep 20-40
66.     A small mahogany oval bijouterie table, 51cm high x 37cm wide x 24cm deep 50-70
67.     Four oak dining chairs with woolwork seats with matching carver (5) 40-60
68.     A mahogany twin pedestal extending dining table with six dining chairs and two carvers (9) 50-100
69.     A Victorian armchair with red leather seat and back with three matching chairs (4) 30-50
70.     A Victorian mahogany circular library table with frieze drawers and carved legs, 78cm high x 107cm diameter 50-100
71.     A red upholstered armchair with turned mahogany legs 50-80
72.     A large upholstered sofa with matching chair and scatter cushions 80-120
73.     A mahogany library table with blue rexine top and frieze drawers, 76cm high x 243cm wide x 121cm deep 100-200
74.     A red ground Keshan rug with blue central medallion, 342cm x 230cm 50-100
75.     A set of six carved mahogany dining chairs with woolwork seats (John Taylor & Son, Edinburgh) (6) 50-100
76.     A very heavy brass ten branch wall light, 88cm high x 82cm wide with a pair of matching five branch wall lights, 60cm high x 68cm wide (3) 50-100
77.     An Ask serious reader reading floor lamp, and two desk lamps (3) 30-50
78.     A mahogany twin pedestal desk, 77cm high x 116cm wide x 70cm deep 50-100
79.     A Remploy mid-Century filing cabinet, two vintage stools, map and two pictures (6) 30-50
80.     A spinning wheel (def) and a projector (2)
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 20-40
81.     A Victorian mahogany two over three chest of drawers, 101cm high x 107cm wide x 47cm deep
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 50-100
82.     A pair of Holsten Hamburg pub mirrors, 50cm high x 41cm wide (2) 20-40
83.     A mahogany display cabinet with astragal glazed doors, 113cm high x 110cm wide x 30cm deep 30-50
84.     An oak display cabinet, 114cm high x 112cm wide x 27cm deep, occasional table and a coat stand (def) (3) 20-40
85.     A piano stool, firescreen and a standard lamp (3) 20-40
86.     A firescreen, corner cabinet, corner shelves and a wall mirror (4) 20-40
87.     A dark Ercol dining suite comprising drop leaf dining table, 70cm high x 124cm wide x 112cm deep and a sideboard with two drawers and two cupboard doors, 84cm high x 123cm wide x 46cm deep (8) 100-150
88.     A Victorian three tier buffet with barley twist supports, 113cm high x 91cm wide x 43cm deep 40-60
89.     An aluminium wall street lamp, 78cm high x 43cm wide 30-50
90.     A "Tennents White Thistle smooth Scottish ale" blackboard pub sign and three other advertising blackboards (4) 30-50
91.     A Tennents illuminated wall pub sign and a Carling pub sign (2) 50-70
92.     A mahogany glazed bookcase top, 139cm high x 130cm wide x 30cm deep 30-50
93.     A mahogany framed pub blackboard, 130cm high x 150cm wide 20-40
94.     A modern hardwood sideboard with three drawers and three doors with metal grill, 92cm high x 153cm wide x 46cm deep 20-40
95.     A mahogany display cabinet, 150cm high x 84cm wide x 35cm deep (def) 20-40
96.     A W Heath Robinson golfing print and an oriental picture (2) 20-40
97.     A sideboard with copper handles, 154cm high x 122cm wide x 43cm deep 30-50
98.     A Glasgow harbour and docks map, A.G.Gardiner Nov 1934, 66cm high x 84cm wide and a John Bartholomew, Edinburgh, plan of Glasgow, 42cm high x 52cm wide (2) 20-40
99.     A mahogany two door glazed bookcase, 103cm high x 120cm wide x 29cm deep 20-40
100.    A mahogany piano stool 20-40
101.    A mahogany wine table, an oval occasional table, magazine rack and an inlaid occasional table (4) 20-40
102.    A standard lamp, occasional tables and two chairs 20-40
103.    A lot of gilt letters, 15 and 27cm high 20-40
104.    An assorted lot of occasional furniture 20-40
105.    A pair of modern hardwood side tables, occasional table and a nest of tables (4) 20-40
106.    Three bar stools with turned legs, 77cm high (3) 20-40
107.    A mahogany armchair and a dressing stool (2) 20-40
108.    A buttonback nursing chair 20-40
109.    A n Ercol side table and a mid-Century armchair (2) 30-50
110.    A carved mahogany armchair and a French style chair (2) 30-50
111.    Four bentwood chairs (4) 20-40
112.    A pair of Victorian carved mahogany armchairs (2) 50-100
113.    A terracotta ground Eastern rug with geometric design, 204cm x 150cm
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 50-100
114.    A red ground Bokhara rug, 152cm x 96cm and a prayer rug (2) 30-50
115.    A Parker Knoll wingback chair 20-40
116.    Two brass jam pans (2) 10-20
117.    A mid-Century Danish metamorphic teak table and a teak nest of three tables (2) 50-70
118.    A dark Ercol side table and a small wool rug, 80cm x 150cm (2) 20-40
119.    A modern rug, 230cm x 160cm 20-40
120.    A pair of industrial metal swivel chairs (2) 40-60
121.    A mid-Century hat and coat stand and a walking stick (2) 20-40
122.    Three mid-Century floor lamps (3) 30-50
123.    A yew wood twin pedestal desk with leather skiver, 78cm high x 123cm wide x 62cm deep 50-70
124.    A modern hall table, 76cm high x 110cm wide x 40cm deep 20-40
125.    A small painted chest, 33cm high x 63cm wide x 36cm deep
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 30-50
126.    A signed woodcut "in love", 78cm high x 94cm wide 20-40
127.    A hall hat and coat stand, 198cm high x 85cm wide x 30cm deep 30-50
128.    A small floral painted chest and a wall mirror, 153cm high x 76cm wide (2) 20-40
129.    A white painted two drawer chest on legs, 80cm high x 70cm wide x 41cm deep and a white painted console table, 77cm high x 90cm wide x 37cm deep (2) 20-40
130.    A mid-Century ceiling light, 55cm diameter 20-40
131.    A modern ornate gilt mirror, 120cm high x 85cm wide 20-40
132.    A very large mahogany twin door wardrobe on bracket feet, 234cm high x 150cm wide x 61cm deep 100-200
133.    A brown leather captains chair 50-100
134.    An oak three panel linen fold blanket chest, 48cm high x 107cm wide x 46cm deep 40-60
135.    Two pairs of armchairs (4) 30-50
136.    A four panel blanket chest, telephone table and a Stag bureau (def) (3) 30-50
137.    A mahogany dressing table with triple mirror, 132cm high x 122cm wide x 51cm deep 20-40
138.    Three framed etchings (3) 10-20
138A.   An ornate gilt picture frame, 69cm x 79cm and two other frames (3) 50-100
139.    A mid-Century teak TV cabinet with tambour front, 79cm high x 88cm wide x 42cm deep, filing cabinet, blanket chest and a table lamp (4) 30-50
140.    A marble topped washstand, 79cm high x 99cm wide x 44cm deep 20-40
141.    A pair of painted glass door panels and four stained and leaded glass panels (6) 40-80
142.    A mid-Century kitchen cabinet, 175cm high x 61cm wide x 40cm deep and a single door wardrobe, 181cm high x 72cm wide x 50cm deep (2) 20-40
143.    A selection of prints, wall mirrors and table lamps 30-50
144.    A mahogany dining suite comprising sideboard, drop leaf table and four chairs (6) 20-40
145.    A ceiling rose, three wall plaques and a plant stand (5) 20-40
146.    A Pedrali glass topped table, 110cm high x 60cm diameter with four swivel bar chairs (5) 40-60
147.    A set of four mid-Century dining chairs with vinyl seats and perspex backs (4) 30-50
148.    A light Ercol four piece suite comprising two seater sofa, two chairs and footstool (4) 200-300
149.    A brass and glass coffee table, 49cm high x 73cm wide x 67cm deep 20-40
150.    A G-plan teak extending dining table, 73cm high x 122cm diameter 40-60
151.    A set of four mid-Century Dalescraft teak dining chairs (4) 30-50
152.    A set of four mid-Century dining chairs with vinyl seat and backs (4) 20-40
153.    An Ercol Golden Dawn refectory dining table, 74cm high x 181cm wide x 87cm deep with two swan back carvers and four chairs with tartan seat pads (7) 200-300
154.    An Ercol Golden Dawn dresser with open shelves and a base with three drawers and three cupboard doors, 192cm high x 145cm wide x 51cm deep 100-200
155.    A mahogany valet 30-50
156.    An adjustable piano stool 20-40
157.    Three boxes of table lamps, glass shades etc 20-40
158.    A mahogany sideboard with open shelves and two carved doors, 81cm high x 138cm wide x 50cm deep 30-50
159.    A painted three drawer chest, 76cm high x 114cm wide x 52cm deep and a toilet mirror (2) 20-40
160.    Six vintage wooden beer crates, Etabl E Devroey Leuven I. G. 1941 and a metal jug (7) 30-50
161.    A Majority furniture birds eye maple wardrobe, 187cm high x 121cm wide x 56cm deep and a matching smaller wardrobe, 187cm high x 91cm wide x 57cm deep (2) 10-20
162.    A small writing desk with skiver, 74cm high x 93cm wide x 51cm deep, nest of tables, small wooden chest, occasional table, Singer sewing machine and toolkit (6) 20-40
163.    Twin Stag Minstrel chests of drawers, 72cm high x 82cm wide x 47cm deep and a dressing chest, 99cm high x 53cm wide x 49cm deep (3) 50-80
164.    A very large framed print 123cm high x 157cm wide 20-40
165.    A painted dressing chest, firescreen, wine table, prints, lamp and a picture frame 30-50
166.    A mixed lot of ceiling lights, shades etc 40-60
167.    A mid-Century teak desk with frieze drawer, 79cm high x 137cm wide x 94cm deep 40-60
168.    A mahogany bow front cabinet with five drawers and two cupboard doors, 134cm high x 60cm wide x 45cm deep 40-60
169.    A box of books 10-20
170.    A red painted plan chest, 95cm high x 104cm wide x 66cm deep
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 50-100
171.    An inlaid papier mache wall clock 20-40
172.    A deed box, "Lord Seaforth`s Trust" and a smaller deed box (2) 20-40
173.    A wooden trunk "A.C. Mackie, R.A." 20-40
174.    A Saratoga trunk 20-40
175.    A large metal lined wooden trunk 20-40
176.    Four wall mirrors and a framed tapestry (5) 20-40
177.    An oak inlaid wardrobe with single mirrored door and lower drawer, 195cm high x 122cm wide x 44cm deep 30-50
178.    A mahogany five drawer chest, 117cm high x 71cm wide x 48cm deep 20-40
179.    A mahogany two door wardrobe, 187cm high x 123cm wide x 60cm deep and double bed ends (2) 20-40
180.    Two boxes of ceramics etc 10-20
181.    Two wood bound travel trunks (2) 20-40
182.    A mahogany triple wardrobe with central mirrored door, 200cm high x 209cm wide x 57cm deep
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 20-40
183.    A very large selection of books
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 20-40
184.    Two boxes of Churchill hotelware (2) 10-20
185.    A mahogany drop leaf table with six dining chairs, a trolley and a dressing stool (9) 20-40
186.    A Stag Mintsral open bookcase, 170cm high x 84cm wide x 25cm deep 20-40
187.    A mahogany demi lune fold over card table, coffee table and small cabinet (3) 30-50
188.    Five boxes of assorted prints (5) 20-40
189.    A set of six mahogany dining chairs for re-upholstery (6) 40-60
190.    A pair of mid-Century metal framed chairs (2) 10-20
191.    A selection of ceiling lights etc 20-40
192.    A mahogany drop leaf table 10-20
193.    A box of books, a child's chair, sewing machine etc
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 20-40
194.    A Georgian oak bureau, 100cm high x 120cm wide x 54cm deep 20-40
195.    A walnut bureau bookcase, 140cm high x 63cm wide x 42cm deep 20-40
196.    A table with two drawers, a crown and a base (3) 20-40
197.    A selection of prints, chalk boards etc 20-40
198.    A walnut library table, 71cm high x 114cm wide x 70cm deep 20-40
199.    A Victorian rosewood pedestal fold over card table with hairy paw feet 30-50
200.    A Saratoga travel trunk 20-40
201.    A carved oak sideboard with two drawers and two cupboard doors, 94cm high x 129cm wide x 52cm deep
From the Estate of Tom Shanks 20-40
202.    A selection of prints, oils, watercolours etc 20-40
203.    A Columbia Grafonola gramophone 20-40
204.    A mahogany bow front sideboard, 94cm high x 137cm wide x 56cm deep 20-40
205.    Three small mahogany cabinets (3) 20-40
206.    An oak bookcase with four glazed doors over a base with four doors, 185cm high x 183cm wide x 47cm deep 50-100
207.    A gilt wall hanging display, chalk boards, stained glass panel, shelf with two brackets 40-60
208.    An oak breakfront open bookcase, 122cm high x 224cm wide x 40cm deep 80-120
209.    A mid-Century teak bureau, 107cm high x 84cm wide x 43cm deep 20-40
210.    A large wilton rug, 366cm x 530cm 20-40
211.    Two bird baths (2) 20-40
212.    An oak hall hat and coat stand, 195cm high x 77cm wide x 29cm deep 20-40
213.    A selection of pub tables 40-60
214.    A large wrought iron candelabra, 122cm diameter 20-40
215.    Two pine kitchen tables, 95cm high x 165cm wide x 88cm deep and 77cm high x 137cm wide x 74cm deep (2) 20-40
215A.   A car trailer with wooden sides and spare wheel, 48cm high x 200cm wide x 122cm deep 80-120
216.    A small dragon garden ornament 20-40
217.    An Aw Lyn mahogany drinks cabinet 40-60